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Google X To Bring Rural India Online Via FSOC Light Beams

Google's X plans to bring parts of rural India online via FSOC light beams, starting in 2018. The company already teamed up with a telecom operator in Andhra Pradesh and has big plans for the region.

Google December 17, 2017

Over 100,000 People In Hurricane-Struck Puerto Rico Can Now Access The Internet, Thanks To Project Loon

Three weeks after Project Loon was deployed, more than 100,000 people in Puerto Rico have been able to connect to the internet. The island is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, but Project Loon is definitely helping.

Google November 10, 2017

Google's Parent Alphabet Deploys Project Loon, Brings Internet Service To Puerto Rico

Alphabet is partnering up with AT&T and other authorities to bring internet access and cellular connectivity to Puerto Rico, which was hit by Hurricane Maria.

Google October 21, 2017

Alphabet To Restore Puerto Rico Cellular Service With Balloons: Will Project Loon Succeed?

Google parent Alphabet received approval from the FCC to restore cellular service in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands through Project Loon. The high-flying balloons will allow citizens and local governments to establish contact with the outside world.

Google October 9, 2017

Remember Google's Project Loon? Breakthrough Could Speed Up The Launch Of Alphabet's Internet-Providing Balloons

Project Loon, which looks to launch balloons into the stratosphere that will be able to provide internet connectivity to users on Earth, just made a major breakthrough. The technology is now years closer to becoming a reality.

Google February 17, 2017

Google X Lab Asks For Airspace Access From UN: Project Loon To Fly Across The Globe

Google announced its plans to provide remote areas with free internet, and it's relying on its Project Loon to accomplish that. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, recently urged UN nations to agree letting Loon balloons over their airspace.

Internet October 3, 2016

Google Project Loon Now Also Using Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Allowed Balloon To Stay Up In Air For 98 Days

Project Loon tapped artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to improve the navigation system of its internet-providing balloons. One balloon was able to stay up in Peruvian airspace at a precise location for 98 days.

Google September 27, 2016

Did Google Really Steal The Idea For ‘Project Loon’ Balloons? Here Are The Facts Behind The Accusation

The company Space Data filed a lawsuit against Google alleging the company infringed on its patents and broke a non-disclosure agreement regarding Project Loon.

Google June 17, 2016

Google Equips 9 More Indian Train Stations With High-Speed Public Wi-Fi

Google has deployed high-speed public Wi-Fi to nine additional train stations in India. During his visit to India in December 2015, CEO Sundar Pichai announced the plan to equip 400 rail stations with high-speed Internet as part of the company’s expansion efforts.

Internet April 20, 2016

Google Project Loon To Connect Remote Parts Of India Through Telcom Partnerships And Internet Balloons

Google is in talks with a number of telecommunications companies in India to gain service provisions for its plan to launch Project Loon. The company sees the project as a way to provide Wi-Fi service to remote areas in the country.

Internet March 7, 2016

Google's Project Loon To Undergo Real Carrier Testing This Year: Alphabet X At TED Annual Conference

Alphabet X's moonshot project, Project Loon, is taking off to new heights. In the annual TED Talks conference, Alphabet X head honcho, Astro Teller, shared the Loon balloons go into full operation to deliver internet access over the skies of Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Internet February 16, 2016

Google Tells Feds Project Loon Tests Will Be Harmless To Humans, Environment

Google informs the FCC that Project Loon does not pose any threat to humans or the environment. The project is aimed at providing Internet connectivity to remote and rural areas.

Internet January 30, 2016

Google Project SkyBender Wants To Deliver High-Speed Internet 40 Times Faster Than 4G Via Solar-Powered Drones

Google hopes to beam down 5G Internet from its unmanned aircraft to remote regions in the world. That project has a name: SkyBender.

FUTURE TECH January 30, 2016

CEO Sundar Pichai At Google For India Event: Wi-Fi At Train Stations, Project Loon, New Campus, Android And More

At the Google for India event, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai divulged plans for the country. The plans include a new campus in Hyderabad, Internet connectivity at 100 railway stations, as well as new features for Android.

Business December 17, 2015

Google To Test Project Loon Balloons In The US Next Year, FCC Documents Show

Google's Loon balloons are coming to greet the New Year. Beginning Jan. 1, 2016, Google has asked the FCC to begin flying its internet balloons over American skies.

FUTURE TECH November 26, 2015

Google Co-Founder Larry Page On Alphabet, Project Loon And China

Larry Page wants the new Alphabet company to be a bastion of innovation. The Google co-founder and now the CEO of Alphabet also hopes that the new company will provide a stronger focus on a number of world-changing products.

Internet November 4, 2015

Google's Project Loon Aims To Bring Balloon-Powered Internet To Over 100 MIllion Indonesians

The project has balloons being carried by the wind and beaming wireless signals down to the ground to bring the web to the masses.

