DC has a lot riding on its upcoming "Rebirth" event. After the company's attempt to make the DC Universe more accessible with the New 52 and its more recent "DC You" initiative, Rebirth could be the event that puts the comic publisher back on track.

DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns seems to think so, if nothing else. Johns penned the first issue of DC Universe: Rebirth, on stands tomorrow, and he's so confident in the book's quality that he is now offering a money-back guarantee for fans who aren't satisfied with his work.

"If anyone wants to check out comics, wants to check out DC Universe: Rebirth #1 and doesn't like it, they can mail it to Warner Bros., to me, and I will send them a check, I literally will, for both postage and for the book," Johns tells Comicbook.com. "I will buy all these books back because I believe in this issue a lot. I think it'll do very well. I hope it does well. But I seriously will, I'll buy back this book."

He goes on to say that he writes the characters of the DC Universe because he cares about them.

"The only reason I write these characters is because I love them," he says. "The only reason I want to spread the gospel of these characters is because I love when — like, when Blackest Night happened, suddenly a lot of people were like, 'I like Mera!' I was like, 'Me too, that's why I put her in there!' And New 52 launched and people were like, 'wow, I like Aquaman AND Mera!'"

From what we've learned about Rebirth so far, Johns might have a reason to be confident. Official details about the epic event game via USA Today on Monday, revealing that a major Watchmen character will have an important role to play in shaping the DC Universe moving forward. It's a crazy twist that makes us remember why we love DC comics in the first place, which is, in fact, the entire point of DC's Rebirth event in the first place. The publisher is attempting to get back to the old DC Universe in terms of canon, characters and overall tone. Here's hoping it succeeds, but if it doesn't, at least Johns has your back.

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