Faster Apple Watch 2 Expected This Year With Larger Battery, GPS And More Upgrades, But Mainly Unchanged Design

The Apple Watch 2 should launch later this year with a new, faster processor, a GPS radio and more neat upgrades, but the same overall form factor. Another version, meanwhile, could pack more minor upgrades.

Apple August 8, 2016

New 4K Video Reveals 3 iPhone 7 Variants: Is This Confirmation Of iPhone 7 Plus And iPhone 7 Pro?

A new 4K video shows three iPhone 7 models side by side, reviving rumors of the alleged iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. Does this confirm the two large iPhone 7 variants, or are these devices just mock-ups?

Apple August 7, 2016

Apple's $200 Million Turi Acquisition To Challenge Google, Amazon And Facebook In Pervasive Computing

Apple continues its march toward better virtual assistants with the purchase of Turi, an AI startup. The race is on against rivals such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, but Apple lately bought itself some aces to keep up its sleeve.

Apple August 6, 2016

Apple Spends $200M To Acquire Seattle-Based Turi, Boosts Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Apple has acquired Seattle-based startup Turi, formerly known as Dato and GraphLab, for about $200 million. The company's tools focus on creating machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for developers.

Apple August 5, 2016

Apple Gets Trumped In India: World's Third Largest Smartphone Market Is 97 Percent Android

Apple is taking a beating from Android in India, which accounted for 97 percent of smartphones sold in Q2 2016 in the country. Android shipped 29.8 million smartphones compared to Apple's 800,000 in the same quarter.

Apple August 5, 2016

Apple Will Soon Launch Wireless Earbuds With Power-Saving Bluetooth Chip: Report

Apple might launch a pair of low-power wireless Bluetooth headphones in the fall, according to a new report from a reputable source. The launch of the accessory would pair nicely with the new iPhone, scheduled to roll out in September.

Apple August 5, 2016

Apple Launches Its First Bug Bounty Program, But It's Invite-Only For Now

Apple has unveiled its first ever bug bounty program at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. The program, which could pay rewards of up to $200,000, is currently invite-only.

Apple August 4, 2016

App Store Billings Hit $50 Billion In 'Record-Breaker' July, Likely Fueled By 'Pokémon GO' Hype

Likely fueled by the hype and frenzy surrounding 'Pokémon GO,' the App Store's billings have hit $50 billion in July. The news come's courtesy of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who shared the milestone via a post on Twitter.

Apple August 4, 2016

Apple Workforce Diversity Update: Gender, Minority Pay Gap Solved As Apple Makes Good Progress

In its latest report, Apple claimed that it has solved the pay gap issue for both women and minorities in the United States. Through the numbers, it is apparent that Apple has committed to improving the diversity of its workforce.

Apple August 4, 2016

New Apple iOS 10 Beta Adds Introductory Screen To Explain Control Center Changes

The fourth beta for iOS 10 was released for developers on Aug. 1. It also adds a quick introductory screen that explains the alterations made to the Control Center.

Apple August 2, 2016

9.7-Inch iPad Pro Gets Powerful Logitech CREATE Keyboard, A More Affordable Apple Smart Keyboard Alternative

Logitech has introduced the CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case for the 9.7-inch variant of the iPad Pro. The keyboard is priced at $129.99 and is available in black and blue.

Apple August 2, 2016

Apple Launches New Apple TV Remote App: Transform Your iPhone Into A Siri Remote

Apple has launched the new Apple TV Remote app for the iOS, which will transform iPhones into Siri Remotes to work with the fourth-generation Apple TV. The app can be downloaded for free.

Apple August 2, 2016

New Apple Ad Pushes The iPad Pro As A Computer: What Do You Think?

Apple has launched a new advertisement for the iPad Pro that pushes the tablet as a computer replacement. With the device, users can type on the Smart Keyboard, draw using the Apple Pencil or use their fingers on the touchscreen.

Apple August 1, 2016

Apple Watch 2 Will Have A One Glass Solution For Thinner Display: Larger Battery On The Way?

A report revealed that the Apple Watch 2 will have a thinner display as it moves from a glass-on-glass technology to a one glass solution. This would lead to free internal space, which could be used for a larger battery.

