Spin class for kids? Why not! The American toy company Fisher-Price had already thought about that. The popular toy manufacturer unveiled the Think & Learn Smart Cycle for toddlers designed to entertain and educate while keeping them healthy as well.

Last year, Fisher-Price collaborated with Nabi to release a Learning tablet. At this year's CES, the company takes it to the next level by revealing a stationary bike that is Bluetooth-enabled so it can be connected to tablets and smart TV's.

It functions just like the adult version but with added features such as Bluetooth connectivity to enable kids to use learning apps on tablets while cycling.

Smart Cycle

The stationary bike by Fisher-Price will retail for $150. Grown-ups will find fitness as sufficient motivation to cycle, however, toddlers need more than that to actually spend time on the bike. Fisher-Price linked the bike to learning apps that are focused on subjects such as science, STEM, literacy, social studies, and math to make it more entertaining for kids.

With the new toddler-friendly innovation, parents are granted with few more hours of peace while their offsprings burn excess energy by using the stationary bike. Although it still exposes children to tablets or TV's, it will definitely lessen the time kids spend tinkering electronic devices.

Bike Connectivity

In order for the apps to work, the software must be downloaded on any supported device like tablets or smart TVs. Once the app is installed, parents must then connect the bike to the device via Bluetooth.

Kids will be able to control the educational games supported by the bike through pedaling. The game Mission to Tech City is one of the supported apps. The movement of the characters within the game will rely on the player's pedaling, handlebar movements, and steering directions. Other compatible apps will reportedly sell for $5 each. The apps will run on Android, Amazon Fire, and iOS operating systems.

Fisher-Price is expected to launch more entertaining and educational games in the coming years. Parents will also be able to track the learning progress of their children through the Bluetooth capability of the bike.

Fisher-Price's Smart Cycle toy bike is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. However, for exhibition purposes, a larger one was produced for CES.

This is not the first time that Fisher-Price introduced some awesome features to their toys. Last August, the company announced that the popular action camera GoPro will be integrated into their range of Walker, Gym, and Jumperoo. They also released an intelligent caterpillar toy who knows how to code.

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