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Apple Users Can Now Use Apple Pay For iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud Purchases

Apple Pay just got a lot more useful. Now, Apple users can link it up to pay for iTunes purchases, their Apple Music or iCloud subscription, and more.

Apple May 15, 2019

Apple Might Introduce A Subscription Bundle For Its Upcoming Original Programming, Apple Music, And iCloud Storage

Company insiders suggested that Apple has plans to rework its subscription service. The new option is expected to include access to, exclusive TV shows, music, and even iCloud storage.

Apple July 3, 2018

Apple Offers Non-Paying iCloud Users A Month Of Upgraded Storage For Free, Which Doesn't Fix Anything

Apple has started offering non-paying iCloud users who've hit their 5 GB limit a one-month free trial to any of the service's premium plans. However, it doesn't address the underlying problem of its free tier.

Apple May 25, 2018

Say Hello To Google One: How Does It Compare To iCloud, Amazon, Dropbox, And More

Analysts compared the new Google One service to its competitors to determine which one offers the best value. According to the details, Amazon Drive comes out on top for the storage size it provides.

Google May 15, 2018

Apple Confirms It Is Using Google Cloud For iCloud Services

Apple officially yet quietly noted that it has switched to Google Cloud Platform for its iCloud services. Apple was previously rumored to be using Google as well as its biggest competitor for cloud services.

Apple February 26, 2018

Apple Data Center In China Operational In February (And No, Your Data Will Not Go There)

Some iOS users reportedly got an e-mail that talked about iCloud migration to China. Apple confirmed that the e-mail was incorrectly sent to a few customers in the United States.

Apple January 14, 2018

Hackers Lock Out iPhone And Mac Users, Demand Bitcoin Ransom: Here's How To Stay Safe

Hackers have exploited Apple's Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services to lock users from their devices and hold them ransom. Here are some ways to protect yourself before it's too late.

Security September 22, 2017

Apple Music And iCloud Subscriptions Abruptly Discontinued: What's Going On?

If you've received unexpected Apple Music and iCloud cancellation notices, you're not alone. Users worldwide received messages that their subscriptions were discontinued, or faced other issues with their accounts.

Apple April 20, 2017

Hackers Threaten Apple: If No Ransom Paid, iPhones Will Be Remotely Wiped

Turkish Hackers have threatened that they will wipe out iPhones remotely unless Apple agrees to pay their ransom demand. The hackers have stated that they will wipe out 200 million iCloud accounts if their demands are not met.

Apple March 23, 2017

Apple Support App Now Available In The US: Set Genius Bar Appointments, Chat With Customer Service, And More

Apple's new Support app allows users to find product documentation, schedule appointments at a Genius Bar, and even chat with an Apple Support technician, among other things. It was first launched in the Netherlands.

Apple December 14, 2016

Here's How To Stop iCloud Calendar And Photo Spam Invites

iCloud users who are inundated with spam invites for Calendar and Photo Sharing can now use a workaround to get rid of the annoying problem. We share a step-by-step guide on how to stop spam invites for Calendar.

Internet November 10, 2016

Apple Launches Get Support Tool, Removes Support Profiles: You Can Only Get Info On Registered Devices Now

Apple introduced a new customer support service offered in its website. A number of the features provided in the old system has been carried over except for the fact that users can no longer manage multiple devices registered in different accounts.

Apple October 25, 2016

Apple Unveils 2 TB iCloud Storage Option For $19.99 A Month Ahead Of iPhone 7 Reveal

Apple is rolling out a new 2 TB iCloud storage option for $19.99 a month before the iPhone 7 launch. In a word, this competitively priced plan is more or less in preparation for the upcoming flagship.

Apple August 31, 2016

Apple Seeding macOS Sierra Beta 2: What Does It Bring?

Mac owners can get their hands on the macOS Sierra beta 2, which comes with some of iOS 10’s features to boot. Increased functionality and cross-platform features should give Macs an extra edge after the update goes live.

Apple July 6, 2016

Apple's iCloud, App Store And Other Online Services Now Back In Business After Widespread Outage

Apple online services ranging from iCloud to iTunes to Apple TV were unreliable for two days, but the company has now fixed the issues. Apple did not comment on the cause of the widespread outage that hit most of its services.

