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Internet Sensation Cat Lil Bub Has Genome Sequenced

A crowd-funded new study sequenced the whole genome of one of the internet's most famous cats, Lil Bub. Researchers found that the furry celebrity owes its unique traits to two surprising mutations.

Animals February 27, 2019

Internet Cat Sensation Lil' Bub To Release An Album

Feline sensation Lil Bub is set to release her very first full-length album in December. Her musical vessels and collaborators clue us in on Lil Bub's inspiration

Internet Culture October 8, 2015

Help Scientists Study Lil BUB's Magical DNA

Scientists want to study Lil Bub's DNA, hoping that their efforts result in a better understand of mutations in both cats and humans. You can donate to the crowdfunding campaign now to make that happen.

Internet Culture May 6, 2015

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