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New Images Reveal Earth's Strange Second Magnetic Field Generated By The Oceans

It turns out that Earth has a second magnetic field that has just been discovered. New satellite images show that Earth's second magnetic field is being generated by the oceans.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2018

36,000 Computer Simulations Show That Vikings May Have Used Crystals To Navigate The Atlantic

Vikings may have been able to make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean by using crystals called sunstones. Before compasses, they used devices called sun compasses that relied on shadows. Unfortunately, they didn't work on cloudy days.

Ancient April 4, 2018

Scientists Uncover The Sun's Secret Weapon In Preventing Solar Eruptions

The development could spell better planning for terrestrial technology, and safer missions for space travelers.

Space December 30, 2015

New Theory Might Tell Us How Galactic Magnetic Fields Form

Physicists at Princeton may have the answer to how magnetic fields form around stars and galaxies ... and it's totally counter-intuitive.

Space November 12, 2015

Earth's magnetic poles could flip within a single human lifetime

An international team of scientists conclude that the Earth's magnetic flip could happen over the course of 100 years, during the span of a human lifetime. However, the phenomenon won't happen again for several thousands of years.

Geek October 15, 2014

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