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100-Year Mystery Solved, Yellow Glass In Egyptian Desert Caused By Meteorite Strike

Where did the yellow glass in the Egyptian desert come from? The mystery behind the yellow glass has been going on for nearly 100 years, and now scientists may already have the answer.

Earth/Environment May 18, 2019

Archaeologists Find Egyptian Tomb With More Than 30 Mummies

Dozens of mummies were unearthed from a rock-cut tomb in Egypt's Aga Khan Mausoleum area. Inside are countless of treasures including painted vases, coffin fragments, and even a statuette of Ba-bird.

Ancient April 24, 2019

Mummified Cats And Mice Found In 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb

A beautiful and colorful tomb discovered in Sohag has mummified animals that include cats, mice, and falcons. The mummified cat in the burial site reinforces the idea that the ancient Egyptians loved felines.

Ancient April 8, 2019

Archaeologists Discover 4,400-year-old Tomb Of Royal Egyptian Priest Wahtye

The well-preserved tomb is the final resting place of the royal priest Wahtye. He lived during the reign of Neferirkare Kakai, the third king of the fifth dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Ancient December 18, 2018

Egypt Opens Mysterious Giant Sarcophagus: Here’s What’s Inside

Three skeletons and stinky sewage water. This was what experts discovered inside the massive black sarcophagus unearthed in Alexandria, Egypt earlier this month after opening it amid warnings of an ancient curse.

Ancient July 20, 2018

Archaeologists Find 2,500-Year-Old Workshop For Making Mummies In Egypt

Experts found a mummification workshop where ancient Egyptians used to mummify the dead. They also uncovered a rare silver mask inlayed with gemstones fully preserved from the seventh century BC.

Ancient July 16, 2018

2 Ancient Houses Unearthed Next To Pyramids Of Giza

Researchers found two ancient residences dating back to the reign of Pharaoh Menkaure. The structures served as houses for two officials overseeing food production for an ancient Egyptian paramilitary.

Ancient July 5, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled: The ‘Warrior Woman’ Rock On Mars Isn’t Proof Of An Early Civilization

A new rock formation on Mars is being hailed as proof that an ancient civilization once existed on the planet. Don’t believe it — it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

Space April 30, 2018

World’s Heaviest Woman Loses More Than 100 Kilograms: Here's How She Did It

The world's heaviest woman lost more than 100 kilograms before she underwent bariatric surgery to remove the fats in her body. She is expected to lose another 100 kilograms more in the next 45 days.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2017

Newly Discovered Tombs In Egypt Have Remains Of Babies And Crocodiles

Archaeologists have found 12 new tombs at Gebel el Silsila, Egypt, which contain human and animal remains. What does the discovery tell about people who lived at the ancient sandstone quarry site?

Ancient January 14, 2017

Mummified Knees Found In Valley Of The Queens Tomb Likely Belonged To Egypt Queen Nefertari

Archeologists claim that the pair of mummified knees found in a lavish tomb in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt likely belonged to Egyptian queen Nefertari. What were the clues that hint the remains belonged to the royal wife of Pharaoh Ramses II?

Ancient December 3, 2016

7,000-Year-Old Lost Civilization: Archaeologists Discover Ancient City In Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient city in Egypt believed to be the home of the builders of royal cemeteries in Abydos. The city and cemetery are believed to be 7,000 years old.

Ancient November 24, 2016

Ancient Blue Jeans? Indigo Dye Used By South Americans In Peru Long Before Egyptians

Cloths found in Peru provide earliest evidence of indigo dye use. The fabrics were 6,200 years old, which makes them older than the previously known oldest sample of indigo dye from Egypt.

Ancient September 17, 2016

Archaeologists Test New Scanner That May Unlock Ancient Secrets Of Egypt's Great Pyramid

The quest for Egypt's ancient secrets continues. A team of French scientists is testing a new telescope that can scan the pyramids' hidden chambers as well as other undiscovered structures inside.

