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Tinder Alternative Hinge Promises The Perfect Match Every 24 Hours With New Feature

Dating app Hinge launched its new Most Compatible feature, which will recommend the perfect match to users once every 24 hours. The feature, which uses machine learning, makes its decision based on past actions and the user's interests.

Apps/Software July 12, 2018

Here's How Nvidia Plans To Turn Your 30 FPS Images To Amazing Slow-Mo Videos

Nvidia confirmed that it has a new technology that turns regular 30fps videos into slo-mo footage. The system can slow down recordings to 240 or 480 fps.

Apps/Software June 23, 2018

Google Home Can Now Perform 3 Commands At The Same Time: Here’s How

A new update slated for Google Home devices enhances some of its core features. Users can now issue up to three commands at a time, which improves its multitasking capabilities.

Google June 14, 2018

Facebook Wants Artificial Intelligence To Filter Live Videos And Take Down Offensive Content

On the heels of reports saying Facebook will begin making its own chips, it appears that part of those plans involve creating machine learning processors for Facebook Live. Such chips will filter offensive video content and promptly take them down.

Internet May 26, 2018

Google Duplex And Ethics: Why Experts Are Worried Of 'Botifying' Humans

Technology experts applauded the potential of Google Duplex when it debuted earlier this week. However, concerns about ethics have materialized after the demonstration failed to include a disclosure that informs the caller that they are talking to an AI.

Google May 12, 2018

Steam Spy Returns, But Not Really: Here's What Changed With The Sales Tracker For PC Games

Steam Spy was shut down because of new Steam privacy policies that made it impossible for the website to make accurate PC game sales predictions. The service is now back, but certainly not better than before.

Video Games April 28, 2018

YouTube Took Down Over 8 Million Videos In 3 Months, And Machines Did Most Of The Work

In the last three months of 2017, YouTube took down 8.3 million videos that were mostly made up of spam or adult content. The video-sharing website attributed the numbers mostly to machines, which have helped flag the objectionable videos.

Google April 24, 2018

How Google Knows Who’s Talking, Even Among A Noisy Crowd

Researchers at Google are using artificial intelligence to determine not only when someone’s talking but also who. The audio separation technology has grand implications for the company’s product but raises questions on privacy.

Google April 13, 2018

Pornhub Bans AI-Created Celebrity Fake Porn Videos And Considers Them Revenge Porn

Pornhub banned the Ai-generated fake celebrity porn from its website. It said that since the videos aren't consensual, it's classified as a revenge porn.

Internet February 7, 2018

AI Being Used To Create Fake Celebrity Porn

A recent subreddit made a fake celebrity porn using AI to place their faces over existing porn videos. This raised a privacy concern since it can theoretically be done to anyone.

Viral January 28, 2018

Google AutoML Simplifies Machine Learning By Cutting Down On Coding

Google Cloud's new machine learning tool AutoML seeks to bring AI to every business. The tool allows for coders to cut down on busy work and program machine learning models without previous expertise.

Google January 17, 2018

AIibaba Neural Network Beats Humans In Stanford Reading Test

A neural network run by an artificial intelligence answered a 100,000-question reading test and scored better than its human competitor. This milestone shows that machines can soon recreate natural human language.

Robotics January 16, 2018

Startup Creates Deep Learning Algorithm That Can Crack CAPTCHAs: Robots One Step Closer To Thinking Like Humans

Artificial intelligence startup Vicarious just published details about an algorithm model that can crack CAPTCHAs. The company has grander ambitions than making robots capable of tricking websites they’re human, though.

Apps/Software October 27, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Offers New Way Of Detecting Breast Cancer

Artificial intelligence offers a new kind of help in identifying benign and high-risk breast lesions. Researchers believe that a machine learning model could be used in the future to eliminate unnecessary surgery and improve the treatment of breast cancer patients.

Robotics October 19, 2017

Pornhub Now Uses Machine Learning To Make Searching For Porn Easier, But There’s A Big Problem

Pornhub is the latest company to join the latest machine learning revolution, announcing a custom software that’ll identify performers starring in a video and determine what category it belongs to. However, this might have disconcerting implications for privacy.

Internet October 12, 2017

Google Wants Its Upgraded Street View Cameras To Index The Whole World Using Machine Learning

Google has upgraded its Street View cameras to see the world better. It will feed such photos to its machine learning technology as a way to index the world and provide better, more nuanced location info.

