Apple Ad Featuring Neil Patrick Harris Touts iPhone 6s 4K Video Recording With Onions At Molecular Level

Apple recently published two ads highlighting the iPhone 6s’ potential. The new commercials focus on the 4K video capture capability of the device, as well as the Touch ID potential, and one of them stars Neil Patrick Harris.

Apple April 26, 2016

Apple Spikes iPhone 6s, 6 And 5s Prices In India By Hefty 29 Percent After iPhone SE Launch

Apple changed its pricing policy in India, hitting many iPhone models. The company reportedly ramped up the prices of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s by as much as 29 percent, and there is good reason for it.

Apple April 26, 2016

Movies And iBooks Services Shutdown In China Is Big Blow To Apple: Here's Why

China is getting tough with Apple. The iPhone never was the apple of the government's eye, but at least it had been treated better than other outsiders.

Apple April 24, 2016

Apple Hires Former Tesla Engineer, Hints At Prototyping Car Parts

Apple has reportedly hired a former Tesla vehicle engineer to head its special project codenamed Project Titan. The company is on a hiring spree, even poaching from rivals, to make its electric car dream come true.

Apple April 25, 2016

Best Buy Offers $75 Discount On 12.9-Inch iPad Pro, $70 On iPad Mini 2

Best Buy is offering $75 off on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and $70 discount on the iPad Mini 2. The deals are part of Best Buy's four-day sale that ends on Monday, April 25.

Apple April 23, 2016

Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2016 With New Ad For Green Data Centers: iMessage Renewable Energy [Video]

Apple released a new advertisement, touting its green data centers in time for Earth Day 2016. The new ad showcased the company’s support to renewable energy and how users can show love every time they send an iMessage.

Apple April 22, 2016

Apple Pay Availability Tops 2 Million Locations, Soon Adding Chains Like Chick-Fil-A

Apple Pay is now supported in more than 2 million retail locations. The company also announced that other establishments such as Au Bon Pain, Crate & Barrel and Chick-Fil-A will soon be adding support to the payment service.

Apple February 4, 2016

Apple Tales Of Account Recovery: Widow Needs Court Order To Get Late Husband's Apple ID Password

A widow finds it ridiculous that Apple has demanded a court order for her to access her late husband’s Apple ID. Apple declined to comment when asked about its official policy for accessing the digital property of dead family members.

Apple January 20, 2016

Apple plans to open 25 more stores in China: Tim Cook

Despite security concerns, Apple sees China as a potentially lucrative market. The company plans to add 25 retail stores to the existing 15 in the country in a span of two years.

Apple October 24, 2014

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