How To Get iOS 10 Beta On Your iPhone Or iPad Without A Developer Account

The iOS 10 is one of the biggest topics in Apple's ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference. Users who could not wait until the operating system's official launch in the fall can try it out through these methods.

Apple June 15, 2016

You Will Finally Be Able To Delete Stock Apps On iOS 10, But There's A Catch

Users will finally be able to delete stock apps once Apple rolls out iOS 10 later this year. However, there is a catch in removing these built-in apps.

Apple June 14, 2016

Apple Introduces New File System That Focuses On Security

Apple's new file system, simply named the Apple File System or APFS, is able to offer a unified encryption method for all Apple devices. It is currently available in preview form to developers and is expected to launch next year.

Apple June 15, 2016

PayPal, Beware: Apple Pay Expanding Into Online Shopping

Apple is expanding its Apple Pay service into the web for Mac desktop and laptop users. The move, which will be launched in the fall, will put Apple Pay in direct competition with PayPal.

Apple June 14, 2016

WWDC 2016: The 16 Biggest Announcements Apple Made This Year At Its Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, showcasing what’s coming soon. Here are the 16 big announcements the company made during WWDC 2016.

Apple June 14, 2016

iOS 10 Best New Features Shown Off By Apple At WWDC 2016 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Apple showed off iOS 10 to the world at WWDC 2016. Here's a look at some of iOS 10's best new features.

Apple June 14, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 With OLED Touch Panel Concept Images Surface, And They're Awesome

Designer Martin Hajek has shared some concept renders for the MacBook Pro 2016. The concept design shows off the much-rumored OLED Touch panel in action.

Apple June 11, 2016

How To Watch WWDC 2016 And What To Expect: iOS 10, Mac OS, Siri And More

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference will run from June 13 to June 17. Here are ways to watch the event, and what to expect from it.

Apple June 11, 2016

The Next iPhone Will Have Intel Inside: Why Is Apple Replacing Qualcomm Chips?

Apple will tap Intel as a supplier for modem chips for the next iPhone, a component that was previously supplied only by Qualcomm. If the report is true, what would be the reason behind such as a decision?

Apple June 11, 2016

NYC Apple Store Robbed By Thieves Disguised As Employees: $16,000 Worth Of iPhones Stolen

New York’s Apple Stores were again subject to robbery, and this time, the culprits stole $16,000 worth of iPhones. The modus operandi was seen before, and it looks like the thieves are really giving Apple the blues.

Apple June 10, 2016

Apple Will Reportedly Unveil iMessage For Android At WWDC 2016

A rumor has emerged claiming that Apple will allegedly introduce iMessage for Android at the WWDC 2016. This could be Apple's response to Google's latest move to unwrap its newest cross-platform messaging app named Allo.

Apple June 10, 2016

You Know Apple. Now Say Hello To Apple Energy

Apple incorporated a new subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, that will power its operations and sell excess clean energy.

Apple June 11, 2016

These Are The Big Changes Apple Made To App Store - And Bigger Changes Are On The Way

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, announced big changes coming to the App Store from now until the fall. These include increased app review times and the introduction of ads in the search results.

Apple June 9, 2016

Apple May Reach Compromise For Retail Stores In India: Limited-Time Exemption

Apple could plant its retail stores in India sooner than expected. A new report claims that the company might be exempted from the mandatory sourcing of components, but there is a catch.

Apple June 7, 2016

WWDC 2016 App Adds Apple TV To List Of Supported Devices, Gets Sleek New Dark Theme

Apple recently rolled out its WWDC app version 5.0, allowing more users to be part of the developer conference. The WWDC 2016 is almost here and the updated app should let more coders be part of the event.

Apple June 6, 2016

Apple's iCloud, App Store And Other Online Services Now Back In Business After Widespread Outage

Apple online services ranging from iCloud to iTunes to Apple TV were unreliable for two days, but the company has now fixed the issues. Apple did not comment on the cause of the widespread outage that hit most of its services.

