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Swarms Of Tiny Magnetic Nanobots Could Be Used To Treat Blood Clots In The Near Future

Scientists have found a way to control swarms of nanobots that will be used to treat blood clots in humans. They expect to enter clinical trials with human patients in five years.

Biotech September 5, 2018

DNA Nanorobots Programmed To Kill Tumors: The Latest Weapon Against Cancer

DNA nanorobots are the latest weapon against the scourge of cancer, as researchers were able to program them to kill human breast cancer tumors in mice. What's next for the breakthrough technology?

Biotech February 13, 2018

AI Nanobots Implanted Into Body May Give Rise To Superhumans Within 20 Years

Artificial intelligence may have greatly improved in the near future. Nanomachines implanted into the body may allow humans to have superhuman strengths. The technology may also allow humans to control things in their environment using only their mind.

Robotics October 16, 2017

The Grooming Methods Of Ants Might Teach Us More About Nanogadgets

Who knew that tiny nanobots and ants use the same stylist?

July 28, 2015

Watch Supersmall Self-Assembling Bloodstream Bots Deliver Drugs Directly Where Needed

Pills and shots are old-school methods of drug delivery. They've served us well in the past, but supersmall bloodstream bots are poised to revolutionize the way we administer medicine.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2015

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