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Ubisoft Is On The Hunt For Toxic 'Rainbow Six Siege' Players

Ubisoft is now targeting toxic players as it seeks to clean up the online community. 'Rainbow Six Siege' players can be banned permanently depending on their violations.

Video Games March 6, 2018

Microsoft Reportedly Thinking About Acquiring EA For Xbox Exclusives: Why It Probably Won’t Happen

It looks like rumors have noted that EA is being eyed by Microsoft as their next acquisition. However, it does not seem to be possible since rights will be expensive, and the publisher is not in any financial trouble.

Video Games January 31, 2018

Microsoft Makes Minecraft Boss Matt Booty Head Of Xbox Games

Last year, Phil Spencer stepped into the role of managing Microsoft’s broader game platform and his previous position was not filled. Now, ‘Minecraft’ head Matt Booty will take the role of Xbox Games head.

Video Games January 19, 2018

Xbox Head Honcho Phil Spencer Wants A 'Netflix Of Video Games' To Become A Reality

Video games and the way they are played are changing, and fast. Pretty soon, there could be a Netflix of games, a vision Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, supports.

Video Games May 1, 2017

Xbox Project Scorpio: Microsoft Teases Big News About Upcoming Console On June 11

Microsoft teases you some more about the Xbox Project Scorpio. Will we finally see the 4K Xbox at E3 2017?

Video Games February 15, 2017

Xbox Backward Compatibility: Why The Initiative May Be Here For The Long Haul

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, wants to keep the backward compatibility feature of Xbox One for as long as possible. Spencer replied to a fan’s tweet saying that the said feature is something the company would like to retain.

Video Games February 5, 2017

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer On E3 2017 Plans: 'I Like The Lineup'

The upcoming E3 2017 is creating a buzz for the tech industry and with that in mind, attention has turned to Microsoft and its future projects soon to be unveiled.

Video Games January 31, 2017

Project Scorpio Gaming Console Unit Now Working And Running Games, Says Microsoft

Project Scorpio is progressing towards completion, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has tweeted that he has played some games on the console. The Xbox Scorpio is a much awaited gaming console, set to release in 2017.

Video Games January 25, 2017

Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Not Worried About PS4 Pro Early Start

Project Scorpio is full year away from being released to market while the PS4 Pro is set to come out in November. However, the head of Xbox is not too concerned.

Gadgets October 18, 2016

Xbox Boss Explains Why Xbox 360 'GoldenEye 007' Remake Didn't Happen

Curious about why the 'GoldenEye 007' remake didn't happen? Well, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already explained why, and it's not because of a 'getting code to run' issue.

Video Games August 25, 2016

Xbox Head Honcho Wishes Leaving PlayStation VP The Best Of Luck

Xbox boss Phil Spencer wishes departing PlayStation Vice President Adam Boyes best of luck in his next step in his career. Boyes earlier announced his decision to leave PlayStation for a job in the game development world.

Video Games July 11, 2016

Here's Why Microsoft Keeps Mum On How Many Xbox Units It Sells

Microsoft hates reporting exactly how many console it sells, but why so shy? Xbox chief Phil Spencer has a good explanation for that, noting that the company has another preferred metric for success.

Business March 2, 2016

Even Xbox Head Phil Spencer Is Excited About 'Uncharted 4'

It isn't just gamers anxiously awaiting the arrival of 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.' Even Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox Division, states that he can't wait to play the new Nathan Drake title.

Geek March 1, 2016

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Speaks Out To Xbox Fans Upset About 'Quantum Break' Coming To PC

Some Xbox fans aren't happy that former Xbox One exclusive 'Quantum Break' is coming to PC as well, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn't understand why.

Geek February 11, 2016

Background Music Coming To Xbox One, But Not Until Summer

Responding to a fan's inquiry over Twitter, Xbox chief Phil Spencer said Xbox One won't get background music until summer. This feature has gained more than 22,000 votes on the Xbox Feedback site.

Video Games January 16, 2016

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says ‘Alan Wake 2,’ New IP Could Come In 2016, Dashes Hopes Of Streaming To Xbox 360

Xbox head Phil Spencer took things to Twitter regarding the company's plans for 2016, revealing that 'Alan Wake 2' could soon be under way.

Video Games January 4, 2016

Xbox Chief Says Microsoft Azure Available To All Third-Party Games, Even PlayStation Exclusives

Xbox boss Phil Spencer disclosed that Microsoft Azure is available to all third-party games, including PlayStation exclusives. In terms of backward compatibility, Spencer revealed that all Xbox 360 games are going to be available to fans.