Apple June 3, 2016

Apple Watch Getting Too Few New Apps: Why Are Developers Ignoring WatchOS?

Developers are creating very few new apps for the Apple Watch and watchOS, according to mobile database Realm's VP Tim Anglade. What would Apple have to do to entice developers to make Apple Watch apps?

Apple May 31, 2016

Apple Splurges On New San Francisco Store: Staircase Alone Costs $1 Million

Apple's new flagship store in San Francisco is a testament to the company's tech-savvy culture, and it doesn't come cheap. The company spent a whopping $1 million on the staircase alone.

Apple May 30, 2016

New 13-Inch Retina MacBook To Launch In Q3, But No MacBook Air 2016 Upgrades: Analyst

Well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple will release a new 13-inch Retina MacBook in Q3, kicking the MacBook Air to the entry-level tier. According to the analyst, no major upgrades are in store for the MacBook Air lineup.

Apple May 28, 2016

Apple Is 'Working Rapidly' To Make Apple Pay Available In All Significant Markets

According to Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey, Apple is 'working rapidly' to expand the mobile payments service in Asia and Europe. The service is now available in six countries.

Apple May 29, 2016

Apple Hits Retail Wall In India: Government Requires Locally Sourced Goods

Apple is facing a major setback in its plans to open retail stores in India, as the government requires at least 30 percent of the goods sold to be made locally. Apple reportedly applied for a waiver, but failed to justify it.

Apple May 27, 2016

Apple Reportedly Shows Interest In Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

A new report has surfaced claiming that Apple is reportedly showing interest in charging stations for electric cars. The report also suggests that Apple is currently hiring engineers who are deemed experts in the area.

Apple May 26, 2016

24-Hour iPad Air 2 Offer: 128 GB Wi-Fi Model For Only $499 With Free Case

B&H Photo has launched a 24-hour offer for the 128 GB Wi-Fi only model of the iPad Air 2. The tablet is being sold at a $200 discount for only $499, with a free BlooPro Case worth $19.99.

Apple May 25, 2016

Apple Smart Speaker Coming Soon As Siri SDK Will Be Available To Developers: Amazon Echo In The Crosshairs?

It seems that Amazon Echo is in the crosshairs as a new rumor suggests that Apple could be preparing its very own smart speaker. Further rumors say Apple will soon make the Siri SDK available to developers.

Apple May 25, 2016

Tim Cook Recognizes Apple iPhone Prices Are High In India

The prices of iPhones in India are high, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted. However, the company focuses on doing the best, rather than doing the most.

Apple May 25, 2016

Apple Plans To Release Thinner And Lighter MacBook Pro With Touch ID Support, OLED Display Touch Bar

The new MacBook Pro models, expected to be unveiled next month, are said to feature an OLED display touch bar to replace the physical function keys. The new models will also be thinner and lighter compared to their predecessor.

Apple May 24, 2016

2016 MacBook Pro Approaching June Debut: Here's What We Know So Far

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is nearing and several hints show that a new MacBook Pro is set for release. The upcoming laptop is said to pack beefy specs and a few productivity and security features.

Apple May 23, 2016

Purported iPhone 7 Case Hints Of 4 Speakers, Larger Camera Aperture

An alleged leaked case for the upcoming iPhone 7 reveals a few pieces of unknown information. One new tidbit is that the iPhone 7 will apparently have four speakers, with the case having four speaker grilles in total.

Apple May 23, 2016

Apple Pulls iOS 9.3.2 Update For 9.7-Inch iPad Pro To Avoid Bricking More Tablets

Apple rolled out iOS 9.3.2 just recently and the update is already giving iPad Pro owners a hard time. Reports have started piling up about the 9.7-inch iPad Pro bricking during installation, and the OEM has a solution for it.

