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Scientists Want To Grow Beans In Space As Early As 2021

Space garden. The crew of the International Space Station will soon be eating fresh beans grown while in orbit. The experiment which will begin in 2021 will inform how food will be produced for long journeys across space.

Space January 14, 2019

Ancient Farmers Thrived In The Amazon Rainforest 4,500 Years Ago

The Amazon rainforest is not so untouched after all. Researchers found that ancient farming communities planted corn, sweet potatoes, and other crops in the rainforest 4,500 years ago.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2018

43-Year-Old Man 'Shocked' To Be Alive After Being Impaled By 40-Pound Piece Of Farm Equipment

A man from Idaho was impaled by a 40-pound spear while working on building a fence. The object pierced the man through his back and out of his stomach when it fell from the loader it was attached to.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Children Who Live Closer To Livestock Have Lower Risk Of Allergy Until Adulthood

A new study found that exposure to farming environments may decrease the risk of sensitivity to allergens like pollen and pets. Interestingly, low sensitization is not limited during childhood but also during adulthood.

Public Health May 14, 2018

Scientists Identify Super Potato Variety That Can Grow And Withstand Extreme Conditions In Mars

Scientists simulated what it's like in Mars to identify the the potatoes that can withstand extreme conditions on the red planet, such as freezing temperatures and high carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. What variety emerged as the best?

Earth/Environment March 31, 2017

Bumblebees May Be Endangered But It’s Nothing To ‘Bee’ Worried About, Says Entomologist

Despite bumblebees being placed in the U.S. endangered list, entomologist Jeff Whitworth at Kansas State University said there is no reason to worry about the insects going extinct. He also suggested steps that will improve the bumble bees’ population.

Animals February 1, 2017

These Fijian Ants Have Been Farming Long Before Humans Were: Study

A species of ants in the Fiji Islands have been growing and nurturing fruit plants for millions of years, long before ancient humans discovered farming. Researchers point to a profound relationship between these ants and the plants they nurture.

Animals November 25, 2016

Artificial Martian Garden To Determine Which Vegetables Grow Best In Mars

Which vegetables can grow best in Mars? Scientists are working on an artificial Martian garden to determine which crops would grow best on the Red Planet.

Space October 10, 2016

World's Earliest Farmers Originated From Diverse Group In The Fertile Crescent

Did agriculture originate from a homogeneous group of early farmers? A new study suggests otherwise, indicating that farming during the Stone Age may have been invented by diverse groups in the Fertile Crescent.

Ancient July 16, 2016

Insects Are World’s First Farmers: Termites Started Farming About 25 Million Years Before Human Agriculture

The oldest fossil evidence of agriculture shows that termites started to tap on farming millions of years before humans did. How did farming impacted the evolution of these social insects?

Animals June 25, 2016

Ancient Farmers From Northern Greece And Western Turkey Brought Agriculture To Europe

How did agriculture spread to Europe, which was once dominated by hunter-gatherers? DNA analysis revealed that farming was brought by migrant farmers from northern Greece and western Turkey.

Ancient June 8, 2016

Farming Outweighs Other Major Sources Of Air Pollution: Study

Agricultural emission produced by farming is one of the biggest sources of air pollution in the world, a new study revealed. How did that happen?

Earth/Environment May 18, 2016

Vegetarianism May Hold Key To Feeding World Population With Least Ecological Cost

The growing population has taken a toll on much of the world's forests. In order to meet the demands for food, forests are turned into farmlands but a new study has found that if everyone would go vegan, trees won't need to be cut anymore.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

Drought Effects Harder On Farms In Developed Countries: Western Farmers To Take Cues From Poorer Nations?

Food production and agriculture in Western countries are predicted to be hit harder by droughts and extreme weather events due to climate change. Farmers from developed nations are then urged by experts to start adapting and thinking differently.

Earth/Environment January 9, 2016

First European Farmers Came From Turkey, DNA From Anatolian Skeletons Reveal

Researchers found that the first European farmers came from Turkey. By studying the DNA of Anatolian skeletons, scientists were able to understand more how the ancient hunter-gatherers shifted to farming.

