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Amazon Is Now Selling A Solar-Powered, Remote-Controlled Tiny House

A tiny house equipped with solar power and wind power systems is now available on Amazon for $24,000. The structure comes with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and automatically expand for an additional living space.

Smart Home August 9, 2019

Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight To Produce Clean And Renewable Fuel

Researchers used semi-artificial photosynthesis to produce and store solar energy. What makes the method better compared with purely artificial photosynthesis techniques when it comes to generating renewable energy?

Energy September 4, 2018

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Gets Cutting Edge Heat-Shield Before August Launch

NASA announced its final and full installation of a heat shield on its Parker Solar Probe that will fly its closest distance to the sun. The heat shield is called the Thermal Protection System.

Space July 8, 2018

Scientists Discover How To Create Low-Cost Solar Cells

Stanford researchers discovered how to make cost-effective and reasonable solar cells. They used nanotechnology to create crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells.

Material Science January 22, 2018

Elon Musk Offers To Rebuild Puerto Rico Power Grid With Solar: Will This Really Happen?

Elon Musk has offered to rebuild the Puerto Rico power grid using solar panels. There are many challenges to such an ambitious project, but it will be a massive triumph for alternative energy if it pushes through.

Business Tech October 7, 2017

Want To Cut Your Electric Bill? This Solar Paint Could Do The Trick

Do you want to save the planet and your bank account? A team of Australian researchers has developed a new solar paint that could help provide clean and affordable energy for all.

Energy June 15, 2017

Forward Labs Has Solar Roofs That Are 33 Percent More Affordable Than Tesla's

Forward Labs, a solar energy company on the rise, is offering cheaper solar roofs than conventional models with a rapid installation process, for good measure. Its mere presence sets up an interesting future for the solar energy industry.

Energy May 29, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Competes With Tesla In Residential Solar Energy And Storage

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its operations into clean energy by following Tesla’s footsteps. The car manufacturer announced its partnership with Vivint Solar for residential energy storage.

Business Tech May 21, 2017

Groundbreaking Graphene-Based Electrode Can Boost Solar Power Storage

The new plant-inspired graphene electrode employs the fractal design of fern leaves to store solar energy at an improved capacity, 3,000 percent bigger than previously available. This prototype paves the way for flexible thin film solar technology.

Material Science April 4, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof Tile Orders Start Next Month, Says Elon Musk: Get Ready For Affordable Clean Energy Solutions

Tesla announced last year that it would offer solar roof tiles as a viable and affordable clean energy solution. Elon Musk has now confirmed that orders for solar roof tiles will kick off in April, so here's what you need to know.

Smart Home March 25, 2017

This Graphene-Powered Electronic Skin Could Give Future Prosthetic Limbs The Sense Of Touch

Researchers have created a prototype of a graphene-powered electronic prosthetic limb. The new technology would mimic the sense of touch, while also running on solar energy.

Material Science March 23, 2017

Local Energy Companies Compete Against Elon Musk To Solve South Australia’s Energy Crisis

Elon Musk’ bet that Tesla can solve Australia’s energy crisis in 100 days gains competition from local companies that want a shot at saving their nation.

Business Tech March 19, 2017

Technology For Low-Cost Solar Cell Manufacturing In Low Temperature Developed

Making solar cells as inexpensively as printing newspapers are in sight. This follows a new breakthrough by researchers at the University of Toronto who developed perovskite solar cells in lower temperature conditions by solving the ESL hurdle.

Energy February 28, 2017

WATCH: Cartoon Elon Musk On Hydrocarbons, Or Why Solar Will Bring An End To Oil

Futurism created a cartoon version of Elon Musk to better illustrate his points about the importance of harnessing and using solar energy to replace oil.

Feature | Science February 26, 2017

Tesla's Gigafactory Will Have The Largest Solar Rooftop

Tesla’s Gigafactory will not only be the biggest building in the world, but reportedly also have the biggest solar rooftop. The Gigafactory is set to become operational by 2018.