Apple July 31, 2016

Kanye West Wants Us To 'Have The Music,' Calls For Meeting To Get Apple To Buy Tidal

Kanye West publicly called for a meeting to get Apple to purchase Tidal, the music streaming service owned by Jay Z. 'Let the kids have the music,' said West in a series of profanity-laced tweets.

Apple July 31, 2016

Report: Apple's Tough Stance In Negotiations Has Derailed Rumored Streaming Service

Apple is said to have been planning to launch its own streaming TV service. To this day, it has not yet materialized, with the cause said to be the company's tough stance in negotiations with TV networks.

Apple July 30, 2016

Apple Will Add A 'For You' Tab To The App Store With Personalized Recommendations

Bloomberg reported that Apple will be adding a For You tab to the App Store. The new section will provide users with recommendations for new apps, based on their previous downloads.

Apple July 29, 2016

Apple Hit A Wall In The iOS 9.3.3 Update But There's Good News: Report

Apple was hit with a server issue during the launch of iOS 9.3.3, causing people to think the update was as bug-infested as predecessor iOS 9.3.2. The good news is that the server issue has been fixed.

Apple August 1, 2016

Apple Project Titan Seemingly Focusing On Self-Driving Software As Former BlackBerry QNX CEO Joins The Team

Apple recently boosted its Project Titan team by hiring ex-QNX CEO Dan Dodge. Apple faced some turbulence at the executive level in its autonomous car project, but Dodge’s arrival could set things back on track.

Apple July 29, 2016

iPhone 7 Rumors: New Photos Reveal Possible Lightning-to-3.5 mm Adapter

New photos have surfaced that appear to show a Lightning-to-3.5 mm adapter that will be coming with the iPhone 7 to replace its reportedly missing headphone jack.

Apple July 28, 2016

Apple Pay Sees 400 Percent User Growth Amid Antitrust Woes: Major Banks In Australia Say It's Anticompetitive

Apple is under fire in Australia where a group of banks are blaming the company of anti-trust behavior. The subject matter is Apple Pay, as local lenders are aiming to give iPhone owners electronic payment alternatives to Apple’s service.

Apple July 27, 2016

iPhone Sales Continue to Slide, But Apple Still Beats Analyst Estimates For Q3 2016 Revenue

Apple was able to beat analyst estimates for the third quarter of its fiscal year. Sales figures for the iPhone continue to decline, but the company is focusing on the growth of its services.

Apple July 27, 2016

Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available On Apple TV, But Without Editing Features: Here’s Why It Still Might Be Useful

Adobe announced the release of Lightroom for Apple TV on July 26; however, users cannot use the editing features. Here’s why it is still useful for photographers.

Apple July 26, 2016

Apple Store In Chicago Targeted In Fraud Scheme: Six Arrested, $10,000 Worth Of Stolen Merchandise Recovered

Six people were arrested and charged for taking part in an 'organized criminal enterprise' to defraud Apple Stores in the Chicago area. Authorities recovered more than $10,000 worth of Apple products from the suspects.

Apple July 26, 2016

Apple Places Former Hardware Exec Bob Mansfield In Charge Of Project Titan

Apple has chosen highly regarded senior executive Bob Mansfield to lead the secretive Project Titan, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Mansfield played an integral role in the development and release of several iconic Apple products.

Apple July 26, 2016

Apple iPad Pro 2 Hype: First Photos Allegedly Showing The Device Surface Online

Apple has reportedly started working on an iPad Pro 2, with production set to commence in late September. The first alleged photos of the device have now surfaced online.

Apple July 25, 2016

Pangu iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 Jailbreak Now Available: Perks And Limitations

Pangu Team has released a new tool to jailbreak iOS, targeted at variants 9.2 to 9.3.3. The tool comes with a few caveats, some of which will dismay the jailbreaking loving community.

Apple July 25, 2016

Stagefright-Like iOS, OS X Vulnerabilities Allow Remote Code Execution: Update Now

Cisco published details about a security vulnerability that might have affected Apple users on all platforms. The liability was patched, but the OEM encourages owners of its devices to update urgently.

Apple July 23, 2016

Apple Reportedly Drops Samsung As iPhone 8 Chipmaker: Increased Competition?

Apple has allegedly dropped Samsung as the chipmaker for not only the A10 chip but also the A11 chip for its 2017 iPhone. The A11 chips for the iPhone 8 will be made exclusively by its supplier TSMC.