Ancient June 4, 2016

Cosmic Rays, Space Particles Unravel Ancient Secrets Of Egypt's Pyramids

Cosmic rays were able to unravel the secrets of ancient Egyptian pyramids. The project paves the way for finally unlocking what is inside the pyramids.

Ancient May 9, 2016

Eerie Satellite Image Shows Nile River Flowing Blood Red

It looks like a scene straight out of the Bible: a new satellite image from the European Space Agency shows the Nile river flowing blood red.

Animals April 5, 2016

Egypt Blocked Facebook Basics Because It Reportedly Wanted To Spy On Users

Free Basics has attracted yet another controversy with the Egyptian government banning its services in December 2015. While the official reasons still remain vague, the decision is apparently based on Facebook’s refusal to allow spying on users via this platform.

Internet April 2, 2016

EgyptAir Flight MS181 Hijacked: Crew And 4 Foreigners Remain Hostage

An internal EgyptAir flight was hijacked on the morning of March 29 and forced to land on the airport of Larnaca, Cyprus. The hijacker of the Airbus A320, who was armed with an explosive belt, released almost all hostages after landing.

Society March 29, 2016

Baby Hand Prints In Egypt's Cave Of Beasts Likely Belong To Lizards

The baby handprints discovered in the Cave of Beasts in Egypt 14 years ago are not from humans. Scientists have found that these handprints may belong to lizards.

Earth/Environment March 4, 2016

Eight Egyptian Museum Employees Face Trial For Damaging King Tut Mask

Eight employees of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo are now facing trial for allegedly damaging the famed mask of King Tutankhamun in 2014. The employees are currently charged with gross negligence.

Arts & Culture January 25, 2016

Cosmic Particles Can Give Us Insight As To How The Egyptians Built The Pyramids

A team of scientists is investigating particles it collected from a 4,600-year-old pyramid to figure out if the cosmic matter had anything — or everything — to do with some of the greatest wonders of antiquity.

Space January 18, 2016

Cosmic Particles May Unlock Mystery On How Pyramids In Egypt Were Built

Muon technology, one that involves cosmic particle accumulations, will help an international team of scientists solve the 4,500-year-old mystery of how the pyramids of Egypt were built. The team's findings will confirm or change current hypotheses on how these ancient wonders came to be.

Animals January 18, 2016

Egypt Officials Shut Down Facebook's Free Basics Internet Program

The shuttering of the service stops free Internet access to more than three million people in the country. It comes after India temporarily banned the service last week.

Internet December 31, 2015

Archeologists Find 3500-Year-Old Fence In Egypt

Archeologists found a giant 3,500-year-old fence at the site of an ancient capital in the northern Nile Delta region, according to Egypt's antiquities minister. The ancient fence in Egypt is said to be sandstone-made and at least 1,640 feet long.

Arts & Culture November 27, 2015

Thermal Anomalies At Great Pyramid Of Giza May Lead To A Secret Tomb

The Great Pyramid of Giza may have one more hidden secret yet to be discovered. Based on thermal scans of the stones of the pyramid, a specific block of stones around the eastern ground floor side of the pyramid shows a noticeable difference in temperature that have piqued the curiosity of researchers.

Animals November 12, 2015

Thermal Scanning Detects 'Impressive' Anomalies In Great Pyramid Of Egypt

The Scan Pyramids project used high-tech scanning technologies to look inside the pyramids of Egypt. Researchers detected impressive anomaly at Giza's Great Pyramid although what this is still has to be investigated.

Animals November 10, 2015

Archaeologists Will Use Cosmic Rays To Scan The Pyramids In Hopes Of Uncovering Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

A team of researchers will use cosmic ray muons, infrared thermography and scanners attached to drones to survey and digitally reconstruct four ancient pyramids in Egypt to uncover their mysteries.

October 30, 2015

Baby In Egypt Born With Only One Eye And No Nose After Being Exposed To Radiation

A boy in the Egyptian town of El Senbellawein was born with a rare birth defect known as cyclopia, which is characterized by physical deformities such as a single eye in the middle of the forehead. The condition received its name from the one-eyed creature of Greek mythology known as the Cyclops.

