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Google Play Books New Features Make Listening To Audiobooks A Lot Easier

The improvements made to Google Play Books were designed to make listening even better. New features and options give users more control over their audiobooks as well as the option to share.

Google March 30, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Apple Appeal On $450 Million E-Books Price Fixing Case: What You Should Know

The Supreme Court refused to hear Apple's appeal of a lower court’s ruling concerning the price fixing of e-books. With no other recourse, the company must now pay $400 million to people who bought overpriced e-books.

Legal March 8, 2016

Night Light Mode For Google Play Books Makes Low-Light Reading Comfy On The Eyes

Google just released an update for its Play Book app that would allow users to enjoy reading at night without the side effect of losing restful sleep. Introducing, the night light feature!

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Harry Potter Enhanced Editions Come To Apple's iBooks Store

Get ready to experience the beloved Harry Potter novels all over again, in a new way. Apple has landed the exclusive iBooks release of 'enhanced editions' of all seven books.

Movies/TV Shows October 8, 2015

It's Illegal To Purchase Erotica In Germany Before 10 p.m.

Thanks, austerity. In Germany, purchasing erotica is legal, but not before 10 p.m.

Society June 22, 2015

Australians Will Have To Pay A 'Netflix Tax’ To Stream Online Content

Australians will have to pay taxes on digital products such as movies, music, books and software as part as a new legislation dubbed the 'Netflix tax.'

Internet Culture May 11, 2015

Harry Potter Sequels: This Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To The Real Thing

How much do you miss Harry Potter? If you need to scratch the Potter itch, a fan-turned-pro writer has written a series of sequels starring Harry's son, James — and they're surprisingly good.

Movies/TV Shows April 2, 2015

Apple's antitrust lawsuit may not be over quite yet

Apple's e-book settlement is not quite said and done. A judge expresses concern over the terms of the settlement.

Legal July 27, 2014

Judge expresses concern on $450 million e-book settlement of Apple

A U.S. judge has shown a deep concern over Apple’s settlement scheme of $450 million. The move is in relation to the company’s pending case on the price-fixing of ebooks.

Business July 26, 2014

Amazon Kindle Unlimited officially launched after leaks just days before

Amazon Kindle Unlimited has launched its unlimited e-book service. Leaks of the service appeared online just days before.

Apps/Software July 24, 2014

Amazon-Hachette battle not ending anytime soon

A prolonged spat over e-book pricing has consumers frustrated, authors losing income and a long-standing relationship at an impasse. At the heart of the matter: To discount or not to discount.

Deals May 28, 2014

How Amazon's spat with Hachette is killing potential bestsellers

One of the titles affected by the feud between Amazon and Hachette is a book by J.K. Rowling under a different pen name.

Legal May 25, 2014

Apple gets breather in ebook antitrust monitor case

A federal appeals court has granted Apple a temporary reprieve from its court-appointed external monitor who allegedly is biased and charged Apple exorbitant legal fees.

Legal January 22, 2014

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