Apple June 3, 2016

Apple Reportedly Wants To Build Its Own Servers To Make Sure No One Is Spying

Rumor has it that Apple could could be building its very own servers to make sure that no one is spying. The new speculation comes hot on the heels of another report claiming that Apple is presently working on its 'Project McQueen' with the purpose of developing its own data storage systems.

Internet March 25, 2016

Experts Find Security Hole In Apple's iMessage Encryption: Here's What They Were Able To Do

Researchers at John Hopkins University have found an encryption flaw in iMessages. The research team will provide full details of the vulnerability once Apple has patched the problem.

Apps/Software March 21, 2016

Google Scores Against AWS As Apple Stores Portion Of iCloud In Google Cloud Platform

Google landed Apple as a client for its Google Cloud Platform, with Apple moving parts of its iCloud away from Amazon Web Services. However, given the notorious insular nature of Apple, it might not be relying on other companies for the long term.

Internet March 17, 2016

Pennsylvania Man Charged For Hacking Celebrities' Apple, Google Accounts

The man behind the hacking of iCloud and Google accounts of hundreds of people, including celebrities, plead guilty. The crime dubbed 'The Fappening' and 'Celebgate' led to the leakage of private photos on the Internet.

Society March 16, 2016

Apple Plans To Improve iCloud Encryption Amid Legal Tussle With FBI

As the legal battle between the FBI and Apple escalates, the smartphone company is said to be planning further improvements to iCloud security. Apple is looking to strike the perfect balance between security and convenience for its customers.

Apps/Software March 16, 2016

Apple CloudKit Gets New Treat: Server-To-Server Web Service Requests

Apple is outfitting CloudKit with a new feature. It will allow third-party developers a greater range of tools and options that can help a developer's users gain more functionality from an app.

Apps/Software February 7, 2016

Apple Tales Of Account Recovery: Widow Needs Court Order To Get Late Husband's Apple ID Password

A widow finds it ridiculous that Apple has demanded a court order for her to access her late husband’s Apple ID. Apple declined to comment when asked about its official policy for accessing the digital property of dead family members.

Apple January 20, 2016

Apple Boosts Music Library, iTunes Match Limits To 100,000 Songs

Apple increased the matching limit of Apple Music to 100,000 tracks. Several users have already confirmed that they were able to add over 25,000 tracks to their iTunes Match and iCloud Music libraries.

Apps/Software December 7, 2015

Apple Now Automatically Saves Your Data In iCloud Without Your Permission Unless You Opt Out

Apple revised its terms and conditions for iCloud on Sept. 16. By default, iCloud is now turned on during setup of devices running on iOS 9 to automatically upload user data to the cloud.

Internet October 6, 2015

Apple Releases Xcode Version 7.0.1: Is App Thinning For iOS 9 Finally On The Way?

Apple has released the Xcode version 7.0.1 for developers to fix bugs that had been delaying support for iOS 9's much-desired App Thinning feature.The release notes suggest that the App Thinning feature could be released soon.

Apps/Software September 30, 2015

iCloud Bug Delays Release Of iOS 9’s Space-Saving Feature App Slicing

App slicing, a feature designed mostly for users of the 16 GB iPhone, is indefinitely delayed as Apple works on a bug that keeps the feature from working properly.

Apps/Software September 26, 2015

iOS 9 Is Now Available To The Public: Here’s What To Do Before Upgrading Your iOS

Apple has finally released the latest version of its mobile operating system to the public. Here’s everything you need to do before installing the much awaited upgrade.

Apps/Software September 18, 2015

Apple Drops iCloud Prices By Half, Now Offers 1TB Cloud Storage For $9.99 A Month

Apple has reduced the pricing for its iCloud storage and will now offer 1TB of storage for $9.99 per month instead of $19.99.

Internet September 10, 2015

Are You An Android Developer? Apple Wants To Hire You

A new job listing posted by Apple indicates that the iPhone-maker, long known for staying self-contained with iOS, could be slowly breaking the barriers to work with Android.

