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New Zealand’s Penguins Are Fast Disappearing: How Are Penguins Elsewhere In The World Doing - Or Dying?

Just like the yellow-eyed penguin of New Zealand, the already endangered African penguin is also under threat of becoming extinct. More than half of the world’s penguin species are dwindling due to global warming and man’s intrusion in their habitat.

Animals May 17, 2017

Colony Of 1 Million Penguins Flock To Argentina To Feast On Fish

More than a million Magellanic penguins flocked to the shores of Argentina to feast on an abundance of small fish. Visitors who plan to visit the Punta Tombo peninsula will be treated to a spectacular sight.

Animals February 19, 2017

SeaWorld's first test tube penguin is born

For the first time in history, SeaWorld in San Diego has successfully bred a penguin using artificial insemination with a technique developed by its veterinarians. The new breakthrough could save endangered animals.

Internet Culture August 11, 2014

Magellanic penguin chicks getting wiped out by freaky weather

Magellanic penguin chicks in Argentina are in trouble...deep trouble, due to extreme weather conditions.

Animals January 30, 2014

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