October 29, 2015

Alphabet Project Loon Internet Balloons Fly Over Indonesia Next Year

Alphabet’s giant Internet balloons are about to take flight over Indonesia in the coming year. This makes it the fourth country that partnered with Google to beam Internet signals from 12 miles up in the sky.

Internet October 29, 2015

Tesla, Xiaomi, Illumina Top MIT's List Of 50 Smartest Companies 2015

Where's Google, Apple and Microsoft? They’re on the list all right, but they're not smarter than Tesla, Xiaomi or Illumina.

Business June 26, 2015

Portuguese Startup Tests Large Wi-Fi Drone To Provide Cheaper Internet Access

Like Facebook and Google, the startup hopes to provide Internet access to remote parts of the world using its own solar-powered drones.

Geek April 13, 2015

Google X Boss Says Google 'Encouraged Too Much Attention For Google Glass'

Google X's boss Astro Teller recently spoke about the Google Glass and how Google marketed it as a finished product, despite the fact that it was largely an experiment.

Wearable Tech March 18, 2015

MWC 2015: Google Titan Drones And Loon Balloons Will Bring Wireless To Everyone Everywhere

Google Titan drones will take off in a few months and Project Loon balloons are making vast improvements. At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Google gave updates on these projects to bring wireless connectivity to every corner of the globe.

FUTURE TECH March 2, 2015

MWC 2015: Google Announces Wireless Carrier Plans By Becoming A 'Mobile Virtual Network Operator'

The SEO juggernaut better known as Google will be developing its own wireless carrier service. It made the announcement at the Mobile World Congress.

Internet March 2, 2015

Google Project Loon Teams with French Space Agency to Develop Next-Generation Internet Balloons

Google has partnered with French company CNES in an attempt to further develop its Project Loon Internet connectivity program. The aim is to launch weather balloons that project Wi-Fi access in remote locations around the world.

Deals December 15, 2014

Google Project Loon Can Now Launch up to 20 Internet Balloons a Day: That's Scary

Google revealed that it is now capable of launching 20 balloons daily for its Project Loon. The project aims to use the balloons to connect everyone to the Internet.

Internet November 23, 2014

Elon Musk wants to connect the world by launching 700 Internet satellites into space

Elon Musk partners with a former Google executive to launch 700 Internet-giving satellites. The pair are rumored to be in talks with officials in Florida and Colorado about building a production facility for the satellites.

Internet November 10, 2014

Google's Internet 'Project Loon' balloons to hover across Southern Hemisphere next year

Astro Teller of Google X Lab says a ring of balloons will provide wireless Internet connectivity to the Southern Hemisphere in one year. How many users can a balloon support?

Geek September 25, 2014

Facebook, Google Internet access plans are jet-sized and long-ranging but turbulence looms

A Facebook engineer sheds light on his company's drone program. Weighing in about the size of a 747, the unmanned air vehicles could bring Internet access to everyone on the planet.

Internet September 24, 2014

Google turns 10: Milestones aplenty in search engine's history

Google has pushed some of the world's most influential technologies since it went public 10 years ago. Not every idea has worked out, but there are four that look to be here to stay.

Business August 19, 2014

Google Loon triggers panic in New Zealand: People thought Wi-Fi balloon was a plane crash

Folks in New Zealand were in a panic after an object fell from the sky and into the Pacific Ocean. Right away, it was thought to be a plane crash, but it was only a Google Loon balloon.

Internet June 22, 2014

Google's Project Loon may deliver 22 MB/s Internet connection by 2015

Google X Project Loon balloons may provide 22 MB/s Internet speeds to rural and remote corners of the world by 2015, which experience no or weak Internet connection.

Internet June 18, 2014

Stellar venture: Google, Virgin Galactic discuss possible deal

Google takes another stab at space with new rumors circulating that it plans to buy a minority stake in Virgin Galactic, a company that plans to take tourists into space.

Business June 13, 2014

Google's high-tech Loon Balloon doesn't stay high enough, crashes into power lines

The crash has damaged a power pole and cut off electricity to homes near the site of the incident. The balloon was launched from Nevada, where Google is carrying out its tests for Project Loon.

Internet June 4, 2014

Google plans to send 180 satellites into orbit to improve global Internet access

The total cost of the satellite fleet is expected to run between $1 billion to $3 billion. Google will look to gain additional revenue from newly connected users through this project.

Business Tech June 2, 2014

Google buys Titan Aerospace to make drones - Take that, Facebook!

Google snatched drone maker Titan Aerospace right out from under Facebook's nose on Monday. Google will reportedly enlist Titan Aerospace to make drones for its Project Loon, which aims to bring the Internet to everyone.

Business Tech April 15, 2014

Google's Loon Balloon circles globe in just 22 days as 'Internet for All' remains goal

Google's Project Loon hot air balloon gathers data, hopes to provide balloon-powered Internet connections all over the globe.

April 5, 2014

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