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Here’s Why Noah’s Ark Isn’t Possible, According To A New Study

A pair of each species isn’t enough to ensure its survival, new research revealed. By conducting experiments on purple sea urchins, scientists found that large populations are important for this species to adapt to changing acidity and climate.

Animals June 12, 2019

Scientists Want To Create 'Noah's Ark' For Beneficial Microbes

Scientists proposed a frozen bank that will keep microbiota from all over the world for future generations. Those who are involved in the project will have to collect microbiota from even the most isolated communities.

Earth/Environment October 7, 2018

510-Foot-Long Noah's Ark Takes Shape In Kentucky And A Big Cash Flood Is Expected

Noah's Ark is set to be rebuilt in Kentucky -- as a Bible-based tourist attraction of biblical proportions.

Internet Culture June 27, 2015

Animated Film 'All Creatures Big And Small' Debuts Exclusively On Google Play

Preorder the animated movie 'All Creatures Big and Small,' with voice talents by Martin Sheen and Amy Grant, today exclusively on Google Play.

Internet Culture June 22, 2015

Russia Plans to Build DNA Databank of All Living Creatures. Modern-day Noah's Ark?

Russian scientists are working on building a DNA databank of all living creatures on Earth. The project has 1 billion rubles in funding and is expected to be complete by 2018.

December 28, 2014

Life-sized 510-ft Noah's Ark project gets the sanction and money from Creation Museum

The same people who founded the controversial Creation Museum in Kentucky have announced that they have raised enough capital to build a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark. Once completed, the ark will serve as an educational exhibit and theme park.

Society March 1, 2014

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