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Utah Baby Born With Incomplete Skull Defies All Odds

A baby boy born in Utah was diagnosed in-utero to have encephalocele and has low chances of surviving. The baby survived, but is now diagnosed to have cutis aplasia.

Medicine May 25, 2016

1.5-Pound Baby Born On Cruise Ship At 23 Weeks, Beats 30 Percent Survival Odds

A Utah mother gave birth prematurely aboard a cruise ship on Aug. 31. Her baby, Haiden, lived through critical post-delivery hours and defied low odds of survival.

Life September 27, 2015

Woman with two wombs, two cervixes gives birth to a miracle baby

Despite being born with an extremely rare condition that gave her a second uterus and cervix, Jane Woodhead of South Wales was able to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Internet Culture October 24, 2014

After 8 years of infertility, watch a couple's awesome reaction to getting pregnant with quadruplets

This is the most amazing, heartwarming story you're going to hear all day, guaranteed. A couple from Utah tried to get pregnant for 8 years, but after so much disappointment, in vitro fertilization has led to a pregnancy with quadruplets!

Internet Culture October 4, 2014

Jogger finds missing Houston baby in bush near busy road

Police raised Amber Alert for a missing baby early Monday morning, but it was a jogger who found the ant-bitten little girl hidden among the bushes next to a busy road in northern Houston.

Society June 24, 2014

Miracle baby healing well after 11-story fall last month, but mom’s nightmares are haunting

16-month old Musa Dayib is back home, recovering well and presumably steering clear of that 11-story balcony. Ten children die each year from falls from balconies such as these.

Life June 13, 2014

15-month old baby survives fall from 11-story building in Minnesota

A 15 month old boy miraculously survived after falling from the balcony of his parents' apartment at Riverside Plaza Sunday night. Relatives of the boy believe be slipped through the railings.

Life May 16, 2014

Hope Juarez: Ghost baby of California is a miracle baby

The baby was pale as a ghost when she was born because 80 percent of her blood had drained out of her body. However, she's being hailed as a miracle baby because she has survived the ordeal.

Life February 6, 2014

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