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These Foods Could Help Fight Disease, According To Scientists

Nutritional scientists have identified the health benefits of certain foods such as eggs, yogurt, and coffee. In case you missed it, here's a list of the nutrition discoveries that scientists have recently stumbled upon.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 11, 2018

Seaweed Nutrients May Have Had A Hand In Human Evolution, Says Study

Seaweeds may be no more than just marine plants to many people today, but they actually played a critical role in human evolution, researchers are saying.

Earth/Environment March 2, 2017

Sharing Is Caring: Trees Swap Nutrients With Each Other Via Secret Underground Web

It is known that trees compete for resources such as sunlight and soil nutrients, little do we known that they also share nutrients via complex root network. Researchers found out that trees are equipped with mycorrhiza fungi that allows the exchange and sharing of carbon isotopes.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2016

Vegan Diet May Lack Vital Nutrient Intake

Vegans may be deficient in some essential nutrients and are potentially at risk for a range of disorders including neurological conditions and anemia. Some who have adopted veganism, for instance, showed to be heavily reliant on processed foods.

Life March 20, 2016

Lower Bad Cholesterol by Eating an Avocado a Day, New Study Suggests

Incorporating an avocado per day in a healthy diet can help reduce bad cholesterol. Avocados are rich in nutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Life January 8, 2015

Extra nutrients aren't necessarily a good thing for young children, elderly or those pregnant

New research warns parents, elderly of risks in excessive intake of vitamin A. The Environmental Working Group advises closer attention to nutrient intake given potential health risks.

Life June 24, 2014

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