August 7, 2015

Apple Is Reportedly Looking To Launch Its Own MVNO Service The U.S. And Europe

Apple will reportedly launch its own MVNO service soon. The company aims to become the direct provider of mobile data plans and will initially offer bundled plans to iPad users while iPhone customers will also be offered the same voice, data and messaging plans through the iTunes Store.

Business August 4, 2015

Apple Will Up iTunes Match Song Limit To 100,000 On iOS 9

Apple announces that subscribers to iTunes Match will soon be able to store a massive number of 100,000 songs in iCloud. The move will coincide with the launching of iOS 9 towards the latter part of the year.

Apps/Software June 30, 2015

Apple Reportedly Building High-Speed Network For Better Content Delivery

Apple plans to build a high-speed data network that will allow the company to deliver content at a faster rate. The move will also allow the company to manipulate and more quickly push content such as music and videos to users through the cloud.

Business June 10, 2015

HomeKit introduced at WWDC 2015

The Disney movie 'Smart House' is becoming a reality - with Apple's HomeKit.

FUTURE TECH June 8, 2015

Photos For OS X Introduces A Slew Of New Features - What’s The Big Deal?

Apple has finally released the Photos app for OS X, boasting a number of new features over the iPhoto app that was previously found on Apple computers. Here are some of the most important features of the new Photos app.

Apps/Software April 9, 2015

Apple OS X 10.10.3 Update With New Photos App Rolls Out April 8

Apple is releasing the all-new Photos app for all. iPhoto and Photostream have been put to pasture — bye Felicia.

Apps/Software April 8, 2015

You Can Now Try iWork For iCloud Apps Even Without Owning An Apple Device

Apple wants a bigger piece of the productivity pie and challenges Microsoft and Google in its latest move to make iWork more accessible.

Apps/Software February 16, 2015

Apple Boosts FaceTime and iMessage Security With Two-Step Authentication

Apple adds an extra layer of security for its video calling and messaging apps. However, a lot is still left to be done.

Apps/Software February 13, 2015

iPhoto Replacement - New Photos App For OS X Yosemite: Here's Why We Love It

Apple has released the developer preview of the new Photos app, aimed at replacing iPhoto. The new app is great both in terms of design and in practicality, taking advantage of iCloud to sync across all platforms.

Apps/Software February 9, 2015

RIP iPhoto: Photos For Mac Is Finally Here

iPhoto stares at death, as Apple previews the upcoming Photos app. Photos for Mac features a hefty selection of editing tools, iCloud integration and a way out of the Photo Stream's limitations.

Apps/Software February 6, 2015

Microsoft Acquires Calendar App Sunrise For At Least $100 Million: Report

Microsoft continues its strategy of buying startups to reach into its rival's customer bases. The Sunrise calendar app is the latest startup taken into Microsoft's fold, reports say.

Business February 6, 2015

Cher Took To Twitter With Her Strange Theories About Hitler

Have you ever wondered where Cher thinks Hitler is right now? Well, here's your answer.

Internet Culture January 19, 2015

Best Ways To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Are you short on storage on your new iPhone? Use these tips to free up some space so you can take all the pics you want in between playing your favorite gaming apps.

Geek January 13, 2015

Apple Sued Over iOS 8 Hogging Storage: Does the Class Action Lawsuit Have Any Merit?

Apple is facing another class-action lawsuit, this time for allegedly misleading users about the amount of storage available to them on 16 GB iPhone's after iOS 8 was installed. The new operating system takes up more memory than previous versions of iOS.

Legal January 5, 2015

Apple Might Swap Your iPhone 6 Because of Apple Pay Glitch

Apple Pay users say that they are unable to add their credit cards back after restoring their devices to factory settings. Apple has tried to solve the issue by offering them a new iPhone.

Apps/Software January 2, 2015

Tim Cook had 'very open' talks with top Chinese officials about online security and privacy after iCloud hack

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he had a "very open" and "fascinating" conversation with Chinese officials during his four-day long visit to the country. He called China a "key market" and revealed that Apple Pay and Apple Watch will come to the country.

Business October 26, 2014

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