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Mostly Sunny With A Chance Of Sonic Booms: USAF Warns California Residents To Expect SpaceX Rocket Landing

The U.S. Air Force issued an advisory to warn the public about the launch and landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Residents might hear sonic booms which are completely normal and safe.

Space October 7, 2018

Bright Light Streaks California, Nevada And Arizona Night Sky - What Was That?

The nature of the bright light that was visible from California, Nevada and Arizona recently was finally revealed. Calming rumors from social media, officials from the government declared that the mysterious light was not a UFO, an airplane or a meteor.

FUTURE TECH December 24, 2015

X-37B touches base finally: What was the secretive space plane up to for nearly 2 years in orbit?

Was the X-37 on a mission to spy on Earth, drop bombs, or follow the Chinese space station? Theories on the Internet range from the probable to the impossible.

Space October 19, 2014

Covert military plane to return from mysterious space mission on Tuesday

An X-37B space plane is due back on Earth, following a secret military mission, spending 22 months in orbit.

Space October 13, 2014

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