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Scientists Discover How To Stabilize Plasma In Fusion Reactors

Experts were able to simulate the mechanism that stabilizes plasma in fusion reactors. This development could take humankind one step closer to a clean, unlimited source of fusion energy.

Energy July 19, 2018

Saturn Sings An Eerie Cosmic Tune To Enceladus: Here’s How To Listen To It

Scientists found that Saturn sends plasma waves similar to Earth’s auroras to Enceladus. They converted these waves into a sound that Earthlings can now listen to.

Space July 11, 2018

Meet EEGGL: NASA’s New Space Weather Model For Simulating Magnetic Solar Storm Structures

NASA has unveiled EEGGL – the Eruptive Event Generator (Gibson and Low) – as a new space weather model that can simulate the pathways of solar eruptions and alert the arrival of magnetically charged CME clouds near Earth.

Space February 1, 2017

There’s A Ravenous Black Hole In The Middle Of The Milky Way And Researchers Have Simulated How It Feeds

The puzzle of a massive black hole in Milky Way emitting faint glow and diffused X-ray emissions has been answered by a new simulation model. The model was presented by scientists at Princeton University and their associates.

Space December 27, 2016

German Scientists Set To Conduct Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany are scheduled to conduct an experiment on Wednesday that would attempt to harness energy from nuclear fusion. The project is part of an effort to develop a safer and cleaner way to use nuclear energy.

February 4, 2016

Ebola Treatment Using Blood Plasma From Survivors Not Effective

What could have been the answer to the Ebola epidemic failed treatment at clinical trials? Researchers found that convalescent blood plasma transfusion from survivors were not effective in treating diseased patients.

Life January 7, 2016

New Cosmetic Treatment Platelet Rich Plasma Uses Patient's Own Blood

A new cosmetic treatment that uses patients' own blood has become increasingly popular worldwide. Known as Platelet Rich Plasma, the treatment involves blood being extracted, modified and re-injected into the patient.

Life December 21, 2015

German Scientists Produce Helium Plasma Using Wendelstein 7-X Fusion Reactor

The Max Planck Institute has successfully produced plasma by super-heating helium using the Wendelstein 7-X machine. This breakthrough could lead to the development of cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

Energy December 14, 2015

Scientists Discover New Plasma Confinement State: How This Could Change Energy Industry

Researchers found a breakthrough in plasma research: a new plasma confinement state. The discovery could pave the way for the development of efficient fusion reactors that could change the energy industry drastically.

Energy November 12, 2015

New Theory Might Tell Us How Galactic Magnetic Fields Form

Physicists at Princeton may have the answer to how magnetic fields form around stars and galaxies ... and it's totally counter-intuitive.

Space November 12, 2015

Discovery Of New Plasma Confinement State Holds Key To Achieving Fusion Energy

A research on high-temperature and high-density plasma confinement using magnetic fields could lead to the development of fusion energy. Improving the confinement state of magnetic islands holds the key to the future of fusion plasma.

Energy November 11, 2015

Scientists May Have Discovered A Way To Listen To The Sound Of Stars

Stars can be visually observed in a number of ways. Researchers have discovered, however, that it is also possible to hear stars, thanks to lasers and plasma.

Space March 24, 2015

Squair Box Uses Cold Plasma Technology to Purify Air, Now on Kickstarter Campaign

Plasma-powered air purifier promises to clear the air of dust, pollen and other pollutants. Unit can work in a home, office or in your car, inventors say.

Science November 13, 2014

Scientists use lasers to understand the mysteries of the cosmos

Researchers are learning about some of the mysteries of the cosmos without ever leaving Earth by using high-energy laser beams for creating jets of plasma and magnetic fields in labs.

Geek October 29, 2014

Voyager 1 hit by solar 'tsunami wave' as it enters interstellar space

A shock wave from the sun struck plasma between stars, providing further evidence Voyager 1 has reached interstellar space.

Space July 9, 2014

30,000-volt-plasma stream powers new Kickstarter loudspeaker project

ExcelPhysics' Kickstarter project brings something new to the audio world - a speaker that manipulates a stream of plasma to create sound. The campaign has generated a large following on the crowdfunding site and it expects to ship kits and complete speakers this summer.

Gadgets March 16, 2014

Plasma saves the Earth from solar storms - Here's how!

Magnetic storms or solar storms can cause problems with communications and electronics. Only plasma may stand between the Earth and the mighty disturbances.

Earth/Environment March 11, 2014

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