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Museums Starting To Embrace Wikipedia: Musem of Modern Art Now Hosts Monthly Edit-A-Thons

‘Edit-a-thons’ are now becoming the norm in the Museum of Modern Art. Every month, the museum hosts meetups with a growing number of contributors in a move to keep existing entries in Wikipedia updated and more relevant.

Internet October 12, 2015

'Hitman' Intro Pack Will Be Available For $35, Can Be Upgraded To Full Game Later

The pricing model for 'Hitman' is being tweaked.

Geek September 29, 2015

Netflix vs. Piracy: CEO Reed Hastings Wants To Offer Same Content Across The Globe

Country-specific versions of Netflix could soon be a thing of the past. CEO Reed Hastings wants to stop VPN piracy with one global version of Netflix that will stream the same content worldwide.

Deals March 31, 2015

Want Better Smartphone Cameras? Wish For 'Nano-Earthquakes'

The nano-earthquake scenario provides a way for sound waves to alter electronic properties in 2D materials, which could lead to better phone cameras and solar cell technology.

Gadgets March 17, 2015

Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Warns Of 'Bit Rot' And 'Digital Dark Age' But Don't Panic Yet

The father of the Internet says it's time to start printing out those important historical documents and photos before "bit rot" hits and renders them inaccessible. Yes, he's serious.

Internet February 16, 2015

No Theaters? No Problem! 'The Interview' is Sony's Top Grossing Online Movie Ever

The digital release of 'The Interview' makes history, but it may not make progress. Though the controversial film raked in roughly $18 million through its first weekend, that figure still falls way short of the movie's original forecast.

Arts & Culture January 1, 2015

Main Reason Windows 10 Will Be a Winner: Cortana

A new video shows what appears to be Cortana warming up for Microsoft's Windows 10 presentation in January. She's missing some features, but the digital assistant could be the start of the rumored press conference.

Apps/Software December 7, 2014

Amazon Echo begs the question, can devices be too multifaceted?

The Amazon Echo seeks bring its smarts into the living rooms and kitchens of consumers. Time will tell if consumers are ready for a shared voice assistant and if it will be as helpful as advertised.

Gadgets November 7, 2014

Why some top retailers are not on board with Apple Pay

Retailers and financial institutions are starting to embrace virtual wallets thanks to Apple's foray into the market. For those wondering why Wal-Mart and Target were not on the Apple list of partners, they're actually playing for another team.

September 12, 2014

Amazon encroaches on Google turf with 'Sponsored Links'

Amazon prepares to leverage its user data to power sponsored ads. 'Amazon Sponsored Links' will start on the online retailer's website, but could move onto third-party websites and into Google's territory.

Business August 31, 2014

Amazon enters comic book world with comiXology acquisition: A boost for comic lovers?

Amazon's acquisition of comiXology has the comic book world hopeful of continued digital success.

Business April 11, 2014

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