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Stephen Hawking Says Greed, Stupidity Are Greatest Threats To Humanity

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking shared his thoughts on the problems currently plaguing humanity during his interview with Larry King on 'Larry King Now.' He said stupidity and greed are two of the biggest threats to mankind right now.

Earth/Environment June 29, 2016

A New Shot Might Help Stop Animal Overpopulation

A new shot could help render animals sterile.

Animals October 5, 2015

World Population Will Exceed 11 Billion By 2100: Are We Ready?

A prediction of global population by the end of this century suggests challenges lie ahead for the countries of the world. Huge increases could impact levels of global health and sustainability, researchers say.

August 12, 2015

World Population May Soon Hit 11 Billion: What's The Driving Factor That Influences Population Growth?

The world's population is growing and it won't be long until it hits the 11 billion mark, says a UN report. National leaders should take note as population affects policies needed by a country.

August 11, 2015

World population’s growing pains: Study predicts 13 billion possible by 2100

Previously predicted leveling off of population rate in mid-century not likely, researchers say. Birth rate will keep population rising throughout coming century, their analysis suggests.

Animals September 18, 2014

World population set to reach 11 billion by 2100

Researchers used new criteria to determine the statistics that predict the world’s population will increase from 7 billion people today to about 11 billion in 2100.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

Ancient baby boom delivers a lesson in population management

After population growth in Southwestern U.S. hit "highest in the world" centuries ago, it all crashed, researchers say. Study suggests overpopulation threatens our modern world as well.

Animals July 1, 2014

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