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Dropbox Is Going Public, Privately Valued At $10 Billion

Dropfox filed for its IPO confirming that it will be going live this year. The file-sharing company is valued at $10 billion, which many have said is overvalued.

Business Tech January 12, 2018

Roku Files For IPO, But The Streaming Device Company Isn’t Profitable Yet

Roku has decided to go public. Despite not being profitable yet, it is the most successful streaming hardware company in the market - rivaling Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Business Tech September 2, 2017

Insider Leaks Possible SpaceX IPO With Early Access For Tesla Shareholders, But Space Firm Is Quick To Deny Report

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell spoke about circulating rumors saying Elon Musk’s space firm is preparing for IPO. What are the chances of SpaceX ever going public soon?

Business Tech May 4, 2017

Snap IPO Opens The Door To More Filings: Identity Management Provider Okta Files $100M IPO

The recent Snap IPO has breathed new life into the technology IPO scene and things are starting to pick up. Identity management firm Okta has now filed an IPO seeking to raise $100 million.

Business Tech March 14, 2017

Airbnb Raises $1 Billion In Funding Round, Still No Plans For IPO

Airbnb has raised $1 billion in a recent funding round, with the company also reportedly enjoying profitability in Q2 2016. Airbnb, however, still has no plans to go public.

Business Tech March 10, 2017

California High School Makes $24 Million By Investing In Snap IPO

Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, poured an early investment of $15,000 for Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat. Today the investment in Snap's IPO is worth $24 million.

Business Tech March 5, 2017

Snap Inc. Officially Files $3 Billion IPO, Says It May Never Achieve Or Maintain Profitability

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., has officially filed for an initial public offering, hoping to raise $3 billion. Its losses, however, are painting a bleak prospect.

Business Tech February 3, 2017

Snap IPO: Why Everyone Is Eagerly Waiting For Snap To Go Public [Analysis]

Snap, Inc. could go public as early as March if plans to file for an initial public offering push through late next week, sources say. But how well can the Snap IPO succeed, considering how quickly Silicon Valley fads fizzle out?

Business Tech January 28, 2017

Tech IPO Expected To Pick Up In 2017: Snap, Uber, AirBnb And More

Market analysts predict that Snap Inc. will open the floodgates for the tech IPOs once it goes public in March next year. Companies such as Uber and Spotify are expected to jump on the bandwagon afterwards.

Business Tech December 30, 2016

Snapchat Goes Public: Snap Inc Files For Secret IPO At Potential $25 Billion Valuation

Snapchat parent company, Snap Inc., has apparently filed for a secret IPO with SEC. The company is seeking to raise $4 billion, which would give it a valuation between $25 and $35 billion.

Business Tech November 15, 2016

Snapchat Reportedly Preparing For $25 Billion IPO: Big Push Back Against Facebook Looming And Here's What To Know

As Snap Inc., the parent company of mobile messaging app Snapchat, allegedly readies for an IPO worth $25 billion, the future looks bleak for rival Facebook. The rumor that Snap is looking to make inroads into VR and AR could be worrying for Facebook.

Business Tech October 7, 2016

Snapchat Going Public? Parent Company Reportedly Planning March IPO At $25 Billion Valuation

Snap Inc. is reportedly planning to go public in late March 2017, at a valuation of $25 billion or more. Should this IPO occur, it would mark the biggest company to go public on the U.S. exchange since 2014.

Business Tech October 7, 2016

Telefónica Reportedly Considering IPO To Sell Minority Stake In O2 UK Unit

Telefónica has announced that, in an effort to curb its debt, the board decided to start an IPO for a small part of O2’s UK shares. The company also intends to start an IPO of its Telxius infrastructure unit.

Business Tech September 5, 2016

Spotify To Go Public With IPO Planned For 2017

Spotify is reportedly planning to take the company public and will issue an IPO sometime this year. It has been bleeding funds for years and has yet to turn a profit, and some observers consider an equity offering a tough sell for the music streaming service.

