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Middle Class Shrinking In Most US Cities: Why This Matters

The Pew Research Center has found that American metropolitan areas have been losing middle-class households. Some are saying the decline signifies income inequality.

Business Tech May 13, 2016

Pew Study Finds That Even At Home, More People Use Their Smartphones For Internet Access

Home broadband use has plateaued, and smartphone-only Internet access is on the rise, according to the Pew Research Center's 2015 survey results on Internet usage in the United States.

Internet December 22, 2015

'Gaming And Gamers' Research Yields Intriguing Results: Age And Gender Breakdown May Surprise You

The Pew Research Center recently unveiled the results of a gaming-related study in the United States. The findings were surprising due to the age and gender of the participants, but underlined the existence of stereotypical labeling.

Video Games December 17, 2015

21 Percent Of Americans Are Online Constantly, According To Survey

That's the startling stat generated by a Pew Research Center survey.

Internet December 8, 2015

68 Percent Of US Adults Own A Smartphone Or Tablet: Pew Research Center Survey

Study shows that smartphone ownership in the U.S. increased almost two times in the past four years. Around 68 percent of all adults in the nation now have a smartphone while 45 percent now owns a tablet.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 2, 2015

More Americans Rely On Facebook And Twitter As Source Of News: Report

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows 63 percent of Facebook and Twitter users use these social media platforms as a source of news, even as 60 percent of them think it is not an “important” source of news.

Internet July 15, 2015

Millennials Rely On Facebook For Political News

A new survey revealed that millennials have been reading the political news on their Facebook. The social network has been partnering with news organizations to entice users to linger more on its website.

Society June 2, 2015

New Pew Survey Reveals Pulse Of US About Privacy, Surveillance And Security

Most Americans hold strong views about the importance of privacy in their everyday lives, according to a recent survey. Results showed that Americans have little confidence that their data will remain private and secure.

Internet May 22, 2015

US Population Becoming Less Christian, More Unaffiliated: Study

The share of Christians among American adults has dropped sharply over a seven-year period. The survey by the Pew Research Center likewise showed that a growing number of people in the U.S. are now religiously unaffiliated.

Internet Culture May 13, 2015

'State Of The News Media 2015' Report Shows Dominance Of Mobile Over Flatlining Desktop

The Pew Research Center's 12th annual State of the News Media report reveals that 39 of the top 50 digital news websites generated more traffic to their sites and their associated applications from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

Internet Culture April 29, 2015

Teens Online 'Almost Constantly' And They Still Love Facebook: Pew Survey

Teenagers are online more each day and also tapping social networks more. Facebook still rules as the top social network, but it's more popular among teen males than females.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Teens Still Prefer Facebook, Instagram And Snapchat Among Social Media Platforms

Latest research shows that Facebook is still the most preferred social media site among teenagers. While 71 percent of all teens use it, other social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google Plus, Vine and Tumblr are also popular.

Internet April 9, 2015

Smartphone Is Only Form Of Internet Access For 7 Percent Of Americans

A recent report suggests that 7 percent of Americans only have Internet access through their smartphones, coming out to 22 million people. Internet access has become increasingly important in today's society.

Internet April 2, 2015

Poll Shows Scientists and Public at Odds Over These Issues

A Pew Research Center study revealed the American public respects science, but does not agree with the prevailing scientific view on many issues. What are the differences?

January 30, 2015

Americans Love Science but They Disagree With What Scientists Think: Survey

Although the American public view science positively, their opinions class with those of scientists particularly in areas involving the cause of climate change and consumption of GMOs.

January 30, 2015

Facebook Most Popular Among American Adults, Finds Pew Study: Here's Why

A Pew Research Center survey saw Facebook staying as the most popular social media website. No other website comes close to the social network's popularity among American adults.

Internet January 10, 2015

Online, Digital Tools Use at Workplace Increases Productivity (But at a Cost)

A Pew Research Center report found that online and digital tools increase the flexibility and productivity of workers. However, it comes at a price.

Apps/Software December 31, 2014

Here’s Why We’re Still Chained To Our Email

A new report from the Pew Research Center found that even though the Internet and email threatens completing work tasks, these technologies actually increases productivity and flexibility.

Geek December 30, 2014

Internet Privacy 2025? There will be a Big Divide: Privacy Rich, Privacy Poor

Will the privacy we know today still be part of our future? Hundreds of experts don’t think so.

Internet December 22, 2014

Online Privacy Concept Evolving but Very Few Hopeful: Pew Study

A study conducted by Pew Research Center among experts revealed the expected blurring between private and public information in the future.

Internet December 19, 2014

Pew Study: Americans Thankful to Internet for Making Them Better Informed

A survey reveals that Americans are thankful to the Internet for keeping them "better informed" with a variety of topics, including products and services, news and pop culture.

