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NASA Releases Photo Of UK Taken From Space

The United Kingdom looked stunning from the International Space Station. NASA released an image of the British Isles and Ireland from low-Earth orbit, showing lush greenery and blue seas.

Space April 19, 2019

Study Shows 'Higher Levels Of PTSD' Affecting More Veterans

Researchers from the UK found that the rate of probable PTSD among military personnel increased in the past two years. The increase was mostly noticed among ex-servicing military personnel deplyed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Public Health October 9, 2018

Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem 2,000 Years Before He Was Born

A new book claims that the Stonehenge builders followed Pythagoras' theorem when they built it around 2500 B.C. in the United Kingdom. Greek mathematician Pythagoras was not born until 570 B.C.

Ancient June 21, 2018

McDonald’s To Stop Using Plastic Straws In The United Kingdom And Ireland

McDonald’s UK and Ireland announced that it would be incorporating paper straws into all its restaurants starting in September. Australia, France, and Sweden are among the countries that would also get paper straws.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2018

UK Mother Fights To Get 12-Year-Old Son’s Cannabis Medication Back From Government

A United Kingdom mother is fighting the government over her 12-year-old son’s epilepsy medication. Government officials confiscated the cannabis oil after they discovered it carried an illegal substance.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

The UK To Focus On Banning Junk Food Advertising In Hopes To Cut Childhood Obesity

United Kingdom government leaders are aiming to crack down with advertisements on foods that have high salt, sugar, and fat content. They believe it could curb the nation’s growing childhood obesity problem.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 4, 2018

England At Risk Of Water Drought Due To Overuse, According To Study

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency released a new study that England would face a potential water drought in 2050. The agency believes that climate change, population growth, and leakage could cause it.

Earth/Environment May 23, 2018

California Now The 5th Largest Economy In The World, Bigger Than United Kingdom

The Golden State now has the biggest economy in the world surpassing that of the United Kingdom. All of California's economic sectors contributed for its higher GDP except one.

Business Tech May 6, 2018

US, UK Team Up To Study Massive Glacier In Antarctica

Scientists are heading to Antarctica to study the Thwaites Glacier and how its melting could affect the sea level rising. The two organizations that are spearheading the research are the National Science Foundation and Natural Environment Research Council.

Earth/Environment April 30, 2018

Man With ‘World's Worst’ Super Gonorrhea Is Cured

A British man just got cured from the 'world’s worst' super gonorrhea. The unidentified man picked up the sexually transmitted disease while he was on a trip in Southeast Asia.

Public Health April 20, 2018

Toxic Chemicals: What Are Nerve Agents And What Do They Do?

The alleged poisoning of a former Russian spy in Wiltshire, England that was exposed by British MP Theresa May once again brings the use of nerve agents to international attention. What exactly are nerve agents and what do they do?

Biotech March 20, 2018

British Great Tits Are Evolving Longer Beaks Because Of Bird Feeders

The said British national pastime of bird feeding may have caused British tits to rapidly develop longer beaks. The birds with the longer beaks evidently visit automated bird feeders more often that those with shorter beaks.

Animals October 19, 2017

UK Targets Calorie Reduction In Popular Food Items To Combat Childhood Obesity

Health officials in the UK aim to reduce the caloric content of popular food items such as pizzas and burgers. This is in response to the obesity and type 2 diabetes rate among children in the UK.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 19, 2017

Charlie Gard's Story: Parents Spend Last Few Hours With Terminally Ill Baby After European Court Rejects Intervention

After fighting to send Baby Charlie to the United States for an experimental treatment, parents Chris and Connie are spending the last few hours with their son before his life support gets removed.

Public Health June 30, 2017

Sun Tan On Kids Is Not A Sign Of Good Health

Parents, beware: having your kids sun tanned is not a sign of good health, a new study has revealed. Researchers said a sun tan or sun burn is caused by damaged skin.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2017

Apple Helped UK Terrorism Investigations By Handing Over Metadata: How Is This Different From Breaking Encryption?

