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Teenager Ousmane Bah Sues Apple For $1 Billion Claiming Facial Recognition Software Led To His False Arrest

A teenager takes on Apple after the company's facial recognition software allegedly caused him to get falsely arrested. Ousmane Bah was arrested for a string of robberies of Apple Stores in multiple states.

Apple April 24, 2019

AI Experts Call On Amazon To Stop Selling Rekognition Facial Recognition Software To Police

AI scholars have rallied behind an MIT researcher who revealed a major glitch in Amazon's facial recognition software. The issue lies in the alleged inability of Rekognition to properly detect the faces of women of color.

Apps/Software April 5, 2019

LG G8 ThinQ Will Have A Front-Facing 3D Camera For Face Unlock

The LG G8 ThinQ will feature a time-of-flight sensor, presumably for face unlock. It remains unclear what else it’ll be used for, though, but LG is poised to share more details at the Mobile World Congress later this month.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 7, 2019

Google Might Be Working On Face ID Feature For Android Q

A feature similar to Face ID might be on the next major version of Android Q. If true, this will help phone manufacturers in a lot of ways.

Google January 28, 2019

AI Could Be Diagnosing Rare Illnesses From Facial Recognition In The Near Future

Using the Deepgestalt computer program, researchers have trained AI to recognize facial features, paving the way for early and cheap diagnoses. This revolutionary technology was developed by Yaron Gurovich and his team at FDNA, a biotechnology firm in Boston.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 9, 2019

Microsoft Improves Facial Recognition To Better Identify Darker Skin Tones

Microsoft upgraded its facial recognition platform to improve its accuracy when it comes to darker skin colors. The development team confirmed that it now uses larger and diverse samples to reduce misidentification.

June 28, 2018

Amazon's Facial Recognition System Can Identify 100 People In A Single Image (And That's Potentially Terrifying)

Amazon sold its real-time facial recognition technology to US law enforcement and the ACLU is objecting. This is because the technology, called “Amazon Rekognition,” has the ability to identify up to 100 individuals in a single photo in real-time.

Apps/Software May 24, 2018

Beyond Face ID: Apple Patents Technology That Can Scan Under Your Skin

The future iPhone may not only scan your face, but your veins as well. A patent Apple filed in 2015 illustrates a technology that can scan beneath the skin and into the veins, which could deliver more accurate recognition.

Apple May 17, 2018

Ticketmaster Might Soon Replace Tickets With Facial Recognition

In the future, you might be able to walk into a concert with just your face, no ticket required. Ticketmaster and Live Nation have invested in a company called Blink Identity that claims to have sophisticated facial recognition technology.

Apps/Software May 9, 2018

Facial Recognition Accuracy Best For White Men, Worst For Dark-Skinned Women, Research Shows

Research from M.I.T. Media Lab revealed that the accuracy of facial recognition systems depends on the gender and skin color of its user. The technology may not be intentionally biased, but the discrepancy arises from its data sets and creators.

Apps/Software February 12, 2018

Google Arts & Culture App Finds Your Look-Alike In The World Of Fine Art: Here's How To Try It

The two-year-old Google Arts & Culture app is suddenly trending, surging to the top of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is because users discovered a recently added feature that matches selfies with famous works of art.

Google January 15, 2018

Humans Are Really Good At Detecting If A Person Is Sick Just By Looking At Their Faces

A new research suggests that humans are excellent at observing facial cues of other people to determine whether they’re sick or not. How is this hopeful, exactly?

CES 2018 January 4, 2018

Confirmed: Face Unlock Feature Coming To OnePlus 5

OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei just confirmed that OnePlus 5 users are getting a much-coveted feature from the OnePlus 5T: Face Unlock. Sure, it’s not as sophisticated as Apple’s Face ID gimmick, but it’s decent and it works fine.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 26, 2017

Windows 10 Facial Recognition Tricked By Printed Photo: Here's How To Protect Yourself

Researchers from German security firm SYSS discovered that Windows Hello, the facial recognition system of Windows 10, may be tricked using a printed photo with modifications. Here's how you can protect yourself from an attack using the exposed method.

Microsoft December 21, 2017

Facebook Photo Review Will Notify You When You Appear In Others' Photos Even If You're Not Tagged

Facebook announced a new feature called Photo Review, which uses facial recognition technology to notify users when they appear in others' photos, even if they're not tagged. The features has some limitations, however.

