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Scientists Build Quantum Superposition Machine Prototype: What Is It In English?

Scientists created a powerful quantum device that can generate multiple possible futures in superposition, marking a groundbreaking achievement for quantum physics. Here’s what this means.

Material Science April 10, 2019

Researchers Use Quantum Computer To 'Reverse' Time

Researchers claimed that they have successfully turned back time using quantum computers. In an experiment, the team successfully return qubits from their complex chaotic patterns into its original orderly form.

March 14, 2019

Quantum Computing Discovery Reveals Time Moves Forward And Backward

Quantum scientists found that time does not always move forward after all. At the quantum level, time can move forward and backward, which means it is also true at the level of the rest of the universe.

Material Science July 30, 2018

Experiment To Create Coldest Spot In The Universe May Pave Way For Powerful Quantum Computers

Scientists will create the coldest spot in the universe using the Cold Atom Laboratory device at the International Space Station. Results of the experiment may speed up development of quantum computers and improve the precision of instruments.

Space June 23, 2018

Scientists Generate Einstein’s ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ On Demand

Researchers in the Netherlands proved Einstein wrong once again by creating quantum entanglements on demand. The new proof of ‘spooky action at a distance’ was generated 39 times in a second.

June 18, 2018

Winner Of Science Photo Contest Captures Picture Of An Atom

University of Oxford quantum physicist David Nadlinger took the winning photo of the fifth EPSRC science photo competition. The winning image shows a strontium atom held by electric fields.

Feature | Science February 14, 2018

Microsoft Wants To Teach Developers How To Code For Quantum Computers

Microsoft’s just-released quantum development kit offers developers a simulated quantum computer for them to test their programs on. It also includes plenty of documentation and other tools that help them learn how to code for the platform.

Microsoft December 13, 2017

Quantum Simulator Can Solve Problems That Fastest Conventional Computers Cannot

Two different teams of physicists have recently presented a new procedure for creating superconducting interconnects. The process has helped them to create a quantum simulator that can compute faster than classic type of computers.

Feature | Science December 3, 2017

IBM Leaps Toward Quantum Computing Supremacy With Its New 50-Qubit Quantum System

IBM just created a 50-qubit quantum computer, the highest there is, that represents a major leap in the quantum computing industry. But qubits are just one part of the story.

Computers November 12, 2017

IBM Eyes Quantum Computing, Says It’s Seeing ‘A Direct Path To The 50-Qubit Range’

IBM has announced that it’s stepping its quantum computing game up with its Q quantum computing program. Even better, it’s enlisting outsider programmers and developers to help push it forward.

Computers March 6, 2017

Quantum Computing: Scientists Unveil First Blueprint For World's Most Powerful Computer

An international team of researchers has unveiled the first ever practical blueprint to building quantum computers. These powerful computers can solve complex problems at speeds faster than regular ones.

Feature February 2, 2017

D-Wave’s 2,000-Qubit Quantum Computer Sells For $15 Million For Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Canadian quantum computing company D-Wave has announced the commercial availability of its D-Wave 2000Q, touted to have 2,000 qubits and costing $15 million. The new supercomputer also wins its first customer in the form of a cybersecurity firm.

Material Science January 27, 2017

Schrödinger's Cat Alive And Dead In Two Boxes At Once

Yale University researchers have taken one of the most famous thought experiments one step further in analysis, finding Schrödinger's cat would be both alive and dead in two boxes at once. How could this help change the future of computing?

May 26, 2016

World's First Quantum Communications Satellite From China Designed To Thwart Hackers

China is set to dispatch the world's first quantum communications satellite into orbit in July. Experts say the launch may cement the country as the leader in quantum communication.

Security May 26, 2016

IBM Quantum Computer Now Available For Anyone To Use Remotely

IBM gives virtually everyone a chance to get their hands on its 5-qubit quantum computing processors. The prototype quantum computer can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Computers May 4, 2016

Humans Better Than AI At Solving Quantum Computing Problems

Humans are still better than AI when it comes to quantum computing, a new study has found. While computers may possess advanced features, they lack an essential thing humans have: intuition.

Energy April 16, 2016

Gamers May Help Solve Problems In Quantum Physics

Humans can still beat computers in complex problem-solving, such as in the complex matter of quantum physics. Through the game Quantum Moves, Danish researchers recruit players to help them figure out the quantum speed limit and build a quantum computer in the future.

April 14, 2016

Not Just Girls' Best Friend: Diamonds May Also Accelerate Quantum Computing

Diamonds will not just take your relationship to whole new level. A research found that diamonds can also accelerate quantum computing and finally make quantum computers.

April 12, 2016

Fredkin Gate Breakthrough Overcomes Obstacle In Quantum Computing

Particles of light helped simplify the process of building the quantum computer circuit's Fredkin gates. The breakthrough overcomes one of the obstacles of quantum computing.

March 28, 2016

New Five-Atom Quantum Computer From MIT Could Mean The End Of Encryption

Quantum computers could mean the end of encryption forever. How does this new system solve the 'factoring problem' used to keep data secure?

March 5, 2016

US Intelligence Agency Awards Grant To Advance IBM Quantum Computer Research

The field of quantum computing may involve shrinking properties into atom-sized components, but its future sure is larger than life. This week, IARPA awarded IBM a multi-year grant that will allow scientists to work on advanced quantum computer research.

