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Ferguson Accepts Justice Department's Plan To Overhaul Police And Criminal Justice System

In a vote of 6-0, the city council of Ferguson approved the deal with the Justice Department to overhaul the city's police force and court system, which have been criticized over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown Jr. in 2014. The move allows the city to avoid a costly legal battle with the federal government.

Society March 16, 2016

Ferguson Police Chief Resigns Following Justice Department Report

The city's police chief resigned soon after the release of the report by the Department of Justice, which said the police department is racially biased against African-Americans.

Internet Culture March 12, 2015

Feds Clear Darren Wilson In Michael Brown Case, Puts Spotlight On Racism Practices Of Ferguson Police

Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown, has been cleared of federal civil rights charges. The Department of Justice, however, called for changes to law enforcement practices in Ferguson, where police officers are found to routinely violate the rights of black people.

Society March 6, 2015

FBI Completes Probe of Ferguson Shooting, Officer Darren Wilson Might be Off the Hook

Lawyers from the United States Justice Department will recommend for no civil rights charges to be placed upon Officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Back in November of last year, the grand jury in the case for Brown's death similarly voted not to indict Wilson.

Society January 22, 2015

Oprah, Other 'Selma' Actors Join March in Alabama on Eve of Martin Luther King Day

“Selma” producer Oprah Winfrey commemorated one of the bloodiest chapters in civil rights history by leading a march in Selma, Alabama on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Society January 19, 2015

#CrimingWhileWhite Sheds Light On Racial Double Standard Following Eric Garner Decision

A Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of an unarmed African American, which sparked more protests regarding race and police.

Internet Culture December 4, 2014

Charles Barkley on Ferguson: Grand Jury Made Right Decision, Rioters are Scumbags

Basketball great Charles Barkley shares some harsh opinion on the rioters in Ferguson and how the media sensationalizes race issues.

Internet Culture December 2, 2014

Obama Calls for Body Cameras on Police

Body cameras for police officers could soon become more common, after the President asked Congress to supply 50,000 of the devices to law enforcement agencies. But, could the cameras help prevent another incident like the one at Ferguson?

Society December 2, 2014

What's Happening in Ferguson? Darren Wilson Resigns, Michael Brown's Family Mulls Civil Suit

Darren Wilson, the officer who escaped indictment in the killing of unarmed Ferguson teenager Michael Brown, resigns. That and more developments in the Ferguson situation here.

Society December 1, 2014

UN Panel Against Torture Expresses Concerns About Police Brutality in U.S.

The UN panel against torture urged the U.S. to conduct a thorough investigation on police brutality. The panel further told the U.S. to prosecute those who are responsible in shootings where most of the victims involved were blacks and Latinos.

Society November 29, 2014

Ferguson Reflection of NFL Player Benjamin Watson Goes Viral. Here Are His Powerful Words

Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints opened up his thoughts on the Ferguson decision in a Facebook post which has now gone viral. The NFL player felt inspired to write the post after a game of football on Monday.

Society November 29, 2014

Ferguson Decision: Protests Erupt Across US, Loud Cry for Justice for Michael Brown

Thousands of people swarmed the streets in the U.S. on Monday evening. People were protesting a grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who was charged with the killing of Michael Brown.

Society November 26, 2014

Ferguson In The Media: Newspaper Front Pages The Morning After The Decision

On Monday night peaceful protests and violent riots broke out after the announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will not be charged for the death of Michael Brown.

Internet Culture November 25, 2014

Ferguson Grand Jury: No Criminal Charges Against Cop Who Shot, Killed Unarmed Michael Brown

The grand jury voted not to indict the white police officer that shot and killed Michael Brown. After the decision was revealed, riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri.

Society November 25, 2014

Michael Brown case: Authorities Prepare for Protests, Tensions Rise in Ferguson

As people await the grand jury’s verdict in the shooting of unarmed black teenager Micheal Brown, the FBI has beefed up law enforcement resources in Ferguson, Missouri. Authorities are antsy of the protesters' reaction post the decision, which may turn violent, and are preparing accordingly.

