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Study Sheds Light On Why Finches Have Such Uniquely Colored Feathers On Their Heads

Researchers found that despite the pressure of natural selection, Gouldian Finches maintained their red and black feathers due to another evolutionary process. The team also isolated the gene responsible for the birds' different colored heads.

Animals April 25, 2019

New Study On Darwin’s Finches In The Galapagos Proves Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

Researchers found that the finches in the Galapagos were more likely to have originated from the Caribbean. Their finding also supported the theory of evolution by natural selection in which birds have evolved depending on the environmental conditions.

Animals May 10, 2018

This Is How Carnivorous Plants Use Math Skills To Trap Animal Prey

Carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and Venus fly traps each have their own strategies to lure and trap prey. A new study has revealed that the "math skills" of Venus fly traps can help them feed on insects.

Earth/Environment January 22, 2016

Introduction Of Farming In Europe Changed People's Way Of Life And DNA

A team of researchers found that farming has changed the way European DNA was structured since 8,500 years ago. They also found proof that ancient European farmers hailed from ancient Anatolia, now known as Turkey.

Animals November 25, 2015

Europeans became fairer 5000 years ago because of diet and sexual preference

An international team of scientists have discovered that Europeans gradually became lighter over the last 5,000 years. The change was caused by natural selection and a combination of diet and sexual preference.

Animals March 13, 2014

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