Business Tech July 21, 2016

Messaging App Line To Raise Up To $1.14B In What Could Be The Biggest Tech IPO This Year

Japanese messaging app Line is expected to raise as much as $1.14 billion in what could be the biggest IPO in the tech industry so far this year. The company is set for a dual listing in Tokyo and New York this week.

Business Tech July 12, 2016

CBS Radio Files For IPO Amid Fierce Rivalry From Digital Media

CBS Corp. will spin off its AM/FM radio business, CBS Radio, as the division prepares for an initial public offering. The plan comes at a time when traditional media outlets face intense competition from digital rivals.

Business Tech July 9, 2016

Web And Mobile Applications Maker Twilio Raises $150 Million In IPO

Web and mobile applications maker Twilio is expecting to raise around $150 million in its Initial Public Offering. The company recently announced the pricing of its IPO, which is at $15 per share.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Spotify Seeks $500 Million In Additional Funding With Potential IPO

Spotify is reportedly in the process of raising an additional half-billion dollars in funding. The money will be exchanged for convertible bonds, which would offer a discount on shares if the company goes public.

Money January 30, 2016

Biggest Tech IPOs Of 2015 And Biggest Tech IPOs To Expect In 2016

The year 2015 has been a slow one for tech IPOs, but there is much to expect once 2016 rolls around. Which companies had the biggest IPOs in 2015, and which ones are expected to go public in 2016?

Business December 30, 2015

Slack Preparing For IPO: When Will It Go Public?

Slack, the popular messaging service for the workplace, is preparing for an Initial Public Offering. The company has kicked off an IPO readiness program and hopes to go public in the next 18 months.

Business November 25, 2015

Tinder, OKCupid, Owner Match Group Looks To Raise $466 Million From IPO

Match Group plans to meet with investors in order to come up with an official price for its initial public offering. Aimed at raising as much as $466 million, the company owns more than 45 brands that include Tinder, OKCupid and

Business November 11, 2015

The Biggest IPO Of 2015 Is A Japanese Post Office: How Did It Raise $11.9B?

The biggest IPO of the year belongs to Japanese postal service Japan Post, raising a $11.9 billion. How did the company raise such a staggering amount, given that its counterparts in other countries are struggling?

Business November 5, 2015

Ferrari Prices Shares For IPO At Top End Of Expected Range: $52 Each, Raising $893M

Ferrari share price of IPO will be at the top price range. The company's share will start trading on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) beginning Oct.22.

Business October 21, 2015

Tinder, OKCupid And Parent Match Group Files For IPO, Seeking At Least $100M

Match Group Inc. has filed for the IPO of common stock with U.S. regulators.. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of InterActiveCorp, is looking to raise funds of at least $100 million.

Apps/Software October 17, 2015

Square Files For IPO: Can Jack Dorsey Manage Two Public Companies At Once?

Square Inc. has officially filed for an IPO. Is Dorsey's divided attention a risk for the two companies, Square and Twitter, he is now running?

Business October 15, 2015

Ferrari Files For IPO, Valuation At Near $10B: What Does It Mean For The Prancing Horse?

Fiat Chrysler has now filed the paperwork to offer a total of 17,175,000 Ferrari shares on the New York Stock Exchange, valuing the Prancing Horse at nearly $10 billion. What changes could be coming to the luxury car company?

FUTURE TECH October 11, 2015

Report: Ferrari's Possible $1B IPO Could Launch Oct. 2

Ferrari may just be able to launch its IPO before the end of the week. While pricing will be determined in the next couple of weeks, the company is said to be aiming to reach around $1 billion.

Money October 1, 2015

Fitbit Aims To Raise $358 Million In IPO

Fitbit, in the midst of intensifying competition within the wearable device industry from companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Jawbone, is looking to raise up to a total of $358.4 million through the sale of its shares in the planned IPO.

Money June 3, 2015

Snapchat With 100 Million Daily Users, 2 Billion Videos A Day: Ripe For IPO?

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said that the $15 billion startup is considering an IPO, which has been speculated since the company rejected a $3 billion takeover offer from Facebook.

