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CloudPets Exposes Danger Of Internet-Connected Toys: What Can Parents Do To Keep Safe?

Security researcher Troy Hunt discovered that the internet-connected CloudPets presented a major security threat to parents and children. What can parents do to keep themselves and their children safe?

Security February 28, 2017

CES 2017: Fisher-Price's Smart Cycle Lets Your Toddler Stay Healthy And Learn At The Same Time

During CES 2017, Fisher-Price introduced its new Think & Learn Smart Cycle stationary bike for toddlers. The bike is Bluetooth-enabled so kids can play educational games while cycling.

Fitness/Sports January 6, 2017

Moff's New Smart Wearable Lets Kids Become A Real-Life 'Pac-Man'

Moff's smartband combines the aesthetic of Bandai Namco's classic arcade game with a kinetic upgrade, letting kids get a fun workout in a new but familiar way.

Gaming January 5, 2016

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