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Zebra Stripes Used To Regulate Heat, Study Finds

Why do zebras have stripes? Previous research found that it is probably to ward of biting insects, but a new one suggests it could also be helping zebras with thermoregulation.

Animals June 14, 2019

Why Zebras Have Black And White Stripes: New Study Says Not For Camouflage

A zebra's black and white stripes are apparently not for camouflage, experts in California said. If that is so, what are zebra stripes for, then?

Animals January 25, 2016

Zebra Stripes Don't Help Against Predators Says Study

A new study conducted by University of Cambridge scientists suggests that the characteristic stripes on zebras do not offer the animal any protection against potential predators unlike what was initially believed.

Earth/Environment August 14, 2015

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