Tag: Women's History Month

2 NASA Astronauts To Conduct First All-Female Spacewalk In History

More women continue to change the face of STEM and two of them are about to do it in space. Christina Koch and Anne McClain will be the first all-female crew to do a spacewalk at the International Space Station on March 29.

Space March 7, 2019

Celebrate Women's History Month With The SciMoji Sticker Pack Starring Female Scientists

General Electric released a new sticker pack for iMessage that celebrates women in science.

Apps/Software March 1, 2017

Nintendo Celebrates Women's History Month With Samus, Bayonetta, And Toadette

Nintendo is celebrating Women's History Month by featuring seven of its female characters in Rosie the Riveter posters.

Geek March 19, 2015

'The Women On $20s' Organization Pushes To Replace Image On $20 Bill With Rosa Parks And Harriet Tubman

A man has dominated the face of the U.S. dollar ever since its inception. Now, an organization aims to place an image of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, or Eleanor Roosevelt on the $20 bill to replace President Andrew Jackson's portrait.

Society March 4, 2015

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