Google September 6, 2017

Instagram Now Uses AI To Block Offensive Comments: Will The Feature Arrive Soon On Facebook?

Instagram is now using artificial intelligence to block offensive comments and spam on the picture-sharing social network. Is it safe to assume that the tools will soon also arrive on Facebook to fight hate speech?

Apps/Software June 30, 2017

Google: TPU, Our Custom Machine Learning Chip, Is 15 To 30 Times Faster Than CPUs, GPUs

After keeping a laconic stances about its custom TPU machine learning chips, Google has announced more in-depth details about them. It turns out that they’re much faster than the standard CPU and GPU combo.

Google April 6, 2017

Google Cloud Platform Announces Kaggle Acquisition, Doubling Down On Machine Learning, Data Science, And AI

The Google Cloud Platfom has acquired Kaggle, an elite platform that hosts data science and machine learning competitions. Google wants to democratize artificial intelligence and double down on machine learning, so here's why this acquisition matters.

Business Tech March 9, 2017

Thanks To Machine Learning, Google Can Now Automatically Detect Objects In Videos And Make Them Searchable

Google has announced its Video Intelligence API for the Google Cloud Platform, which allows machine learning to automatically identify objects in videos. It’s also encouraging developers to take advantage of the API to aid their applications.

Apps/Software March 9, 2017

Automatic System For Crack Detection in Nuclear Power Plants Developed

A new automated system developed at Purdue University can detect cracks in nuclear power plants more accurately than other systems. Called CRAQ, the new system uses an advanced algorithm and machine learning to analyze remotely recorded inspection videos.

Energy February 20, 2017

Kristen Stewart Co-Authored A Paper On Artificial Intelligence

Kristen Stewart has co-authored an AI scientific paper documenting the machine learning technique employed by her and her two collaborators in the first short film she directed.

Robotics January 20, 2017

Researchers Use Google, Netflix Algorithm To Determine Stability In Distant Planetary Systems

New research employed a machine learning algorithm in order to analyze the stability of planetary systems. The new method is much faster and efficient than the previous ones.

Space December 4, 2016

Google Taps Former Snapchat Research Chief, Stanford University AI Lab Director To Head Machine Learning Unit Of Cloud Business

Google believes that artificial intelligence will propel its cloud services into a lucrative business. To achieve it, it has hired two AI researchers, Fei-Fei Li and Jia Li to helm the machine learning unit of its Google Cloud platform.

Google November 15, 2016

Google Play Music Receives Major Revamp: Here's What's New

Google has revamped Google Play Music, which brings new features to the table. The new Google Play Music can update playlists automatically and users can listen to music even when they lose connection.

Internet November 14, 2016

Google Brain Demonstrates AI-Generated Encryption: Yes, Machines Can Keep Secrets From Us

Machines are smart but, with the help of Google, they are getting even smarter. Google Brain has shown that A.I.s are capable of creating their own encryption that we are unable to crack since we have no idea how it works.

Google October 28, 2016

Yahoo Open Sources Machine Learning Program To Filter NSFW Images

Image recognition machine learning models have come a long way, and Yahoo recently announced that it goes open source with its own. The pornographic image filtering has many uses, for desktop and mobile users alike.

Apps/Software October 3, 2016

Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Will Transform Microsoft, Says CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s leader, Satya Nadella, detailed how the machine learning and artificial intelligence deployed in the company’s products will shape the future. From the cloud to augmented reality, Microsoft said it will put AI to work.

Microsoft September 27, 2016

Google Project Loon Now Also Using Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Allowed Balloon To Stay Up In Air For 98 Days

Project Loon tapped artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to improve the navigation system of its internet-providing balloons. One balloon was able to stay up in Peruvian airspace at a precise location for 98 days.

Google September 27, 2016

Google Image Captioning Artificial Intelligence System Has 94 Percent Accuracy

Google has announced the new iteration of its image captioning system that is almost 94 percent accurate. The latest version is an open source model in TensorFlow.

Apps/Software September 24, 2016

Apple Acquired Machine Learning Company Tuplejump: AI Push For Siri, Cloud Services And More?

