Google’s My Maps App Gets Complete Overhaul, Material Design Makeover And New Features

13 February 2016, 5:04 am EST By Dave Calpito Tech Times
Google has redesigned its My Maps App from the ground up. Here are the new features and enhancements to expect and here's how one can reap the benefits of this app.  ( Google )

Google has revamped its My Maps for Android app to offer its users a new look and feel. This is the first update for the app since 2014 and adds new exciting features.

Using this Android app, people can create a customized map to keep an eye on the places that are important to them. They can also use the My Maps app to put a pin on their existing locations.

According to Android Police, the app had never been updated. It had an outdated user interface and features that weren't quite essentialy. It even seemed that Google would discontinue the app. However, the company has decided to rework My Apps from scratch and roll out an almost brand new version. 

New Features For My Maps

Google says it redesigned My Maps from the ground up. According to the app's changelog, users can now have a Street View look of the places they map to let them see how these areas look. 

They can also watch videos and view photos added by other users and get directions to places on the maps they have saved. Users can also search for a certain address to drop a pin at and give custom names to places and add notes to them. 

My Maps lets users choose from standard, satellite or terrain basemaps. 

These features could be useful for a lot of users. For example, if you have relatives or friends coming to the area, you can create a customized map of your favorite places to recommend. You can also drop pins, add descriptions and send it to them so they have a glimpse of what to expect. You can also share the customized map on Google Drive. 

Where To Download My Maps

The new version of the My Maps app is now readily available in the Google Play Store. The update should be live to everyone across the globe as there is no staged rollout for the app.

Head on over to this link to download it.

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