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Joker Makes His DC Rebirth Debut In 'Harley Quinn' #9

The Clown Prince of Crime is back, and Harley isn't exactly excited to see him.

Comic Books December 7, 2016

'Batman' #7 Kicks Off Night Of The Monster Men, And The Name Says It All

DC Rebirth's first crossover event begins here.

Comic Books September 21, 2016

Barack Obama Isn't A Fan Of The Suicide Squad In New Comic Preview

Barack Obama attempts to shut down Task Force X, aka Suicide Squad, in the upcoming 'Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1.'

Comic Books July 29, 2016

DC’s Rebirth Is Bringing Back The Superman You Grew Up With

A realistic marriage, parenting issues and super-powered threats all combine to make DC’s new ‘Superman’ series feel like the definitive take on the Man of Steel.

Comic Books June 17, 2016

The Fate Of The New 52 Superman Is Revealed In Today’s ‘Superman: Rebirth' #1

‘The Final Days of Superman’ ended with the apparent death of the Man of Steel, and in today’s ‘Superman: Rebirth,’ his final fate may have been revealed.

Comic Books June 1, 2016

DC Rebirth Is Geoff Johns' Meta Apology Letter For The New 52

DC Rebirth is a lot of things, but most of all, it's a sincere apology letter from Geoff Johns about the direction the company has taken.

Comic Books May 25, 2016

'Justice League' #50 Finally Reveals The Joker's Real Identity ... Sort Of

Remember that time Batman supposedly learned the true identity of the Joker? Yeah, about that ...

Comic Books May 25, 2016

DC Universe Rebirth #1: 4 Important Changes To The Status Quo

DC's Rebirth is shaking up the company's status quo by focusing on hope and legacy. Here's what you need to know about the new direction.

Comic Books May 25, 2016

'DC Universe: Rebirth' Cast Of Characters Revealed

It’s New Comic Book Day and 'DC Universe: Rebirth #1' is out! The cast of characters that will be part of the one-shot relaunching various DC Comics titles was revealed ahead of the first issue’s release.

Comic Books May 25, 2016

Geoff Johns Says He Will Buy Copies Of 'DC Universe: Rebirth #1' Back From Dissatisfied Fans

DC's latest reboot/deboot is set to hit store shelves tomorrow, and DC bigwig Geoff Johns is offering a money-back guarantee that fans will love it.

Comic Books May 24, 2016

Where DC's New 52 Went So Wrong

DC's New 52 isn't even five years old yet, but it's already getting pushed aside in favor of the new Rebirth reboot. So, where did it go wrong?

Comic Books May 24, 2016

Watchmen Joins The DC Universe As Official Details From DC Rebirth #1 Emerge

The characters of 'Watchmen' are officially joining the DC Universe, with one character in particular playing a major role in DC's Rebirth event.

Comic Books May 23, 2016

DC Rebirth's Joker Sure Does Look Like Jared Leto

Cover art for the upcoming 'Batman' #1 appears to have revealed the Joker's new look.

Comic Books May 18, 2016

Superman Loses The Red Boots In His New 'DC Rebirth' Costume

Superman's iconic costume is changing once again for DC's 'Rebirth' initiative.

Movies/TV Shows April 11, 2016

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