Energy January 14, 2017

First Solar Road Goes Public In France

France can be considered as the first country to ever have its roads covered with solar panels. It's an experiment to test if these specialized panels can withstand heavy vehicles on a regular basis, and if the energy generated can power street lights.

Energy December 27, 2016

'Back To The Future' Inspires Solar Nanotech-Powered Clothing

Taking cues from 'Back to the Future,' a scientist from the University of Central Florida has developed solar nanotech-powered clothing that both harvests and stores energy from the sun for various applications.

Material Science November 15, 2016

Tesla Motors Reveals Collaboration With Panasonic For Solar Panel Production: Prelude To SolarCity Merger

Tesla Motors has revealed a possible collaboration with Panasonic on the production of solar panels at SolarCity's Gigafactory. The agreement could showcase what the combined Tesla Motors and SolarCity is capable of.

Business Tech October 17, 2016

Solar Roadways Installs Energy Tiles In Idaho: Here's Why These Colorful Tiles Are Amazing

Solar Roadways installed the first solar road panels in Sandpoint, Idaho. The solar road tiles contain colorful LEDs that can be used for creating lights and signs without the need of permanent paint.

Energy October 3, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 Is First Solar-Powered Plane To Cross The Atlantic

The Solar Impulse 2 recently completed its journey across the Atlantic, making the 15th leg of its journey to circumnavigate the world a success. The 15th stage started in New York on Monday and ended on Thursday in Seville, Spain.

Energy June 23, 2016

Chile Gives Away Electricity For Free Because It Produces Too Much

Thanks to a booming mining industry and economic growth, Chile is facing such an overwhelming surge in its solar energy industry that it has given away free electricity. The country continues to struggle toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

Energy June 6, 2016

Artificial Leaf Converts Solar Energy To Fuel That May One Day Power Your Car

The Bionic Leaf 2.0 can power your vehicles and help address the world’s fuel consumption problems someday. This new 'artificial leaf' uses solar energy to divide hydrogen-eating bacteria and water molecules to produce liquid fuels.

Energy June 4, 2016

Solar And Wind Energy In Single Device To Power 'Internet Of Things'

For the first time, researchers combined solar cell and nanogenerator technologies to convert solar and wind power into electricity and power the 'Internet of Things' when installed on real rooftops in huge numbers.

Energy May 28, 2016

New Solar Cells Transform Heat Into Usable Energy

Researchers from MIT have developed a device that allows solar cells to transform heat into electricity. Since the device depends on heat emissions rather than direct sunlight, the method can produce continuous flow of electricity.

Energy May 25, 2016

Solar Powered Plane Completes Three-Day Nonstop Flight Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Mountain View Sunday to culminate its Hawaii-California leg, deemed its riskiest so far. The solar-powered plane is deemed a major innovation in the use of clean technologies for air travel.

Energy April 25, 2016

Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream As Capacity Grows 10-Fold Within Seven Years

The solar energy industry is one of the fast growing industries across the world. Experts expect that solar energy will become mainstream as the capacity grows 10-fold in the next seven years.

Energy April 24, 2016

Graphene Solar Cell Generates Electricity From Sun And Rain

Scientists in China are developing revolutionary solar cells that could trigger electricity from both the sun and rain. The incredible process could lay the foundation for future all-weather solar panels.

Energy April 11, 2016

Reverse Photosynthesis May Hold Key To Faster, Greener Industrial Production

Reverse photosynthesis may pave the way for faster and greener industrial production. With the help of sunlight, energy sources and biofuels may be produced via natural and more efficient means.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2016

Perovskite Solar Cells Raise Efficiency By Recycling Light

Solar cells could soon become far more efficent through the use of hybrid lead-halide perovskites. What is photon recycling, and how could it change the world?

March 30, 2016

Egg Unboiling Machine May Revolutionize Electronics And Drugs

An egg unboiling machine developed by Australian scientists could cut carbon nanotubes with great precision. This could pave the way for potential uses in medicine and electronics.