Business May 27, 2015

Fitbit Aims To Raise $100 Million In IPO: War With Apple Looming?

Fitbit prepares to open up and offer the public an opportunity to buy shares. The eight-year-old company is coming off a year that saw half of its lifetime sales made.

Money May 9, 2015

GoDaddy Pegs IPO Pricing At $20 A Share

GoDaddy announced the pricing details of its initial public offering with trading scheduled on Wednesday at the New York Stock Exchange. The company offered 23 million shares at $20.

Money April 1, 2015

Etsy Files For IPO: Handmade Crafts Online Marketplace Wants To Raise At Least $100 Million

Etsy has filed for an initial public offering, hoping to raise at least $100 million. The number could just be a placeholder for the maximum intended amount that the company is aiming for.

Money March 6, 2015

Shares of Storage Firm Box Soar in Wall Street Debut

Online file sharing company Box had its shares jump over 65 percent on Friday in their first day of trading. The shares, which were initially set at $14 per share, closed at $23.23 with total shares sold at 12.5 million.

Money January 24, 2015

GoPro stocks slump as CEO donates $497.5 million worth of shares to charity

CEO Nick Woodman and his wife Jill donated $497.5 million worth of shares to establish the Jill & Nicholas Woodman Foundation. The transaction caused the prices of GoPro shares to decrease by 7 percent.

Business October 3, 2014

Post-IPO, Alibaba valued at over $230 billion: Jack Ma and Yahoo hit jackpot

Jack Ma's Alibaba e-commerce site basks in a post-IPO glow. Meanwhile, Yahoo's premature sale of its Alibaba shares cost it $3 billion.

Money September 23, 2014

Alibaba floats at $68 per share, raising $21.8 billion: The tech world is celebrating

Alibaba has done it. With $21.8 billion raised, the company's IPO sent a positive ripple effect across the market, making investors more than happy.

Business September 20, 2014

Why Alibaba's IPO could be a game-changer for the startup realm

A large number of long-time Alibaba employees became millionaires overnight after the Chinese e-commerce company went public with trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Alibaba has warned its newly rich employees about the dangers of sudden wealth.

Money September 19, 2014

Alibaba IPO smashes records, but why does it matter?

Alibaba's potentially record-setting initial public offering is more than a good story. It's a chance for U.S. investors to corner some of China's economic prosperity.

Money September 19, 2014

Why Alibaba opts for NYSE over Nasdaq and why people are eager to buy

Alibaba, an e-commerce giant, is vying for an IPO of up to $24 billion. The company controls more than 75 percent of all mobile online shopping in China.

Business September 16, 2014

What you should know about the great Alibaba IPO

Alibaba's IPO could be the biggest ever, with an expected raised amount up to $24.3 billion. The IPO is fitting for a company that tags itself as the "largest online and mobile commerce company in the world" based on gross merchandise volume.

Business September 11, 2014

Alibaba wants to raise $24.3 billion in upcoming IPO

Alibaba Group intends to raise $24.3 billion in its impending IPO. The e-commerce firm is eyeing a September NYSE debut and will likely trade under the ticker "BABA."

Business September 6, 2014

Inbound marketing firm HubSpot files for $100 million IPO

HubSpot, a marketing software company specializing in inbound marketing, has filed for an IPO worth $100 million.

Business August 26, 2014

Google IPO turns 10: A look back

It's been a decade since Google made its initial public offering. We now look back at the company's significant milestones since it went public.

Business August 20, 2014

Google IPO 10 years after: Reshaping itself, the world, and the future

This week marks the 10th year since the IPO of Google, which has grown into one of the most influential companies in the world.

Business August 20, 2014

Alibaba preps IPO while making some big tech investments

Chinese e-retailer Alibaba is getting ready for its initial public offering and simultaneously investing money in U.S. tech and e-commerce firms. Alibaba already owns the Chinese e-commerce market, the fastest growing online retail market in the world.

Deals August 1, 2014

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