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Researchers Say Around 30 Percent Of Boarding Passes Will Be Issued Through Apps By The Year 2019

A new study suggests that by 2019, nearly one in every three boarding passes will be issued via smartphone apps. Adoption is quickest among frequent flyers who are familiar with the technology.

Business March 13, 2015

Eddy Cue Shows Off How Apple Pay Works On Apple Watch Ahead Of Spring Forward Event

The Apple Pay chief shows how the mobile payments system works with the wearable during a visit to a Golden State Warriors game. Apple is expected to provide more insight on the Watch at Monday's special event.

Wearable Tech March 8, 2015

Samsung Gobbles Apple Pay Rival LoopPay (And It Doesn't Use NFC Technology)

Samsung has announced the acquisition of a mobile payment company called LoopPay. The startup is expected to be relaunched in an attempt to take on the likes of Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Deals February 20, 2015

Apple Pay faces big odds: Rite Aid, CVS join other retailers in saying 'No' to the hype

CVS is now the second major retailer to cut support for NFC payments, which includes payments using Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The ending of support is likely because CVS and Rite Aid, along with other retailers, plan to launch their own mobile payment system in early 2015.

Business October 27, 2014

Apple Pay hits first of many expected snags to come

Apple Pay has run into a few problems, but it's still on its feet. A marketing firm lays out three hurdles it will have to overcome to continue moving forward where other virtual wallet platforms have stagnated.

Apps/Software October 23, 2014

Apple iPad unveiling date set, but then again it may be just a rumor

Apple is expected to hold an event Oct. 16 to unveil a number of new products. It will most likely preview refreshed iPads, new iMac computers and the new OS X operating system, Yosemite.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 3, 2014

Why Apple Pay may just change how we pay

Virtual wallets have failed to catch on in the past, but Apple is poised to spark the next payments revolution. Apple Pay has support on both sides of the register.

Apps/Software September 11, 2014

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