Internet December 20, 2017

OnePlus 5T Officially Unveiled: 6-Inch Display, Headphone Jack, Face Unlock, And More For $499

The OnePlus 5T has officially been unveiled, with a price tag of $499. The Android-powered smartphone features a 6-inch Full Optic AMOLED display, a headphone jack, and a Face Unlock feature that might be better than Apple's Face ID.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2017

Face ID Tricked By A $150 Mask: Should iPhone X Owners Worry?

A Vietnamese security firm was able to trick Apple's Face ID security feature through an elaborate mask that cost $150 to make. Should iPhone X owners worry about this discovery?

Apple November 12, 2017

Apple Will Share Face-Mapping Data To App Developers: Should iPhone X Owners Be Concerned?

Apple will allow developers to access the face-mapping data collected by the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X. Apple has guidelines to prevent the inappropriate usage of the data, but privacy advocates have still raised concerns.

Apple November 2, 2017

Apple Denies Allegations Of Face ID Accuracy Downgrade To Speed Up iPhone X Production

A report claimed that Apple quietly allowed iPhone X suppliers to downgrade the accuracy of Face ID to speed up the production of the smartphone. Apple has strongly denied the allegations, saying that they are 'completely false.'

Apple October 25, 2017

All iPhone Models Next Year Rumored To Feature OLED Display, Face ID Of iPhone X

Rumors claim that next year's iPhone models will include the most important features of the iPhone X, namely the OLED display and Face ID. The 2018 iPhones will also be cheaper than the iPhone X.

Apple October 20, 2017

Google Photos Can Now Recognize Your Pets And Automatically Group Their Photos: Here’s How It Works

Some people take tons of photos of their pets all day. Google has now updated Google Photos to make sure those photos are properly recognized, categorized, and grouped, as it does on humans.

Google October 17, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is A Beast ... With A Wonky Facial Recognition Lock

A word to the wise, don't rely on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's facial recognition for security. Why? Because a simple photo can outsmart it.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 6, 2017

Goodbye Touch ID, Hello Face ID For iPhone 8? Apple's Facial Recognition Tech Can Read Faces In 'Millionths Of A Second'

Will Apple replaced the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system with the Face ID facial recognition system in the iPhone 8? From what we've heard about the feature, it is definitely a possibility.

Apple August 22, 2017

iOS 11 SOS Feature Disables Touch ID So You Can't Be Forced To Unlock Your iPhone With Your Finger

The Emergency SOS feature of iOS 11 does not only give users a quick way to call 911, but it also disables Touch ID. This will prevent users from being forced to unlock their iPhones using their fingerprint.

Apple August 17, 2017

The iPhone 8 Facial Recognition System Sounds Amazing: Face ID Of Apple Rumored To Work Even At Odd Angles

More details about the iPhone 8 facial recognition system have been found in HomePod firmware code. The feature, reportedly named Face ID, could allow users to unlock the smartphone even when it is lying flat on a table.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 7, 2017

Apple Has Been Working On iPhone Facial Recognition For Years, But It Still Doesn't Work Right On The iPhone 8

Recently published patent applications reveal that Apple has been working on iPhone facial recognition technology for years. However, the company is having trouble with getting the feature to work on the iPhone 8, which may delay the premium smartphone's launch.

Apple July 14, 2017

Apple Falls Into Panic Mode As Software Problems Plague iPhone 8: Wireless Charging, 3D Face Scanning In Trouble

There is 'a sense of panic in the air' in Apple, according to a report by Fast Company. The iPhone 8 team is said to be encountering software problems surrounding the upcoming smartphone's wireless charging and 3D face scanning features.

Apple July 12, 2017

Apple Will Replace Touch ID On iPhone 8 With 3D Face Scanning: How Will The Security Feature Work?

A report claims that Apple is looking to replace the Touch ID in iPhones with 3D face scanning technology. Will the new security feature be ready in time for the upcoming iPhone 8?

Apple July 4, 2017

Macaques Help Scientists Crack Human Facial Recognition Code

A new study reveals how facial recognition is a result of facial feature analysis rather than mere identification. Results of the study do not just defy precious scientific beliefs, but also cracks the code on facial recognition.

