Thanks to the Unicode Consortium's addition of more diverse emojis, both iOS and Android users now have a better representation of female characters to reflect the various roles of women like being doctors, teachers, engineers and scientists.

And now General Electric is further celebrating strong women in science with the launch of the new SciMoji sticker pack for iMessage.

Perfect to send all Women's History Month long, Scimoji features characters that acknowledge and praise some of the top female scientists and engineers throughout history.

These include Katharine Burr Blodget, the first fwoman to receive a PhD from the University of Cambridge who became a research scientist at GE and invented the low-reflectance "invisible" glass that used in eyeglasses, as well as Millie Dresselhaus, the "queen of carbon" physicists known for her work on graphite.

Other women celebrated in the sticker pack include the first female engineer Edith Clarke, Alice Ball, the African American chemist who developed a treatment for leprosy, and Lise Meitner, who was part of the team that discovered nuclear fission of uranium.

There is also Elizabeth Blackburn, won a Nobel Prize for her molecular biology research to advance cancer research and Joan Higginbotham, third ever African American woman to fly into space.

Amalie Emmy Noether, Chien-Shiung Wi and Beatrice Shilling are other females who got the SciMoji treatment.

Each sticker includes one of the faces of these influential women, as well as a pun related to the person. SciMoji is perfect for sending friends a science or math related sticker when talking about homework and school, or science fans, and just about anyone else looking to celebrating iconic women.

SciMoji is just one of the ways GE is celebrating Women's History Month.

GE's recent report revealed that omen are still under-represented in the technology sector with 13-24 percent represented in IT and Engineering positions globally. To help change this, the company announced its goal to have 20,000 women fill STEM roles at GE by 2020 to have more equality in the workplace.

SciMoji is available for free in the iMessage App Store and is compatible with iPhone 5 and above, running on iOS 10.

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