Life October 8, 2015

Archaeologist Behind Nefertiti Tomb Theory To Visit Egypt

The possibility of having discovered Nefertiti’s tomb did not go unnoticed. It has prompted the Egyptian minister of antiquities to invite the archaeologist responsible for some debate and discussion.

August 20, 2015

An Egyptologist May Have Found The Tomb Of Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti has eluded archaeologists for years, but new clues to the possible location of her burial chamber have been found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

August 11, 2015

Bryan Singer Goes To Ancient Egypt With Latest 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Set Photo

'X-Men: Apocalypse' director Bryan Singer is back on Instagram with yet another Egyptian themed behind-the-scenes look at his new film.

Movies/TV Shows July 27, 2015

Omar Sharif, 'Lawrence Of Arabia' And 'Doctor Zhivago' Actor, Dies At 83

Egyptian-born film actor Omar Sharif passed away on Friday at a hospital in Cairo due to an apparent heart attack. Sharif earned long-lasting fame in such international film classics 'Doctor Zhivago', 'The Night of the Generals' and 'Lawrence of Arabia.'

Society July 11, 2015

Prehistoric Feeding Frenzy: Basilosaurus Eats Smaller Whale And Gets Eaten By Sharks

Experts have found fossils that indicate an interesting showcase of the food chain: a remnant of a Basilosaurus whale that appeared to have eaten a smaller whale was then consumed by sharks.

Animals June 13, 2015

Did Ancient Egypt Have An Animal Mummy Scam?

Many animal mummies from Ancient Egypt don't actually contain animal remains, according to a new study. What drove people to create these strange artifacts?

May 11, 2015

Ancient Egyptian Burial Site May Hold a Million Naturally Mummified Bodies

The Fag el-Gamous cemetery in Egypt may hold the remains of up to a million mummies. Why are they all there?

December 18, 2014

World's Oldest Computer Antikythera Mechanism is More Ancient than Previously Thought

The Antikythera Mechanism, the world's oldest analog computer, is even older than once thought. So, who built this ancient device?

November 29, 2014

King Tut Day: This day in history, world entered pharaoh's tomb

King Tut lived for just ten years, but his legend lives on three thousand years later, thanks to a discovery made 92 years ago.

November 4, 2014

King Tutankhamun virtual autopsy reveals various physical defects. Pharaoh was product of incest

If you needed proof incest is a bad idea, just look at King Tutankhamun. His parents' incestuous relationship compromised the boy pharaoh's health, leading to his early death.

October 23, 2014

Google Maps Street View grants virtual visit to Egypt’s Great Pyramids

Google Street View allows users to explore Egypt’s pyramids from the comfort of their homes. Users can virtually walk around six sites that were photographed last year.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Ancient Egyptians were ancient ecologists: Species loss recorded in art

A new study based on records of animals from ancient Egyptian drawings teaches us more about patterns of extinction in the Nile region.

Life September 10, 2014

Ancient Egyptian artifact reveals history of animal extinction

Experts found that the ancient Egyptians kept records of animals that reveal a significant amount about extinction. The study found that there were 37 large-bodied mammal species in Egypt approximately six millennia ago.

Internet Culture September 9, 2014

Discovery of ancient papyrus amulet with biblical references excites boffins

An amulet from 1,500 years ago contains passages from the Christian Bible, and may be the oldest artifact of its kind ever discovered.

September 8, 2014

1,500-year-old Greek papyrus throws light on early Christianity and 'Last Supper'

Papyrus found in a British library may have been worn by an early Christian as a charm to protect from evil. Long a practice in ancient Egypt, such amulets or charms, but now with Bible passages, were adopted by early Christians.

September 7, 2014

Company hired to restore Egypt's oldest pyramid may actually be destroying it

A company hired by the Egyptian government to restore one of the Egyptian pyramids may be responsible for causing significant damage to the more than 4,600 year old structure.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

Mummy recipe 1,500 years older than believed

The practice of mummification may be 1,500 years older than previously believed, using nearly the same recipe seen 30 centuries later.

August 14, 2014

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