Neuroscience June 2, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Fooled By A Photo, But Let's Not Rush A Verdict Yet [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ boast enhanced security through facial recognition and iris scanning, but they may not be that secure after all. A new video surfaced showing the Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature tricked by a photo.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 1, 2017

Facial Recognition Software Helps In Diagnosing Rare Genetic Disease

Researchers have created a facial recognition software capable of diagnosing DiGeorge syndrome, a rare genetic disease. The disease was difficult to diagnose, being different among distinct populations.

Biotech March 25, 2017

Tracking Lemurs Could Become Less Invasive, Thanks To Facial Recognition Software

Scientists have successfully developed a facial recognition software that is less invasive and more effective in tracking lemurs in the wild. Researchers hope the software could be applied in a wide range of animal conservation efforts.

Animals February 17, 2017

No More Touch ID? Apple Looking To Facial Recognition In iPhone 8: KGI Analyst

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says enhanced security features are expected in the rumored iPhone 8 and the 2017 iPhone lineup. Revamped biometric tech will come by way of better Touch ID and even facial recognition.

Apple January 22, 2017

Brain Area That Recognizes Faces Continues To Grow Past Adolescence

Brain tissues are known to stop growing early in life but the brain tissue responsible for facial recognition continues to grow past adolescence. What necessitates this continued growth?

Neuroscience January 5, 2017

Synaptics Multifactor Biometrics Fusion Engine Merges Fingerprint And Facial Recognition, Puts Them On Your Phone

Known human interface technology developer, Synaptics introduced its new Multifactor Biometric Fusion Engine that combines facial recognition and fingerprint to add layers of protection to mobile devices. The new system will also be integrated with tablets and notebook PCs.

Security January 4, 2017

Facebook Acquires Facial Recognition Startup FacioMetrics: What Features Will Its Technology Bring?

Facebook has acquired FacioMetrics, a facial recognition startup, to boost its photo and video capabilities. The social media company has not revealed financial details of the deal.

Internet November 17, 2016

Heavy Equipment Brand Caterpillar Installs Facial Recognition Software In Trucks: What For?

Caterpillar has installed facial recognition systems in trucks used in the mining industry. The systems, which were developed in partnership with Seeing Machines, are important to ensure the safety of operations in mine sites.

Apps/Software July 11, 2016

Archerfish Can Recognize Human Faces - That's No Fish Story

Fish are able to recognize human faces, researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered. Remember that the next time you are making faces in your aquarium!

Animals June 8, 2016

Dell Unveils New Windows 10 Laptops With Advanced Facial Recognition And More

Dell was present at the Computex 2016 and unveiled its latest Inspiron 7000 laptops. The devices, which range from 13 to 17-inchers, come packed with Windows 10 and advanced security features usually found in expensive gadgets.

Computers May 31, 2016

Facebook Moments Without Facial Recognition Rolls Out In EU And Canada

Facebook has launched a modified version of private photo-sharing app Facebook Moments for the European and Canadian markets. What has been changed in the software, and why are the modifications needed?

Apps/Software May 11, 2016

This Is How Your Brain Recognizes Other People's Facial Expressions

The brain functions in so many ways, including recognizing people's facial expression. A new study has revealed what part of the brain is responsible for recognizing facial expressions.

Neuroscience April 22, 2016

Samsung Launches An App That Prevents Kids From Holding Devices Too Close To Their Faces

Samsung created an app that alerts a child that they are holding their mobile device too close to their face. Its purpose is to prevent potential vision problems.

Apps/Software April 19, 2016

Smile! Amazon Wants Patent For Pay-By-Selfie Technology

Amazon recently filed a patent for a pay-by-selfie technology. Its customers will soon perform some actions such as smiling or blinking to pay for items on the app.

Apps/Software March 15, 2016

Live Filter Photo App Lets Users Take Selfies As Leo With His Oscar

Msqrd is the live-animated photo and video filter app that allows users to embody celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and pop culture icons like Harry Potter and Iron Man.

Apps/Software February 29, 2016

Bing Is Using Facial Recognition To Help Users Find Their Oscar-Nominated Doppelgänger

Microsoft's Bing releases a new tool that uses facial and image recognition to determine a user's celebrity look-alike.

Internet February 24, 2016

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