December 10, 2015

Google's D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer 100 Million Times Faster Than Regular Computer Chip

Google announced Tuesday that its D-Wave 2X quantum computer successfully solved an optimization problem within seconds. The processing speed is 100 million times faster than that of classical computer chips, scientists said.

December 9, 2015

Quantum Computers Not Far Away As Researchers Write First Quantum Code On Silicon Chip

Researchers have drafted quantum code and the chips they used didn't require any exotic materials. The quantum vocabulary has now been unlocked.

Animals November 17, 2015

Engineers Build First Silicon Quantum Logic Gate: Breakthrough Overcomes Crucial Hurdle In Quantum Computing

An Australian team of engineers announced they have built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time. The breakthrough made it possible to calculate between two quantum bits of information and therefore cleared the last hurdle in making silicon quantum computing come to life.

Animals October 7, 2015

Google And NASA's Quantum Computer Gets New Hardware

D-Wave Systems announced a new multiyear agreement to provide "state-of-the-art" D-Wave systems to Google and NASA's quantum computer project. The new D-Wave 2X system has already been installed.

Computers September 28, 2015

New Type Of Optical Chip Could Speed Up Development of Quantum Computing

Scientists from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone in Japan have developed a new optical chip that is capable of processing photons in infinite ways.

August 15, 2015

Keeping 'Qubits' Error-Free For Reliable Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are one step closer to reality after the development of the world's first self-correcting quantum circuit.

March 5, 2015

Tweaking Old Method Lets Scientists Image Atoms In Incredibly High Resolution

Atoms are being manipulated to reveal processes guiding their behavior, using a new twist on an old technique.

March 2, 2015

Rice Grain-Sized Maser Invention a Significant Step Forward for Quantum Computing

Princeton University researchers have created a new microwave laser - a maser - that could be the next step toward quantum computing.

FUTURE TECH January 17, 2015

Rice-Sized Laser is Boon for Quantum Computing

Tiny laser powers quantum dots one electron at a time, brings quantum computing one step closer. Princeton University says single-electron device is "as small as you can go."

January 16, 2015

Development of two new types of quantum bits bring scientists closer to quantum computers

Researchers from the University of New South Wales developed silicon quantum technologies that can hold data with over 99 percent accuracy, a breakthrough that could eventually lead to the realization of the super-fast quantum computer.

Energy October 14, 2014

Scientists break records in quantum computing

Quantum computers are one step closer to reality after Australian researchers set a pair of new records for the technology.

October 13, 2014

Superfast, quantum computers that don't overheat? University of Utah engineers make it possible

Quantum computers, thousands of times faster than modern technology, could be one step closer to reality, thanks to a new development from the University of Utah.

September 25, 2014

Topological insulator is the key to superfast computing without overheating

New material could lead to room-temperature quantum computers operating at fantastic speeds. New technology would be an easy fit with existing silicon-based electronics, researchers say.

Computers September 23, 2014

Scientists capture sound of single atom (unfortunately, you can't hear it)

An artificial atom can be controlled by acoustic waves, potentially opening up new technology in quantum computers.

Energy September 14, 2014

What sound does an atom make? Scientists have figured it out

Scientists captured the sound of a moving atom, discovering that the particles make the softest sounds that are physically possible. The sounds of moving atoms are inaudible to the human ear and reaches 20 octaves above the highest piano note.

Internet Culture September 12, 2014

Molecular tumbling motion can be stopped by single laser: One step closer to quantum computer?

Quantum computers are one step closer to reality after researchers at Northwestern University found a way to freeze atoms using a single laser.

September 6, 2014

Google partners with university guru on quantum processor, artificial intelligence tech

Google is partnering with UCSB physicist John Martinis to develop quantum computing, which could help make computers quite a bit faster than they are now.

Computers September 3, 2014

Future of quantum computing lights up with single laser method

Quantum computers come a step closer with laser control of state of a single molecule. Control of a molecule's quantum state achieved at room temperature, researchers say.

Animals September 3, 2014

Quantum computing catches Google's fancy: Search giant launches Quantum Computing Research Initiative

Google is seriously investing in AI and teams up with a group of quantum researchers to come up with its own quantum computer.

September 3, 2014

Electron’s quantum behavior recorded by lasers

Control of an electron's quantum state could bring quantum computers and information systems a step closer, researchers say. Technique uses laser light to observe, control the spin state of a single electron.

Energy August 15, 2014

Diamond imperfections could be key to advancing quantum computing

Atomic-scale defects in diamonds could bring quantum computing a step closer, researchers say. Quantum equivalent of traditional computing bits can be the result, they say.

FUTURE TECH August 6, 2014

Quantum computing: Is it real or is it hype?

The latest study on D-Wave's machine states it doesn't harness the power of quantum mechanics. But D-Wave stands behind what it believes to be a new substantial step in the evolution of computing.

Computers June 20, 2014

First commercial quantum computer by D-Wave no better than classic PC in speed test

Researchers tested the speed of a commercial quantum computer By D-Wave Systems Inc. and found that it is no faster than a classical computer. Certain types of problems posed for the computers may be the issue with the negative findings.

FUTURE TECH June 20, 2014

Quantum particles can tunnel through long-range barriers, Austrian research reveals

Cesium atoms can tunnel through barriers, with a little help from other quantum particles.

June 14, 2014

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