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company has helped United Kingdom officials in their investigations into the series of terrorist attacks in the country. Apple is said to have handed over metadata, which is different from breaking encryption.

Apple June 6, 2017

Ancient 'Geological Brexit': How Britain Separated From Europe Thousands Of Years Ago

Ancient Britain was geologically connected to Europe until the Dover-Calais land bridge was destroyed. Researchers revealed how this happened in a two-stage event called Brexit 1.0.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2017

UK Government Wants Access To WhatsApp: 'There Should Be No Place For Terrorists To Hide'

United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd is calling for WhatsApp and other encrypted communication services to open up their platforms to intelligence teams. Last week, the man behind the London incident checked his WhatsApp account shortly before the attack.

Security March 27, 2017

New Dinosaur Origin Theory Claims First Ones Emerged 15 Million Years Earlier, In What Is Now UK

A new study redraws the two major branches of the dinosaur family tree. The proposal suggested that the first dinosaurs emerged 15 million years earlier than believed, in the northern part of the planet that is now the United Kingdom.

Ancient March 23, 2017

Fossil Remains Of 430-Million-Year-Old Crustacean Named After Sir David Attenborough

A 430-million-year-old crustacean’s fossil remains have been named to honor the famous British naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The fossil remains may help shed light on the history of the crustacean family.

Ancient March 23, 2017

Here’s What Polar Research Vessel Boaty McBoatface Is Up To

Remotely operated submarine Boaty McBoatface is off to its first scientific mission in the Antarctic. Amid naming controversies, the UK polar research ship will probe water flow and turbulence in the dark recesses of the Orkney Passage.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2017

25 Million UK Homes Should Be Insulated By 2050 To Reduce Carbon Emissions

One home every minute must be insulated in the United Kingdom to decrease the country's carbon emissions, a new report suggests. However, experts say achieving this standard by 2050 might prove difficult.

Earth/Environment February 28, 2017

One-Third Of Eating Disorder Patients Not Referred For Proper Care: Survey

One-third of eating disorders sufferers are not endorsed to a mental health service for treatment when they visit a doctor. This has prompted a UK charity to call for better medical school training in spotting anorexia nervosa and similar conditions.

Public Health February 27, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 65 Years As Monarch: Look Back At Britain's Longest Reign

Queen Elizabeth II has become an enduring symbol of tireless devotion to her country. She is widely considered as the most-photographed and most-traveled leader and the world's longest-reigning living monarch.

Celebrities February 7, 2017

Blue Monday: Is It Really The Most Depressing Day Of The Year?

“Blue Monday” this year in the United Kingdom has been predicted to be the bluest of all with events such as Brexit and deaths of well-loved celebrities, but is it scientifically the gloomiest day all year long?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 17, 2017

UK University Allows Students To Play 'Pokémon GO' As Part Of Course Requirements: Brilliant Move Or Pointless Gimmick?

Salford University is allowing students under the business information technology program to play 'Pokémon GO' as part of the course requirements. Is this a good move by the institution?

Video Games October 3, 2016

UK Set To Adopt Plan For Carbon Emissions Reduction This Week

Britain is poised to adopt a proposal this week on how it can cut down fossil fuel-related pollution by 2030. This would allow the country to reduce its carbon emissions by 57 percent below levels set in 1990.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2016

After Citizens Vote For Brexit, UK Asks Google 'What Is The EU?'

The citizens of the United Kingdom have voted for the country to leave the European Union. However, it seems that they only thought of the implications of their choice after the polls closed.

Internet June 25, 2016

How Will Brexit Affect Science And Higher Learning In The United Kingdom?

The results are in: the United Kingdom is now separating from the European Union. In the wake of this decision, scientists are concerned: how will Brexit affect science in the UK?

June 25, 2016

Math Problem Given To 10-Year-Old Baffles Internet

Professional mathematicians, along with people around the world, are stumped trying to find the answer to a math problem assigned to 10-year-old students in the UK. So, what's the answer?