Internet December 9, 2014

Pew: Americans Not So Internet Savvy, Lack Insight on Privacy, Net Neutrality

While the Internet has become an integral part of life in the U.S., a recent survey suggests American Internet users are not as savvy about the Internet as they could be. In fact, they have a limited understanding of big issues like net neutrality.

Internet November 25, 2014

Do Americans Care About Their Privacy or Not? Well, It Depends, Reveals Pew Survey (It's Confusing)

A new survey reveals that 91 percent Americans feel that they do not have any control over the data gathering by companies. Nearly 37 percent people, however, feel that they do enough to ensure privacy.

Internet November 15, 2014

Gigabit Ethernet will bring big speed, smooth streaming and dynamite apps

With Internet speeds having spurred the technology that it has so far - hello, email and streaming video - what will Gigabit Ethernet-speed Internet bring? A report by Pew Research suggests that it will bring holograms, virtual reality and 'killer apps.'

Apps/Software October 9, 2014

These are the best and worst cities for women who want to get married

Are you a single woman who, no matter how hard you try, can't seem to get a ring on that finger? Here are the cities you should move to and the ones you should avoid.

Internet Culture October 2, 2014

Here's why 25 percent of Millennials will never marry

The Pew Research Center has projected that 25 percent of today's Millennials will never marry. Now isn't that the most depressing news you've heard today?

Internet Culture September 24, 2014

Americans know religion is losing its influence, and they're not happy about it

Most people think religion is losing its influence in American life, a new survey from the Pew Research Center finds. But that doesn't mean they're OK with it.

Internet Culture September 22, 2014

What is the quality most parents want to teach their children? Study reveals parenting trends

A new study by Pew Research found that while American parents vary in political views, race, religion, and education, most still want to teach their children similar qualities.

Society September 20, 2014

Is the library dead? The answer is complicated

No matter what they say about Millennials, they're still reading. However, a new report from the Pew Research Internet Project shows that younger Americans may not feel the same way about the library as the older generation.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

The major religions of the world are concentrated in one or two countries

The Pew Research Center has found that the world's major religions are heavily concentrated in only one or two countries. This includes Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.

Internet Culture August 28, 2014

Puerto Rican population drops as present migration comparable to post-WWII exodus

Puerto Rico population declines between 2010 and 2013. A Pew Research Center report suggests that there are more Puerto Ricans living in the U.S. mainland than the island of Puerto Rico.

Society August 13, 2014

Smart robots might be coming for our jobs

Robots are slowly integrating themselves into modern society and keep getting smarter with new advances in technology. Unfortunately, the bad news is that these robots my take future jobs away from humans.

Internet Culture August 6, 2014

Millennials are more likely to live at home than senior citizens

Historically, senior citizens were the largest demographic to live at home with family. Now millennials are changing this trend.

Internet Culture July 17, 2014

Pew Report: 65 percent believe Internet will be more open in the future

Out of 1,400 respondents, a Pew report revealed that 65 percent believe that the Internet will be more open by 2025. However, there are several threats to the openness of the Internet.

Internet July 6, 2014

Pew Report: Top challenges facing the Internet in the next decade

Pew Research Center report indicates concerns among experts about what the Internet might bring over the next decade. Here is a look at the top worries.

Internet July 3, 2014

Internet of Things future? All your 'things' connected by 2025, Pew says

The Internet of Things (IoT) takes complete hold of our lives by 2025, study says.

Gadgets May 14, 2014

Are Americans technophobes? They fear drones, robots and Google Glass, Pew report suggests

A new survey shows Americans both love - and fear - technology. What possible futures scare Americans the most?

Wearable Tech April 19, 2014

Fearing Tech: Americans report fear and love for tech innovation

Americans embrace many ideas straight out of science fiction but seem happy with the technological inventions available to them now, based on a new study. Eight in 10 think custom organ transplants will become reality within the next 50years, but only one in five think humans will ever control the weather.

Gadgets April 18, 2014

Yikes! 1 in 5 Americans claim to be victim of online personal data theft

As per the Pew Research Center, one in five Americans say they have been a victim of personal data theft.

Internet April 15, 2014

Pew Research survey finds amount of data thefts increasing

More Americans who are active on the Internet reported the theft of important financial information in the most recent survey by the Pew Research Center. The increased criminal activity took place across all age groups.

Internet April 14, 2014

Social interactions have you breaking into a sweat? Try visiting your local library

New research has found that people who attend libraries more frequently tend to be more socially engaged, tech-savvy, and ultimately happier.

Society March 16, 2014

Two-thirds of American couples share email and social network passwords: Are you one of them?

For better or for worse? A new study has revealed how American couples use technology in their relationships.

Society February 18, 2014

Facebook charm wearing off among teens but adults love it

Facebook might be losing its hold over American teens though it continues to appeal to the adults.

Internet December 31, 2013

Entertainment news most read by Facebook users: Research

Facebook users are more drawn to entertainment news than other topics, per a new research.

Internet October 26, 2013

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