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Halloween 2016 Top Costume Ideas: From Scary And Spooky To Downright Kooky

Just because you're into last minute Halloween costumes doesn't mean your costume won't be the creepiest (or kookiest). We've gathered the top trending costumes of Halloween 2016, from Donald Trump to killer clowns to Eleven of 'Stranger Things,' whose looks you can easily create.

Feature | Culture October 31, 2016

This Cat Has The Most Terrifying Reaction To His Human Dressing Up As A Cat

Talk about being a scaredy cat this Halloween. A cat owner dressed up as a lifesized version of his pet, leaving his kitty in a state of pure shock.

Viral October 31, 2016

A Healthy Halloween? Make It Possible With These 8 Tips

The Halloween spirit shouldn't change your healthy habits, not even for a day. We put together eight important guidelines for a healthy celebration of the year's most eccentric holiday.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 27, 2016

How To Celebrate Halloween In Zero Gravity On ISS

If there's a will, there's a way! Commander Scott Kelly finds a way to still be a part of Earth's Halloween even as he floats aboard the space station.

Internet Culture November 2, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris and Family Win Halloween Again With Epic Star Wars Coordinated Halloween Costumes

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are at it again with their awesome family's themed costume. This family definitely has the force flowing through them

Movies/TV Shows November 2, 2015

Insta-Spookiness – Here Are The Best Halloween Videos On The New Instagram Curated Video Channel

Halloween costume and video hangover? Here are the highlights of Instagram's best Halloween videos, featuring footage from Taylor Swift to Tinder apps to Jessica Rabbit.

Movies/TV Shows November 2, 2015

Taylor Swift Let It Go and Kylie Jenner's Toned Tummy: Here's How Hollywood Celebrated Halloween

Halloween is not just for kids as the biggest Hollywood stars prove time and again. Check out some of celebrities costume ranging from awesome to funny

Movies/TV Shows November 2, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres Transforms Herself Into 'Karla Kardashian' With Her Halloween Costume

Each year, the world waits for Ellen DeGeneres' Halloween costume. The comedienne did not disappoint fans as she dressed up as her most creative character yet, 'the lesser known Kardashian sister.'

Movies/TV Shows October 31, 2015

Tawnie Bow Poised Atop A Growing Market For Cosplay Wigs

Tanya Mangiafico of Tawnie Bow Studios is at the helm of a growing wig business catering to cosplayers, fans who dress like comics and anime characters at conventions and other events.

Arts & Culture October 27, 2015

Parents Praise Target Ad Featuring Disabled Girl In Elsa Halloween Costume

Target's latest Halloween costume ad is making headlines everywhere. People are going on Facebook and Twitter to express their strong sentiments over the ad that appears on the children's wardrobe section.

Internet Culture October 27, 2015

Beyonce Raises Up A Storm At Ciara's Halloween Party In X-Men Costume

The Perfect Storm: Beyoncé pulls off this Storm costume at Ciara's superhero-themed birthday party. The Internet explodes as comedian and actor Jeff Dye captures the Queen Bey sporting white locks, blue eyes and the iconic black head dress.

Internet Culture October 26, 2015

Thrift Store Shopping With An Expert Cosplayer

Cosplayer Tea Berry-Blue combs through the thrift shops of Greenwich Village for definitive costume pieces.

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

China-made Halloween Makeup May Contain Lead, Other Toxic Chemicals: Schumer

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer warned parents against buying Halloween makeup made in China. The senator said that seeing cosmetic products on shelves does not necessarily mean these are safe.

Life October 18, 2015

Black Whopper And Green Poop Plus Other Unconventional Halloween Couple's Costumes

Brace yourselves: crazy Halloween costume ideas are coming. If you are a couple who wants to go as something a bit 'different' this Halloween, this is the list you've been waiting for.

Internet Culture October 12, 2015

Cool Dad Let It Go And Let Son Be Elsa For Halloween

For Halloween, this young boy had his heart set on going as Queen Elsa from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ How his dad reacted is taking the Internet by storm.

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Man builds an Iron Man costume for his sick son to make him 'feel brave'

A prop maker father created an Iron Man costume to make his sick infant feel strong during his stay at the hospital.

Internet Culture November 12, 2014

19 Craziest Instagram Photos From New York's Village Halloween Parade 2014

New York held its 41st annual Village Halloween Parade on Oct. 31. The Instagram photos from the night prove why this is the most famous Halloween celebration in the country.

Internet Culture November 1, 2014

Dad creates awesome mech Halloween costume where his baby is the pilot

This Dad wins Halloween and the internet by crafting an awesome mech costume where his six-month-old son is the pilot.

Internet Culture October 31, 2014

Louisville weatherman gives forecast in the coolest Halloween costume ever

A clever meteorologist from Kentucky put his green screen to good use, incorporating it into his Halloween costume. Jude Redfield, using a little television magic, turned himself into a skeleton.

Internet Culture October 31, 2014

Halloween scares: Why some of us are drawn to fear

We like to be scared, say experts, which is why Halloween is so popular. Fear can be a positive experience, they explain.

Life October 30, 2014

11 last-minute Halloween costumes you already have in your closet

If you don't have a Halloween costume yet, what are you waiting for? Here are 11 last-minute Halloween costume ideas for the true procrastinators out there. We guarantee that you'll have a very topical Halloween costume.

Feature October 30, 2014

#CrappyHalloweenCostumes you shouldn't wear this Halloween

Still looking for some Halloween costume ideas for the big day? You probably don't want to wear any of these #CrappyHalloweenCostumes currently trending on Twitter.

Feature October 28, 2014

Walmart apologizes for ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ section on its website

Walmart apologized for offering a 'Fat Girl Costume' section on their website after receiving backlash for the insensitive marketing approach.

Internet Culture October 27, 2014

The best Halloween costumes for couples

If you want to celebrate Halloween as a dynamic duo it can be difficult to coordinate outfits. Luckily, the Internet provides plenty of helpful inspiration for an awesome couples costume.

Internet Culture October 27, 2014

10 costumes you should definitely not wear this Halloween

Don't make the mistake of wearing something offensive (or just plain stupid) this Halloween. Here's your guide of what not to wear.

Feature October 27, 2014

Why we dress up on Halloween: The evolution of the Halloween costume

Every year on Oct. 31, we celebrate Halloween by dressing up in our scariest, skimpiest and silliest outfits. But how did that tradition come to be what it is today?

Feature October 22, 2014

Best Halloween costumes for pets on Pinterest

There's never a shortage of Halloween costumes that are perfect for your four-legged animal friends. Try these Pinterest ideas for pet costumes.

Internet Culture October 21, 2014

How to dress like a 'Twin Peaks' character this Halloween with H&M clothes

Everyone's excited about the recent news that 'Twin Peaks' will return to TV in 2016. Now show that enthusiasm through your Halloween costume by dressing up like one of the characters from the cult classic.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2014

These Halloween costumes are spooky cool. Thanks to smartphones, tablets

Mark Rober rules the high tech Halloween costume scene again with a new line of masks and shirts from his company, Digital Dudz.

Geek October 13, 2014

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