June 24, 2016

Brexit Is Not A New Drug: Here's What Brexit Is And Why You Should Care

The looming deadline for Brexit votes are drawing closer and everyone in the EU is at the edge of their seats. The results from this poll are expected to affect not only European countries but global nations as well.

Business Tech June 20, 2016

Bloodsucking Vampire Fish On The Rise In UK Rivers

It's too early for Halloween, but swimmers in the UK are on the lookout for bloodsucking vampire fish in the rivers. The lampreys are back and they're out to suck blood.

Animals May 26, 2016

30 Years Of Faulty Dietary Advice Is Dangerous For Fight Against Obesity: Health Charity

A new report by the National Obesity Forum suggests that urging people to adhere to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet is dangerous for the fight against obesity. The report has provoked a backlash in the scientific community.

Public Health May 23, 2016

Rare Arctic Bowhead Whale Seen For Only The Second Time In History

Bowhead whales are seldom seen in British waters. The one that was spotted last Sunday was only the second to date in the country's territory, a rare sighting that proved to be a fascinating one.

Animals May 18, 2016

UK Wants To Bring Back To Life Eric, Grandfather Of Robots: Here's How You Can Help

Museum curators in the United Kingdom are planning to bring back to life a sensational robot that once became prominent in the late 1920s. Here is how you can help turn this into reality.

Robotics May 15, 2016

Leprosy Affecting Threatened Red Squirrel Prompts New Study

Researchers launched a new study to analyze the spreading leprosy strain affecting the endangered red squirrels in the United Kingdom. Wildlife experts want to distinguish how the bacteria is passed between the animals and how to control it from spreading.

Animals May 9, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Feared Being Stranded In Space Due To Worsening Russia-UK Relations

British astronaut Tim Peake once feared being abandoned at the International Space Station. Such worry cropped up with the possibility that the conflict between Russia and the UK will worsen.

Space May 7, 2016

Two-Fifths Of Parkinson's Patients Hide Symptoms, Diagnosis: Survey

People who are diagnosed with Parkinson's delay sharing their disease from others, even to those who are close to them. Nearly two-fifths of these people have felt forced to hide their symptoms or even lie about their diagnosis.

Life April 20, 2016

Woman Loses Baby After Doctors Refused Her Caesarian To Save Costs

A coroner's report in the UK confirmed a baby's death from severe brain damage after his mother was refused C-section birth reportedly due to maternal delivery cost considerations. The case also raised the matter of women's right to their personal choices in maternity care.

Life April 16, 2016

NHS Recruits Doctors From India To Plug Staffing Crisis

Doctors in India were offered a tempting job opportunity. The United Kingdom is in need of more general practitioners to address the country's staffing crisis.

Life April 9, 2016

Most People Over 90 At Peace With Dying: Study

A new study in the United Kingdom revealed that most people aged 90 and above are at peace with dying. The report also found that the elderly are willing to talk about dying, but are seldom asked about it.

Life April 7, 2016

Brits Miss An Hour Of Sleep Every Night: Study

On average, one hour of sleep is lost among Britons each night. Equivalent to an entire night's sleep in a week, this could lead to a variety of health problems.

Life April 2, 2016

NICE Recommends Use Of Abiraterone For Prostate Cancer

NICE now recommends the use of Janssen Pharmaceuticals' drug abiraterone for prostate cancer patients prior to chemotherapy. The change in decision was prompted by new evidence of the drug's cost-effectiveness.

Life March 23, 2016

NHS Publishes Advice To Address High Stillbirth Rates

The National Health Service has released new guidelines for maternity units and expectant mothers in order to address the high stillbirth rates in the United Kingdom. It is the first time that guidance is advised to reduce stillbirth rates, experts said.

Life March 21, 2016

Massive Meteor Blazes Across UK Skies On St Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day, residents in the United Kingdom saw a massive meteor blazing across the sky. The meteor emitted a bluish-green light at around 3:16 a.m. GMT.

Space March 19, 2016

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