Apple July 23, 2016

Excited For The Apple Car? Sorry, Launch Pushed Back A Year To 2021 As Challenges Pile Up

A report by The Information revealed that the release of the electric Apple Car has been pushed back to 2021. One of the reasons for the delay could be due to self-driving capabilities that will come with the vehicle.

Apple July 22, 2016

Here Are Three Features To Look Out For In The Second Public Beta For iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

There's more to Apple's public betas than just bug fixes. Here's three new features added in the second public beta to keep an eye out for.

Apple July 21, 2016

Apple Pay Expands To New Markets, Launching In France And Hong Kong

Apple Pay has arrived in France and Hong Kong. Apple’s mobile payment service was initially launched in the U.S. in October 2014 and is now available in many countries across the world.

Apple July 21, 2016

Survey Says Less Than 10 Percent Of iPhone Owners Will Upgrade To iPhone 7, Due To No New Design

Most of the reported changes coming to the iPhone 7 will be internal. With no new design for Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone, a survey revealed that most users might not upgrade to the device.

Apple July 20, 2016

Apple Fixes FaceTime Vulnerability That Allowed Attackers To Eavesdrop On Targets

Apple has fixed a vulnerability in FaceTime with the release of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6 and iOS 9.3.3. The bug allowed attackers to maintain an audio connection in what appeared to be an ended FaceTime call.

Apple July 19, 2016

United States Army Unit Switching From Android To iPhone 6s Because It Is 'Faster And Smoother'

The Special Operations Command unit of the United States Army is making the switch from Android to the iPhone for its tactical assault kits. The Android smartphone being replaced is believed to be a Samsung Galaxy Note device.

Apple July 19, 2016

Apple Music Matching Gets Smarter, Uses Method Similar To iTunes Match

Apple Music subscribers, rejoice! Your subscription’s matching system will now use a similar method that iTunes Match uses, paving the way for more flexible music times and decluttered music cloud.

Apple July 19, 2016

Apple Is Apparently Looking To Buy Formula 1: Does This Make Sense?

Rumors state that Apple is the latest bidder to acquire the financially struggling, high-speed racing championship Formula 1. Why would a smartphone manufacturer have any interest in acquiring a racing series?

Apple July 14, 2016

Latest iPhone 7 Leak Disappoints With Huge Camera Bump

Another iPhone 7 leak has hit the scene, revealing a rather unsightly camera bump. New photos and schematics from a reliable source show a larger protruding camera as well as redesigned antenna bands.

Apple July 12, 2016

Apple To Launch First iOS Developer Academy In October At University Of Naples

Apple confirmed that it will open an iOS Developer Academy in Europe, with the University of Naples Federico II as its educational partner. The courses will prepare future iOS developers for the main challenges of the industry.

Apple July 9, 2016

‘No, We Don’t Take Apple Pay’: Tim Cook Told He Can’t Buy Coffee With Apple’s Mobile Payment Service

Tim Cook was just looking for some coffee but found irony instead. The Apple CEO was told he can’t use Apple Pay to pay for his caffeine fix at a restaurant.

Apple July 9, 2016

Apple Releases iOS 10 And macOS Sierra Public Beta: Here's A Quick Guide To Top Features

The public beta versions of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are now available for download. Tech Times gives you a quick guide to the two preview software being tested out.

Apple July 7, 2016

Sales Decline Forces Apple To Include iPad Pro And iPhone In 2016 Back-To-School Promo

Sales of the iPhone and iPad have declined in Q2 2016, prompting Apple to include the products in its back-to-school bonanza.

Apple July 7, 2016

Apple Seeding macOS Sierra Beta 2: What Does It Bring?

Mac owners can get their hands on the macOS Sierra beta 2, which comes with some of iOS 10’s features to boot. Increased functionality and cross-platform features should give Macs an extra edge after the update goes live.

Apple July 6, 2016

iPhone 7 Will Be Waterproof And Wireless Charging Compatible, According To Leaked PowerPoint Slide

A leaked PowerPoint slide, which is believed to be from a Foxconn conference, suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus could be water resistant and capable of wireless charging. The next iPhones are expected to be launched this fall.

Apple July 7, 2016

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