Apple May 21, 2016

iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus To Have OIS, Samsung And LG Splitting Camera Module Orders

Apple will be expanding the optical image stabilization feature to both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In addition, LG will help in supplying camera modules for the smartphones.

Apple May 22, 2016

New Apple Flagship Store In San Francisco Gives You A Glimpse Of The Future Of Its Retail Stores

Ahead of the store launch, Apple is already showing off its new Union Square location and the future of Apple retail outlets. Many of the store's new features will be rolled out to other locations around the world.

Apple May 20, 2016

Apple Bets More On India With Hyderabad Maps Development Office

Apple announced plans to open a new office in Hyderabad, India, which will focus on Maps development. The venture will create up to 4,000 jobs, according to the company.

Apple May 19, 2016

Siri For Mac Shows Her Face In Leaked Screenshots Of OS X 10.12 And Has A Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve

It's better late than never. Leaked images of Mac OS X 10.12 show the iOS digital assistant, Siri, will make the jump to Apple's desktop OS, further blurring the lines between iOS and OS X.

Apple May 20, 2016

Apple Will Open A Design And Development Accelerator In India In 2017

Apple wants to help accelerate India's iOS developer community. To do that, it's launching an iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru.

Apple May 18, 2016

Apple Sends Two Senior Engineers To Customer's House To Investigate iTunes Deletion Bug

The iTunes deletion bug was first brought to light by blogger and freelance composer James Pinkstone, who lost 122 GB worth of his own music. Apple then sent two senior engineers to Pinkstone's house to take a look at the issue.

Apple May 18, 2016

Apple Releases OS X 10.11.5, But Still No Safari Crash Fix

Apple has just released the next update for its Macs, OS X 10.11.5. Despite the list of fixes and improvements in the release, Safari still remains prone to crashing and freezing the OS.

Apple May 17, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visiting India To Meet Prime Minister And Announce New Bengaluru Facility

Tim Cook is visiting India, as Apple plans to expand in the country. The Apple CEO met Indian PM Narendra Modi and announced exciting new developments.

Apple May 18, 2016

Apple Promises A Fix For iTunes Bug Responsible For Deleting Your Music Files

Apple is working to get to the bottom of an iTunes issue that is erasing users' locally stored music. Some think the deletions are by design.

Apple May 14, 2016

MacBook Pro Owners Report Problems With OS X 10.11.4 Update, Here's How To Downgrade To Earlier OS

One user told Mac Rumors that, after instilling the update, which was release by Apple on March 21, the freezes in his system have been occurring 'about once a week.'

Apple May 13, 2016

Apple Speeds Up App Approval Times To Improve Services Revenue: Report

Apple has cut down the app review process from nine days to only two. The company is improving the app review turnaround to generate more revenue in the App Store.

Apple May 13, 2016

Apple Says It Cannot Restore The iPhone Belonging To Florida Boy Lost At Sea

The father of Austin Stephanos is going to push for further testing on the phone in hopes of learning what may have happened to the two boys.

Apple May 12, 2016

iPhone 6 And 6 Plus On Sale For Straight Talk Now At Walmart: Here's The Deal

Walmart announced a significant price cut on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Users switching to Straight Talk can enjoy unlimited talk, text, data and more.

Apple May 12, 2016

Ex-Apple CEO Not Impressed With Apple Watch, Says It 'Doesn't Have Enough Utility'

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is not impressed with the functionalities of the Apple Watch. Sculley believes that Apple would do well to imbibe messaging technology into the wearable to increase its consumer appeal.

Apple May 12, 2016

Siri Co-Founder Moves Away From Apple, Joins General Electric

One of the original developers of Siri, Darren Haas, reportedly left Apple to work at GE. Apple has yet to confirm the rumor.

Apple May 12, 2016

Apple Planning To Terminate Music Downloads Within Two Years: Report

A new report claims that Apple is planning on terminating music downloads via its iTunes online music store within the next two years. Apple, however, is denying the report and says the claims are simply not true.

Apple May 13, 2016

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