Society November 22, 2014

Michael Brown Case: Missouri in State of Emergency, Other Cities Across U.S. Prepare for Possible Protests

People from cities across the United States await for the grand jury’s decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson or not in the Michael Brown killing. Police departments from Boston to Los Angeles brace for threat of large demonstrations.

Society November 18, 2014

Encounter Between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson Brief but Fatal, New Video Shows

Call logs obtained by the St. Louis Dispatch reveal that the encounter between police officer Darren Wilson and 18-year-old Michael Brown lasted no more than 90 seconds. The fatal encounter on Aug. 9 has sparked numerous protests in Ferguson.

Society November 16, 2014

Tension, gun sales up in Ferguson as Michael Brown grand jury decision nears

Tension in Ferguson is at its peak as gun sales spike. The Missouri city and the rest of the country await the grand jury decision on whether Darren Wilson will be prosecuted for the shooting that killed Michael Brown.

Society November 11, 2014

Ferguson no-fly zone during protests purportedly to keep media out?

According to recorded telephone conversations, police made the airspace around Ferguson a no-fly zone not for general safety, but to keep media helicopters from covering the violent demonstrations being staged in the city after the shooting of Michael Brown.

Society November 3, 2014

Michael Brown shot at close range, official autopsy reveals

Official autopsy results for Michael Brown are out and they match the contents of the report from the private autopsy his family requested.

Society October 23, 2014

Fund Tha Police: A Website Looks At How Our Police Are Being Militarized

Fund Tha Police is a searchable database where people can discover how much military funding their county receives. Nate Gagnon, one of the creators of the site discusses how it came to be.

Feature October 2, 2014

Ferguson police chief apologizes weeks after Michael Brown's death

Tom Jackson, the chief of police in Ferguson, Missouri, apologized to the parents of Michael Brown who was shot to death in August by a police officer.

Society September 26, 2014

Michael Brown memorial catches fire, sparks fire of distrust in Ferguson

One of Michael Brown's makeshift memorial caught fire on the morning of Sept. 23, igniting tension and violence in Ferguson, Missouri. Authorities say the blaze may have been an accident, but some residents believe it was deliberately started.

Society September 25, 2014

Michael Brown memorial burning sparks protests, violence in Ferguson

Violence broke out once again in Ferguson after a fire destroyed one of two Michael Brown memorials. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Society September 25, 2014

Jon Stewart takes on Fox News' coverage of Ferguson

In a segment from last night's 'The Daily Show,' host Jon Stewart grills Fox News over the network's attempts to blame media and "race baiters" in Ferguson as the cause of the unrest.

Internet Culture August 27, 2014

Michael Brown profiled as 'no angel' in column by New York Times writer

New York Times' writer John Eligon penned a profile of Mike Brown in which he called the deceased 'no angel.'

Feature August 26, 2014

Is cable news failing Ferguson?

A new study reveals that cable news networks are falling behind in the coverage of the Ferguson events and Twitter is filling in the gap.

Internet Culture August 22, 2014

Ferguson makes the latest 'New Yorker' cover. Here's how the magazine depicted 5 other major events in American history

The Sept. 1, 2014 issue of "The New Yorker" features a painting of the protests in Ferguson, Mo. Many of the magazine's past covers have depicted historical events in memorable ways.

Internet Culture August 22, 2014

Watch how conversation about #Ferguson blew up on Twitter

There has been a lot of talk about the Ferguson, Mo. protests on Twitter. This animated infographic from Twitter shows when and where the chatter about the events in Ferguson, Mo. reached its highest levels.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

How computer hackers are influencing the Ferguson protests

The protests in Ferguson, Mo. have gained a lot of support online from the hacker group Anonymous and trending hashtags on Twitter. The shooting of Michael Brown by police on Aug. 9 inspired the protests.

Internet Culture August 14, 2014

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