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Graffiti Artist Banksy Reveals Art On Streets Of Gaza

Street artist Banksy recently took his creativity to the streets of Gaza, leaving his artwork behind to focus on the destruction of the city due to Palestine's conflict with Israel.

Internet Culture February 26, 2015

Google pulls 'Bomb Gaza' game from the Play Store

Google has just taken down the controversial "Bomb Gaza" mobile game from the Play Store. The company pulled the app due to protests from Internet users.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 5, 2014

Google nukes 'Bomb Gaza' game out of app store...for obvious reasons

Google has taken down Bomb Gaza from its Play Store, along with several other games that turn the serious conflict into entertainment. The ongoing Israeli-Palestine conflict has left Gaza in ruins after several bombing incidents.

Apps/Software August 5, 2014

Gaza war photo nearly moves ISS astronaut to tears: 'My saddest photo yet'

Astronaut aboard space station captures and tweets image of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. He describes seeing flying rockets and explosions.

Space July 28, 2014

ISS astronaut tweets 'saddest photo yet' - Capturing Gaza war zone from space

Fighting in the Gaza Strip has been seen by astronaut Alexander Gerst in what many people are calling the saddest photo ever taken from space.

Space July 27, 2014

ISS astronaut shares saddest photo Gaza crisis on Twitter

Photo shared by ISS astronaut on Twitter proves views from space are breathtaking but not the good kind, raises concern over functions of the space station.

Space July 25, 2014

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