Animals March 13, 2016

Whole Foods To Install Rooftop Solar System At 100 Stores

Whole Foods will soon harness solar energy in its stores. The Austin, Texas-based grocery chain aims to be among the biggest corporate solar energy users in the U.S., eyeing both environmental benefits and protection from future energy cost hikes.

Energy March 9, 2016

Engineers Build Solar-Powered Batteries Using Rust

Stanford researchers built solar batteries using metal oxides such as rust. This is hoped to pave the way for large-scale solar energy storage in the future, given solar power as a limitless resource.

Energy February 28, 2016

This Solar Cell Is Incredibly Thin And Lightweight It Can Rest On Top Of Soap Bubble

Scientists invented an ultra-thin solar cell so lightweight it can lay on top of a soap bubble without popping it. The research team said the breakthrough is in the process, not in the materials used.

Energy February 27, 2016

Morocco Launches World's Largest Solar Plant To Supply Renewable Energy To More Than 1 Million People

Morocco has switched on the first phase of its ambitious solar power plant, which is the world's biggest the time it is completed by 2018. It will provide electricity to 1.1 million and will export renewable energy to Europe and other parts of the world.

Energy February 6, 2016

California Upholds Net Metering Policy For Homeowners Using Solar Panels

California on Thursday voted to maintain its current net metering policy, allowing residential solar panel users to keep selling their excess electricity. The decision received both praise and criticism from experts.

Business January 29, 2016

Japan Starts Constructing The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm To Power 5,000 Homes Every Year

Japan's Kyocera Corporation is set to build the world's largest floating solar farm by 2018 to solve the current reliance on expensive imported energy. The increased effort to build renewable energy sources is propelled by the March 2010 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant incident.

Energy January 29, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop Material That Easily Stores Solar Energy That Can Be Released As Heat On Demand

MIT says the technology could be used to remove ice from car windshields and also to make clothes warmer.

Energy January 14, 2016

New Material Soaks Up And Stores Solar Heat, Can Release It Later On Demand

Researchers have developed a new material that could be used in self-warming clothing or for melting ice on car windshields. The simple polymer film stores the sun's energy in a chemical state.

Animals January 11, 2016

Building A Solar-Powered Oasis Underground

An exclusive interview with the co-founder and creator of New York City's underground forest.

Energy November 16, 2015

New Super Light-Absorbing Metamaterial Is Inspired By Lotus Leaves

The material absorbs virtually all light in the visible spectrum, making it potentially useful for astronomers and solar energy engineers.

FUTURE TECH November 10, 2015

Renewable Power Poses Ecological Threats: Solar Energy Plants In California Harm Wildlife And Animals, Study Says

A new study analyzed 161 existing and planned large-scale Californian solar energy facilities and their effects on natural habitats. A majority of solar power sites were on natural landscapes spanning about 145 square miles, while about 85 percent were located in undeveloped areas.

Earth/Environment October 21, 2015

Engineers Use A Quantum-Tweaked Virus To Make Better Solar Power

Quantum physics, virology, sustainability and engineering come together to create the most efficient solar panel cells.

Science October 20, 2015

Genetically Engineered Virus Improves Efficiency Of Solar Cells

Scientists have genetically engineered a virus which can improve the efficiency of solar cells by using the same quantum effects that plants apply during photosynthesis. Scientists hope that practical applications will be done in the future.

Energy October 16, 2015

Ever Wondered How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Power Up The World? Here's The Answer

Land Art Generator calculates the number of solar panels needed to provide renewable energy to the entire Earth. Currently, only 0.39 percent of the overall energy in the U.S. comes from solar energy.

Animals October 8, 2015

Kirigami-inspired Solar Cells Could Capture More Sunlight Even On Slanted Roofs: Here's Why

Using the Japanese art of Kirigami, University of Michigan researchers developed lightweight sun tracking solar cells capable of absorbing more energy from the sun compared with traditional panels.

Energy September 12, 2015

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