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AT&T's DirecTV Now Streaming Service To Roll Out Before 2017

AT&T's upcoming DirecTV Now internet streaming service will include more than 100 channels. It targets household subscribers that have opted out of the pay-TV ecosystem, which could breach the 20 million mark in 2017.

Internet September 22, 2016

T-Mobile Spring Break Promo Gives You Two Lines With 6 GB Data Each, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Call For $80 A Month

T-Mobile's Spring Break promo offers two lines with 6 GB data each, unlimited text and talk for $80 per month. Customers will be able to enjoy Music Freedom and Binge On without consuming data.

April 10, 2016

T-Mobile Removes Cap For Amazon Music, Other Song-Streaming Services: Here's A Full List

T-Mobile's customers can now use Amazon Music and some other music streamers without consuming mobile data. Here is a full list of music streaming services, which are included in T-Mobile's Music Freedom.

Internet April 7, 2016

Boost Mobile And Virgin Mobile Up Their Unlimited Music Streaming Game To Rival T-Mobile's 'Music Freedom'

After T-Mobile made waves with its 'Music Freedom,' rival carriers are now heating up the competition. Boost Mobile just launched its first unlimited streaming offer, while Virgin Mobile expanded its existing offer to include more supported services.

Internet December 10, 2015

T-Mobile Adding 11 More Services To Music Freedom To Bump Up The Count To 44

T-Mobile is bumping up the number of services it has on board as part of its Music Freedom program. The carrier is introducing 11 more music streaming services such as Dash Radio,, Spinrilla and more.

Apps/Software December 2, 2015

MetroPCS Now Lets You Stream Unlimited Music Without Eating Up Your Data

T-Mobile’s flagship prepaid brand MetroPCS announced new additions to its prepaid plans, including a couple of new features adopted from T-Mobile.

Internet November 17, 2015

T-Mobile's 'Binge On' Allows Customers To Stream Netflix, HBO And Other Services For Free

T-Mobile announced its new Binge On feature that allows customers to stream videos without using their monthly data.

Deals November 10, 2015

T-Mobile Adds Apple Music To List Of Music Freedom Free Streaming Services

T-Mobile adds Apple Music to Music Freedom free streaming services where customers can stream unlimited music from their devices without using their monthly data.

Internet July 29, 2015

T-Mobile Promises Next-Generation iPhone For Free For Those Who Buy An iPhone 6

As part of T-Mobile's 'Un-carrier' campaign, CEO John Legere announced that those who buy a new iPhone 6 as part of the Jump! on Demand program will be able to trade it in for the new iPhone for free when it is released.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 28, 2015

T-Mobile Snares 14 More Music Streams, Including Google Play, Xbox Music

T-Mobile has announced the addition of 14 new music-streaming services to its list of services users can tap without counting against data plans. The list includes Google Play Music, which is gaining ground in popularity.

Apps/Software November 24, 2014

T-Mobile Music Freedom plan offer free data for music streaming services but defies net neutrality

T-Mobile will be allowing customers to use popular music streaming services without counting against data caps. This service could be considered to be violating the principles of net neutrality.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 22, 2014

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