Five Reasons You Should Buy An iPhone 6s And Not iPhone 7

26 September 2016, 4:20 pm EDT

The iPhone 7 is certainly a beauty, offering several upgrades that set it apart from last year's iPhone 6s.

For Apple enthusiasts, the coming of a new phone simply means they have a new toy to play with until the next one comes the next year. However, for newcomers, this new phone means something entirely different - the chance to get a still-solid phone at a relatively low price.

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, the ones from the year before it get a price cut. So, now, newcomers are left with an interesting question: "Should I buy an iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7?"

Apple will give you all the reasons in the world as to why you should go with the iPhone 7, but here are five reasons why you should avoid paying a premium and buy last year's model:

1. Price

The first thing to note when considering whether to buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s is the price.

As mentioned before, whenever Apple releases a brand new handset, the price of the one that came before inevitably drops, and this year is no different. Whereas the iPhone 7 costs $649 (32 GB), $749 (128 GB) and $849 (256 GB), the iPhone 6s is now $549 (32 GB) and $649 (128 GB). As an added bonus, the 6s comes unlocked, meaning you don't have to deal with any carrier plans.

This price differential is important because it serves to put the rest of the points into perspective.

2. 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

This is like beating a dead horse at this point, but it still deserves to be mentioned: the iPhone 6s has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, while the iPhone 7 does not.

Apple claimed to have removed the headphone jack because it had "the courage to move on, do something better." However, in reality, this move was done to make space for the "taptic button," a button with haptic feedback that's force-sensitive, as well as a grill for the barometer vent.

So, while the phone gains a new button, users lose the ability to charge said phone while using the included dongle or Lightning-connected EarPods. This might not be a big deal a few months down the road, but currently, there aren't many Lightning headphones available, and Bluetooth is still a bit frustrating to use at times.

3. Same Display/Resolution

The iPhone 7 takes many "courageous" steps forward, but display and resolution aren't among them.

As things stand, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 have the exact same screen size and resolution, as well as the same screen resolution and screen pixels per inch. To be specific, both phones feature a 4.7-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1,334 by 750 pixels and pixel density of 326.

4. Software

For a brief period of time, the iPhone 7 had an advantage in terms of software because it was set to run iOS 10 from the start (as opposed to iPhone 6s, which only had iOS 9).

However, this advantage is now moot, since as of Sept. 13, all Apple devices (which obviously includes the 6s) can now run iOS 10.

5. Casual Use

The iPhone 7 is a clear winner in terms of processing speed and its camera(s), featuring an A10 Fusion processor and f/1.8 aperture.

The issue, however, is that these only really shine for gamers and photographers. If you are simply using the phone for casual use, then these upgraded specs mean next to nothing.


All in all, the iPhone 7 is indeed superior to the iPhone 6s, but at $100 extra, it doesn't necessarily offer enough to be a worthy purchase for some people (especially when considering that it comes locked). In that case, going for the cheaper alternative in getting the iPhone 6s might be the better option.

Also, of course, if you want to get the iPhone 6s, then you'll likely want to a good phone case to go with it - especially since it is less durable than the iPhone 7.

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