Apple's acquisition of Tuplejump Pvt Ltd. is expected to help the company improve its artificial intelligence initiatives. This can cover its virtual assistant technology Siri as well as the company's push to refine its iCloud Drive service and the emerging focus on data management.

Business Tech September 23, 2016

Here's How To Download And Install Google Allo

Google finally pushed out its Allo messaging app, which comes fully equipped with Google Assistant’s capabilities. This was announced as a big moment for machine learning and AI, but less stellar for privacy-concerned users.

Apps/Software September 22, 2016

Apple Says Artificial Intelligence Is Not The 'Final Frontier,' But iOS Has Plenty Of 'Hidden' AI

Apple unveiled that it does make quite good use of AI in its mobile operating system, despite rumors in the industry saying otherwise. The company detailed some machine learning capabilities that are making iOS such a powerful tool.

Apple August 25, 2016

Scientists Map Poverty Using Satellite Data, Machine Learning

Researchers often go door-to-door to gather information about people living in impoverished areas, but this can be quite challenging. Now, scientists from Stanford University have developed a novel method that could make gathering data much easier.

Earth/Environment August 18, 2016

Intel Acquires Deep Learning Startup Nervana For $400 Million

Deep learning startup Nervana has become Intel's latest acquisition target, in a deal reportedly worth more than $400 million. With Nervana's suite of technology soon becoming part of Intel's portfolio, the chipmaker can now venture into creating even more stable and more powerful processors that run A.I. on board.

Business Tech August 9, 2016

Apple's $200 Million Turi Acquisition To Challenge Google, Amazon And Facebook In Pervasive Computing

Apple continues its march toward better virtual assistants with the purchase of Turi, an AI startup. The race is on against rivals such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, but Apple lately bought itself some aces to keep up its sleeve.

Apple August 6, 2016

Apple Spends $200M To Acquire Seattle-Based Turi, Boosts Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Apple has acquired Seattle-based startup Turi, formerly known as Dato and GraphLab, for about $200 million. The company's tools focus on creating machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for developers.

Apple August 5, 2016

Anki's AI-Powered Robot Cozmo Will Come With Substantial SDK And Easy-To-Understand Lines Of Code

Anki aims to revolutionize the way we look at robotics by bringing it to the masses’ fingertips. To make AI coding much easier, a purported novice-friendly SDK will ship with Cozmo once the cutesy robotic companion launches this coming October.

Robotics July 12, 2016

Twitter Buys Magic Pony For $150M: Not An Enchanted Steed, But A Machine Learning Firm

Twitter has purchased machine learning and visual processing technology start-up Magic Pony for $150 million. The acquisition will lead to improvements in the videos on the social media platform.

Business Tech June 21, 2016

Google Forms Dedicated European Research Group For Machine Learning To Achieve Its AI Goals

Google is wasting no time to bring the future into our lives. The company recently announced the launch of a European research group facility in Zurich to focus on Machine Learning research, the tech behind most advanced applications today.

Google June 17, 2016

Google Calendar Goals Feature Taps Machine Learning To Help You Find Time To Fulfill Your Goals

Google Calendar recently celebrated 10 years of existence, and the developers updated the service with a neat new feature. Meet Google Calendar Goals, which uses machine learning to help you get things done.

Apps/Software April 13, 2016

IBM TrueNorth-Based Computer Chip Monitors Brain Activity And May Help Predict Seizures

The TrueNorth technology of IBM may go beyond speech and facial recognition. The technology may also be used to monitor brain activity and predict seizures early.

Life April 10, 2016

Remember Movie Titles Using This Film Search Website allows users to find movies they are looking for using some descriptive words.

Internet March 16, 2016

Facebook AI Go Player Gets Smarter With Neural Network And Long-Term Prediction To Master World's Hardest Game

Facebook AI engineers released an academic paper that highlights the evolution of the company’s Go-playing AI computer, DarkForest. The AI open-source project relies on pattern recognition, machine learning, problem solving and neural networks to be the best Go player possible.

Apps/Software January 28, 2016

Microsoft's New Android Alarm Wants You To Find Something Green

Microsoft has announced a new alarm for Android phones. But this isn't an ordinary alarm - instead, this alarm requires the user to perform a certain task in the morning, ideally waking the user up enough to be ready for the day.

Apps/Software January 21, 2016

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