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Xbox One Mouse And Keyboard Support Is Finally Happening

Microsoft is rolling out Xbox One mouse and keyboard support soon, with a partnership with Razer for new line of the peripherals for the console. However, will the feature keep things fair for players who use the traditional controllers?

Video Games September 26, 2018

Apple Hit With Lawsuit After 'Thousands' Of Users Complain About Defective MacBook Pro Keyboards

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple due to reported malfunctions with the keyboard on the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Over 19,000 consumers signed a petition about the problem.

Apple May 12, 2018

Patent Shows Apple’s Ideas For A Dust And Crumb-Free MacBook Keyboard

A newly published patent by Apple shows that the company is thinking of ways on how to prevent crumbs and dusts from messing with keyboards on a MacBook. Don’t get excited yet, though.

Apple March 10, 2018

Microsoft's Modern Keyboard Has Something More Than Meets The Eye: A Hidden Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft has quietly announced the Modern Keyboard, a Surface Keyboard successor that pretty much looks the same but with an integrated fingerprint scanner. It retails for $129.99, listed as 'coming soon.'

Computers June 17, 2017

Razer Rolls Out Ornata Keyboard That Mixes Mechanical, Membrane Technologies

Razer just released the Ornata, a keyboard that uses Razer's mecha-membrane technology. The Ornata promises the comfort of a membrane rubber dome design with the fast actuations and unique tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard.

Gadgets September 4, 2016

Razer Turret: The Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo For Your Lap Now Available At $160

Turret wireless lapboard is now available for sale. Carrying a $160 price tag, the Razer Turret keyboard-mouse combo is designed for comfort when gamers put it on their lap.

Gadgets April 21, 2016

Xbox One Will Get Windows 10 Universal Apps Soon: Report

Support for universal Windows applications is on its way to the Xbox One, says Microsoft's CEO. A few days before that, Xbox's big boss reaffirmed that keyboard and mouse support is still in the cards.

Apps/Software February 26, 2016

'Mousejacking' Is A Dangerous Threat That Can Hack Into Your Laptop If You Use A Wireless Mouse

A team of Internet of Things security researchers showed how easy it is to hack a wireless mouse and keyboard. Thanks to the cyber safety experts from Bastille, companies are now aware of the perils of 'mousejacking.'

Internet February 25, 2016

Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard For Android Has Access To Your Office Files, Contacts And A Translate Button

Microsoft released the Hub Keyboard app for Android that can access Office files and contacts. The app also helps users in translating content not in the user's native language.

Apps/Software February 24, 2016

Windows Phone’s Word Flow Keyboard Is Making Its Way To Your iPhone

The iPhone is going to get one of the best virtual keyboards ever made: Word Flow. Microsoft sent out emails to a select group of individuals who are part of the Windows Insider program to try out a beta version of the Lumia keyboard.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

Logitech's G410 Mechanical Keyboard For Gamers Is 25 Percent Faster

Logitech has launched the G410 Atlas Spectrum keyboard, which is 25 percent faster and about 40 percent more durable than other mechanical keyboards.

Video Games September 30, 2015

Rumored iPad Pro Will Sport A Stylus, A Revamped Keyboard And Force Touch

The rumored iPad Pro may come with a stylus. Apple is also said to be preparing a revamped keyboard for the iPad Pro.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 6, 2015

Hands-On With Logitech’s New Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse Combo

A closer look at the Logitech K380 and M535 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Gadgets September 4, 2015

Swype For Android Gets Updated With Star Trek Themes And A New Emoji Keyboard

Nuance Communications, Inc. updated its Swype keyboard app with improved type and gesture prediction and 19 new Star Trek themes.

Apps/Software August 27, 2015

Xbox One Support For Mouse And Keyboard Will Likely Not Be For Games

Expecting video games on the Xbox One to support keyboard and mouse in the future? Don't hold your breath. Keyboard and mouse may only support basic console navigation.

Geek July 25, 2015

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says Mouse Support For Xbox One Isn't Far Away

The line between Xbox One and Windows 10 continues to blur, as Phil Spencer says mouse support for Microsoft's console isn't far off.

Geek July 21, 2015

Will You See Solar-Powered Apple Keyboard, Mouse, And Trackpad In The Future?

An Apple patent reveals the company is researching alternative energy solutions that will plausibly govern iDevices of the future. While Bluetooth-powered keyboards, mouse and trackpads may be commonplace now, users could soon see solar power replacing the current technology.

Computers July 17, 2015

The Piano Evolves With ROLI's Seaboard Grand Musical Instrument

ROLI's Gregg Stein, head of global sales, pianist Marco Paris and Evan O'Brien, head of artist relations, showcase the Seaboard Grand, a revolutionary musical instrument.

Start Ups June 24, 2015

The Keyboardio Model 01 Is The Prettiest Keyboard Ever

A Kickstarter campaign for a new keyboard called the Model 01 has been started. The keyboard is beautifully built with a maple base and custom keycaps.

Gadgets June 19, 2015

Synaptics Wants To Upgrade Your Spacebar With A SmartBar: Why It's A Good Idea

Synaptics released the SmartBar technology, which will add gesture controls to the humble spacebar. This would allow users to perform certain tasks faster with a touch-based interface that is always near their thumbs on the keyboard.

Computers June 4, 2015

Apple Patent Explains How Mac's Keyboard Letters Glow

A 2013 Apple patent explains how the keyboard is backlit on Mac computers.

Geek May 27, 2015

KFC Germany Offers Diners Some Finger Typin' Good Tray Typer Keyboard

KFC Germany's Tray Typer keyboard allows customers to keep typing on their smartphones without getting their screens messy.

Computers May 20, 2015

SwiftKey Outs Experimental 'Clarity' Keyboard: Here's What It Can Do

Makers of the popular predictive text keyboard has a new product in tow, but it’s still in beta version.

Apps/Software April 29, 2015

Keyboard Hacks For Macs And PCs To Make Your Work Life Easier

Save time and increase your work productivity by using these keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows PC.

Feature April 15, 2015

BlackBerry Butt Heads Again With Ryan Seacrest Startup Over Typo Keyboard

Despite a redesign, the Typo 2 case of Typo Products still infringed on patents held by BlackBerry, prompting the company to file a new complaint.

Legal February 19, 2015

With Phorm iPad Mini Keboard, You're Always In Form: Here's Why

Tactus has devised a keyboard for tablets that pops up with helpful 'nubs' to make typing on a tablet easier and faster. It doesn't require batteries and the raised keyboard guides disappear when not in use.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 13, 2015

iOS 8 bugfest: Disappearing keyboard just one glitch of many, Apple yanks back update

iOS 8 continues to stumble, as an update meant to repair HealthKit support is itself riddled with bugs. Apple's latest mobile OS also crashes 70 percent more than iOS 7, reports state.

Apps/Software September 24, 2014

Microsoft's keyboard prototype recognizes hand gestures

Hand gestures will soon be interpreted by keyboards. Microsoft has unveiled in a conference a prototype of this next generation keyboard. See what this keyboard can do.

Computers May 1, 2014

New Logitech keyboard enhances TV experience from the couch

New Logitech illuminated keyboard aims to make viewers' television experience easier and more accessible.

Gadgets April 12, 2014

Microsoft adds combo keyboard/battery cover to Surface tablet line

Microsoft fleshed out its Surface tablet accessory line by placing the Surface Power Cover on pre-order for $199. The cover contains a built-in battery for recharging the tablet and a full-size keyboard.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 11, 2014

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