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Massive Marriott Data Breach: What You Should Know And What To Do

In an upsetting turn of events, Marriott has confirmed that its guest reservation database has suffered a massive data breach, potentially affecting hundreds of millions of customers. Here’s how to make sure your private information is protected.

Security December 1, 2018

Amazon Teams Up With Marriott To Bring Alexa To Hotels

Amazon is bringing Alexa exclusively to Marriott International hotels as part of the company’s Alexa for Hospitality program. Guests will have the opportunity to use Amazon’s digital assistant to enhance their visit.

Internet June 19, 2018

Marriott Hotel Deciding Between Amazon’s Alexa And Apple’s Siri As Digital Assistants For Its Hotel Rooms

You could soon find Alexa or Siri in a hotel room as a digital assistant. Marriott is currently testing which technology it’ll use for many of its hotel rooms, hoping it could turn into a global platform down the line.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

First 'Pokémon GO' Master To Catch 'Em All In US Scores Another Win: Caught All 145 Worldwide

Pokémon may be harder to catch following the latest update, but one 'Pokémon GO' power player proved it's possible. The New Yorker who caught all 142 pocket monsters in the U.S. headed overseas and caught all 145 Pokémon worldwide.

Video Games August 6, 2016

First 'Pokémon GO' Player To Catch ‘Em All In The US Heads Overseas To Catch The Rest

Pikachu wants to know where Nick Johnson is off to in his search for Pokémon! The 'Pokémon GO' player is heading outside of the United States to catch region-specific Pokémon and complete his Pokédex.

Video Games August 3, 2016

No Deal: Anbang Withdraws $14 Billion Bid To Acquire Starwood Hotels

Anbang bows out of takeover talks with Starwood Hotels. The Chinese owned company initially offered the Sheraton operator $14 billion.

Business April 2, 2016

'Do Better By Being Bigger': Marriott To Acquire Starwood For $12.2 Billion

Marriott is set to purchase Starwood for $12.2 billion. The merger has been approved unanimously by the boards of both companies and the deal is anticipated to close by mid-2016.

Business November 17, 2015

Marriott Hotels Testing Virtual Reality Service For Guests

Marriott Hotels in New York and London rolled out a new virtual reality experience in collaboration with Samsung that will allow guests to 'travel' to entirely different locations from the comfort of their hotel rooms.

Gadgets September 10, 2015

Marriott Gives Up Evil Plan of Blocking Guests From Using WiFi Hotspots After FCC Says NO

Marriott gives up the fight to force its guests to stop using their personal Wi-Fi hotspots following a blunt “No” from the FCC.

February 1, 2015

Marriott Petitions FCC to Block Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots

Marriott has petitioned the FCC to grant the hotel chain permission to block the personal Wi-Fi and Mi-Fi devices of hotel guests. The request cites security issues as its reason.

Business January 1, 2015

Top Hotels to FCC: Let Us Block Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots (That's Bad News For You)

Top hotels are pleading with the FCC to allow them to block the personal Wi-Fi hotspots of guests to protect their business. If the appeal receives a go-ahead, then guests will have to bear the brunt of paying extra.

Business December 26, 2014

$600,000: Amount Marriott fined for bullying hotel guests into using its Wi-Fi service

After being accused of blocking guests' Wi-Fi hotspots and charging them up to $1,000 to connect to its own service, Marriott International has settled the matter with the FCC. Marriott International agreed to pay a $600,000 fine and to improve its Wi-Fi monitoring practices.

Legal October 6, 2014

Wi-Fi blocking costs big-name hotel chain some big bucks

The Marriott hotel chain will be paying a $600,000 fine to the FCC following an investigation that found the hotel was using Wi-Fi jamming technology to slow down customer's personal hotspots.

Legal October 3, 2014

Could you find the perfect match on LinkedIn?

Marriott is hoping to connect business travelers by making matches based on LinkedIn data. The project is aptly titled Six Degrees. Who says business trips have to be all work and no play?

Internet Culture September 1, 2014

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