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There Are Now More Than 1,000 Genes Linked To Humans’ Intelligence

A new study found new genes that are associated with humans’ intelligence. With these new findings, a total of 1,016 genes were now identified as responsible for people’s brilliance and stable minds.

Neuroscience June 26, 2018

IQ Scores Dropping Since The 1970s: Is This Proof People Are Getting Dumber?

Researchers observed a reversal of the Flynn effect as IQ test scores drop by an average of seven points per generation. What factors could have influenced the declining intelligence scores?

Neuroscience June 14, 2018

People Who Wear Glasses Are Indeed More Intelligent, Genetic Study Reveals

A genetic study found a link between poor eyesight and better cognitive function. An older study also found an association between nearsightedness and tendency to attain a higher level of education.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 30, 2018

The Smartest Animals In The World: These Species Are Really Intelligent

It turns out that many animals are smart because they have high functioning brains and they display a wide range of emotions. Here are the smartest animals in the world.

Animals April 19, 2018

Science Stumbles On 40 New Genes Linked To Intelligence

Scientists have discovered 40 new genes linked to intelligence. However, intelligence proves time and again that it's a complex affair, raising the question: is intelligence hereditary?

Neuroscience May 23, 2017

Breastfed Kids Not Necessarily Smarter But Mothers Should Still Consider Breastfeeding Babies: Here's Why

A new study debunks the idea that breastfeeding babies would make them smarter. Despite this, there are a number of reasons why mothers are still urged to consider giving breast milk to their kids.

Public Health March 28, 2017

Achievers In Class Are Likely To Smoke Pot And Drink: Study

New evidence points to a greater tendency for substance use during teenage years among kids who excel in class. It also seems to refute the notion that it's just a brief period of experimentation, as the patterns persisted into adulthood.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 23, 2017

Are First-borns Smarter Than Their Siblings? Study Says Yes

Children who were born first are generally smarter than their younger siblings, but not because of genetics, a new study suggests. Researchers said it's all because of the advantages first-borns receive from parents.

Neuroscience February 12, 2017

As Early As Age 6, Girls Are Less Likely To Feel Brilliant Than Boys

Six-year-old girls are less likely than boys to believe their gender is poised for brilliance, and they instead tend to veer away from activities that require those smarts. These are some findings of a new study that probes how far back those gender perceptions set in.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 27, 2017

Yawning And Intelligence: Longer Yawns Mean Bigger Brains

A new research that involved 29 mammals suggests a link between yawning and brain size. Animals with bigger brain were found to yawn longer.

Animals October 6, 2016

Your Clever Friends, Intelligent Spouse Can Help Boost Your IQ

Being surrounded by relatives and workmates who are smarter than you can help boost your IQ, a renowned psychologist has revealed. His research contrasts the notion that intelligence is static.

Neuroscience May 30, 2016

Ravens, Crows As Clever As Chimps Despite Brain Size

A new study found that ravens and crows are as clever as chimps despite their smaller brain size. Animal intelligence, therefore, may be attributed to other factors such as brain cell density and structure, and not just to brain size alone.

Animals April 27, 2016

People With Fewer Friends Tend To Be Intelligent: Study

A new study revealed that people with high IQ tended to spend less time with close friends and had difficulties in engaging in social interaction. Evolutionary psychologists link it to our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Society March 22, 2016

Your Brain Has Personality That Influences Your Intelligence

A new study has found that the brain has a personality that influences intelligence. By studying different brain regions, researchers were able to contribute to the study of human cognition.

Life February 28, 2016

Dodo Birds Not As Stupid As Previously Believed: Study

Dodo birds have become the symbol for stupidity in pop culture because of their supposed lack of survival instincts. But new research suggests that dodo birds might actually have been intelligent, at least as smart as pigeons.

Animals February 24, 2016

When It Comes To Intelligence, Brain Size Matters: Study

Researchers found that animals with large brains relative to their body size are more successful in finishing problem-solving tasks. The findings support the theory that species with relatively larger brains are more intelligent.

Animals January 29, 2016

Intelligent People Genetically Predisposed To Be Healthier: Study

A new study shows that intelligent people are less likely to suffer from diseases. People who are gifted with intelligent brains are less likely to become sick.

Life January 28, 2016

Can Smoking Pot Make You Stupid? Study Questions Link Between Marijuana Use And IQ Drop In Teens

Experts believed that smoking pot can cause reduced intelligence in teenagers. However, a new study revealed that this notion may not be as definite as we think we know.

Life January 19, 2016

Discovery Of Intelligence Gene Clusters May Unlock Ways To Boost Mental Ability

Researchers discovered a network of genes that may be responsible for a person's level of intelligence. Understanding the said gene clusters deeper may help improve mental ability and enhance the quality of life of patients with cognitive difficulties.

Life December 23, 2015

ISIS Capable Of Printing Fake Syrian Passports: US Intel

A government spokesperson confirmed the contents of a new U.S. intelligence report warning that ISIS can create fake Syrian passports. The report focused on the potential threat of militants using fake documents to enter the United States.

