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Eating Dark Chocolate Has Powerful Health Benefits, Including Memory Improvement And Immunity Boost

A new study has found that the consumption of dark chocolate can help boost a person's memory. The study further said that it can make immunity levels increase and stress levels decrease.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2018

Couples Who Live Together Have Similar Immune Systems

Cohabitation and raising a child together has been found to change a couple’s immune systems, making them more similar than seen in the wider population. These health effects of parenting and living together may no longer come as a surprise for some.

Life February 21, 2016

White Blood Cell Found In Birds Can Fight Deadly Fungal Infection Killing Millions Worldwide

Macrophages or specialized white blood cells in birds can destroy the potentially deadly infection brought by the Cryptococci fungus. This explains why birds don't fall ill from the fungi even if they can spread related diseases to humans.

Life February 18, 2016

Whooping Cough Booster Vaccine Effectiveness May Wane In Teens: Reduced Immunity May Drive Outbreaks

The booster Tdap vaccine provided moderate protection against pertussis for about a year. Its effectiveness, however, wanes quickly providing little protection four years after vaccination.

Life February 6, 2016

Doctors Turn Immune Cells Neon Green To Watch The 'Jedi Cells' Kill Cancer

The process has been demonstrated in mice, and researchers hope it will suggest new ways to target cancer treatment in humans.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 6, 2015

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