Animals January 6, 2016

Exposure To Common Farm Pesticide May Damage Lungs Of Children

Early pesticide exposure is linked to poor lung function in children of farming families. Each tenfold increase in levels of organophosphate urinary metabolites was linked to a 159-millimeter decrease in lung function.

Life December 6, 2015

Introduction Of Farming In Europe Changed People's Way Of Life And DNA

A team of researchers found that farming has changed the way European DNA was structured since 8,500 years ago. They also found proof that ancient European farmers hailed from ancient Anatolia, now known as Turkey.

Animals November 25, 2015

Robot That Kills 120 Weeds Per Minute Could End Use Of Herbicide In Farms

A robot that could smash weeds and distinguish plants has been developed by scientists at Deepfield Robotics. Known as BoniRob, the robot could revolutionize how farmers tackle weed control.

November 22, 2015

This Sandwich Costs A Whopping $1,500 To Make. Here's Why

This guy spent $1,500 and six months to make one expensive sandwich from scratch, and all it had was veggies, cheese, honey, and chicken.

Internet Culture September 16, 2015

Humans And Our Lighter Bones: Thanks, No Thanks To Agriculture And Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle is often blamed on the weakening of the human bones. A new study involving the bones of people who lived over the past 33,000 years suggests agriculture has something to do with the changes in human bones.

May 19, 2015

John Oliver Shows That Chicken Farming Is Just As Bad For The Farmers As It Is For The Birds

You would think that John Oliver would use this week's 'Last Week Tonight' segment to take down poultry companies for their treatment of chickens. However, Oliver showed that the farmers suffer just as much.

Movies/TV Shows May 18, 2015

How Farming Weakened Human Bones

When humanity settled down to farm rather than hunt and gather, we paid a price -- our bones got weaker. The settled lifestyle saw our skeleton become more fragile, researchers say.

December 23, 2014

How is Farm Crop Production Linked to Annual Carbon Dioxide Increase? More Than You Think

Farming causes large seasonal fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels, a new study shows. Innovations in agriculture have led to a larger human impact on the environment.

Earth/Environment November 23, 2014

Farm Crops Give Us Food but They are to Blame for Rising CO2, Climate Change

Increased farming gives us food but is also responsible for the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Food production is estimated to double on the Earth in the next 50 years.

Animals November 22, 2014

Barley Helped Early Tibetans Survive 'Roof of the World'

Barley, a cold-tolerant crop that can thrive in high elevations, made it possible for people to live permanently at the extreme altitude of the Tibetan Plateau 3,600 years ago.

Animals November 21, 2014

'Pumpkinsteins' are the coolest pumpkins you will see this Halloween

Why carve a pumpkin when you could just buy a Frankenstein shaped one instead? Find out how these beauties are made.

Internet Culture October 16, 2014

Bungie shutters 'Destiny' loot cave exploit, let the real fun begin

The magic is gone, at least for one fertile cave in Bungie's 'Destiny.' A new patch fixes respawn timers so players can't farm engrams in the Magic Cave quite as easily as before.

Video Games September 28, 2014

Here's how farmers and consumers can cut nitrogen pollution by half

In a recent study, scientists proposed "ambitious mitigation" to curb nitrogen pollution expected to rise by a whopping 156 percent in 2050.

Earth/Environment May 16, 2014

Genetic study reveals how farmers took over hunters during the Stone Age

Scientists have finally figured out how farmers overtook their hunter-gatherer brethren in the early days of humanity. New research indicates how early humans transitioned to an agricultural society.

April 25, 2014

Antibiotic resistance genes in cow manure may endanger human existence: Here's why

A recent study unearthed a threat to human ecosystem in a seemingly innocuous mound of cow manure when scientists found it harbored a number of newly identified genes that can beef up any pathogen's resistance to antibiotics. They are studying whether the bacteria clinging to the manure can move into the human ecosystem.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2014

ISS astronauts take up farming

ISS astronauts are growing safe, edible vegetables at the Lada greenhouse in the International Space Station (ISS).

Space February 3, 2014

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