Society December 12, 2015

People Receptive To False Inspirational Quotes Have Lower Intelligence: Study

Examine the following statement carefully: “Choice is the growth of nature, and of us.” At first glance, it may seem profound, but experts in Canada revealed that such statements are actually just pseudo-profound baloney.

Life December 9, 2015

Brain Study Reveals Why Humans Are More Intelligent Than Chimps

The chimpanzee brain is strongly controlled by genes but the human brain is largely influenced by external factors such as environment and experience. This increased neural plasticity could partly explain the superiority of human intelligence.

Animals November 17, 2015

Is Intelligence Hardwired In Our Brains?

New research says 'probably.' Scientists were able to accurately predict how well a subject did on tests, based on their brain scan.

October 12, 2015

Want Taller, Smarter Kids? Genetic Diversity Is The Way To Go Says Study

Experts found that those who are born to parents whose genetic compositions are widely varied are more likely to grow taller and smarter than other kids. The researchers said their study findings highlights Darwin's theory that genetic diversity is beneficial.

Life July 2, 2015

Brain Activity Reveals That Crows Can Count

Crows were able to tell whether groups contain the same number of objects. Analysis of the birds’ brain activity shows that they process information about numbers in a manner similar to primates.

June 10, 2015

Study Shows Men Go For Brains Over Beauty

What to men look for in long-term partners? Intelligence, according to an evolutionary biologist. Breasts and legs are still nice but not so highly preferred unless they appear symmetrical.

May 26, 2015

The Internet Makes You Think You're Smarter Than You Really Are

Most Internet users think that they are really smart, but a new study by Yale University suggests that this perception is wrong and that we only feel smarter because of all the information available online.

Internet Culture April 6, 2015

Internet Searches Make You Think You're Smarter Than You Really Are: Study

People who begin to rely on search engines for answers will eventually think they're smarter, according to a new study. On the other hand, people who don't rely on the Internet to learn new information often have a more modest, possibly realistic, view on their intelligence.

Society April 6, 2015

Breastfeeding Babies May Lead Them To Become Smarter, Richer Adults, Claims New Study: Here's Why

A new study involving nearly 6,000 participants has shown that babies who were breastfed were more likely to become successful in life. They tend to be more educated, more intelligent and earn more.

Life March 18, 2015

CIA Planning Overhaul To Handle Modern Cyber Threats

After the reorganization, CIA chief Brennan boasts the agency will be capable of 'covering the entire universe.'

Internet March 8, 2015

Dumb and Dumber: Science Proves Male Idiot Theory is Real

The idea that men are idiots and do more stupid things than women gets a backing from a scientific study. Researchers offered explanations for this behavior.

Life December 14, 2014

Proof that Men are Stupid? Study Shows Males More Inclined to Take 'Idiotic Risks'

New research suggests that men are stupid and take idiotic risks. The study involved the analysis of 20 years of data from the Darwin Awards.

Life December 12, 2014

People prefer healthy-looking leaders over smart ones, study claims. Is that good or bad?

Healthy-looking candidates in business and politics have a better chance than intelligent ones at winning office. How do people judge faces?

Healthy Living/Wellness November 8, 2014

You need to be healthy to climb that career ladder: A study on leader image

People may prefer healthier looking faces to faces that appear more intelligent, a new study shows. The researchers digitally altered photos of the same men to appear either less healthy, or less intelligent.

Life November 7, 2014

Bigger brain does not make one smarter: Study

Having a bigger brain doesn’t make you smarter or more intelligent than the others, a new study reveals. Scientists say there are exceptions to the rule.

Life October 9, 2014

Does genetics really play a role in intelligence?

Researchers at Michigan State University found that people who have positive mindsets can have more positive brain responses when completing goals. The research proves that success is not just linked to genetic intelligence.

Internet Culture September 7, 2014

4-year old children's drawings may predict their intelligence a decade later

Drawings made by four-year-old children may predict future intelligence, according to a new study out of London.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 21, 2014

Your child's sketches hanging on the fridge may predict future IQ

Drawings on the fridge may be more than an adorable child’s sketch - they could indicate intelligence. Researchers have found that figure drawing is moderately associated with intelligence.

Life August 19, 2014

Can a child’s drawings predict their intelligence?

Research done by the King's College London points to a correlation between the drawings of children and their intelligence at the time of the drawing, as well as at 14 years of age.

Internet Culture August 19, 2014

Intelligence of chimpanzees depends on the genes

Chimpanzees may be able to tell us quite a bit about the roles of heredity versus environment in the development of human intelligence.

Animals July 12, 2014

Australian police, intelligence agencies ask for more surveillance powers

Australian intelligence agencies and police have asked for more surveillance powers and call for data retention, decryption of encrypted files, and social media and email snooping.

March 19, 2014

Fruit-loving lemurs are the brainiest of all

Lemurs are smart, social mammals. A new study now shows those lemurs that eat fruit are the smartest of all, but why?

Animals February 25, 2014

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