Video Games December 21, 2015

It's Official: Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Confirms There Will Be An Xbox Two

There will be an Xbox Two, or something like that. Xbox Chief Phil Spencer says he will keep Xbox customers engaged both on the current-gen console and in any of Microsoft's future ventures.

Video Games December 15, 2015

Xbox Chief Acknowledges PlayStation 4’s 'Huge Lead' Over Xbox One, Says He Doesn't Know If Xbox Can Catch Up

Microsoft's Xbox One is losing this generation's console race, and it all started even before its launch. Whether it can catch up to Sony's PlayStation 4 is doubtful, according to Xbox executive Phil Spencer.

Business Tech October 10, 2015

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says His Biggest Competitor Is Apathy

In a new interview, head of Xbox Phil Spencer talks the Xbox One's launch troubles, beating Sony and the future of the platform.

Geek October 9, 2015

Xbox Boss Doesn't Care About 'Console Wars'

While fans of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been going at each other since 2013, Phil Spencer doesn't find it amusing it at all.

Geek September 28, 2015

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Doesn't Want VR To Become Too Successful

We doubt Phil Spencer is going to have a lot of friends in the VR department. Still, many expect to see a big push from Microsoft's own technology, HoloLens.

Geek September 26, 2015

Phil Spencer Ends Third-Party Exclusive Games On Xbox One

Microsoft at the moment is all about its first-party offerings. Hence, head of Xbox Phil Spencer chose to do away with paying for third-party exclusives.

Geek September 24, 2015

Xbox One Mini? Here's The Real Score, According To Microsoft

Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer has responded to a user's inquiry about the rumored Xbox One Mini, but the response may be disappointing to many.

Gadgets August 30, 2015

Microsoft Developing Technology To Stream PC Games On Your Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a neat new feature, aiming to enable users to stream games from the PC to the Xbox One console. Xbox and Windows integration is still in its early days, however, so it may be a while until this PC-to-Xbox streaming option becomes available.

Apps/Software July 30, 2015

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says Mouse Support For Xbox One Isn't Far Away

The line between Xbox One and Windows 10 continues to blur, as Phil Spencer says mouse support for Microsoft's console isn't far off.

Geek July 21, 2015

Xbox One Games Coming to HoloLens Microsoft's Futuristic Headset

HoloLens is the future of Microsoft and Windows computing, but is it any good for video games? We know VR headsets are, but HoloLens is something of a mixed bag right now.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2015

Xbox One: Screenshot Function Coming Soon, Says Phil Spencer

Taking video game screenshot with the Xbox One will soon become a reality according to Xbox head, Phil Spencer. He made the announcement on Twitter, but did not give a definite launch date.

Geek February 7, 2015

'Street Fighter' PS4 Exclusivity No Big Deal: Xbox Chief

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has voiced his opinions on 'Street Fighter V' only being released to PS4 and PC, essentially saying that business is business and it was no big deal. Many Xbox gamers, however, are likely to be frustrated at the news, which was made official on Dec. 6.

Video Games December 8, 2014

Minecraft coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1: Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer

Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, promised that Minecraft will be coming to both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 but stopped short from saying when the title will actually appear.

Movies/TV Shows September 22, 2014

Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One timed exclusive: Why did Square Enix sign a deal with Microsoft?

Gamers are a little bit calmed today after Phil Spencer made it known that the Rise of the Tomb Raider deal is timed exclusive, though he did not say for how long.

Movies/TV Shows August 15, 2014

E3 2014: Microsoft announced 'Crackdown 3' exclusive for Xbox One: What to expect?

"Crackdown 3" is making its outing on the Xbox One, and it appears the game is going to be explosive as ever. No real-time gameplay, but the trailer should be enough to hold gamers over.

Video Games June 10, 2014

Microsoft's Xbox live chief Phil Spencer talks gaming, motivation and his time at the company

Microsoft gave an inside look at what makes Phil Spencer, leader of its Xbox division, tick in an interview posted today. Spencer talked with Xbox Live's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb about his time with the company and the type of team he wants in place to take Xbox to the next level.

Video Games April 10, 2014

Phil Spencer named new head of Xbox, Scott Guthrie leads the cloud team: What happened to Stephen Elop?

Big changes for Microsoft as Satya Nadella appoints Phil Spencer as the new head of Xbox.

Business March 31, 2014

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