Street Fighter V Story Mode DLC 'A Shadow Falls' Now Available, And It's Massive


Capcom has finally delivered on its promise to release a steady line of updates for Street Fighter V and it's massive!

Our reports earlier covered some of the expected features coming with the update, including the highly anticipated cinematic Story Mode for all core 16 characters, as well as matchmaking improvements to balance the annoying waiting times in online play.

As the game recently finished its maintenance last June 30, details of the much-awaited and long-delayed update have been released and should meet most of the in-game content demands gamers have been rightfully calling for. Initial stages of Street Fighter V mostly centered around online play, without much attention to single-player modes.

Cinematic Story Mode

The all-new story mode will build upon the game's rather short character stories (thankfully) and will feature five acts that follow a character's journey through the game's timeline, between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. With the "cinematic" prefix used to describe this mode, cutscenes are expected to be more satisfying and worthwhile than previous titles.

As mentioned, the game's existing lineup of characters, as well as incoming new characters — which should be released every month as the company stated — will have their own unique roles to play in this cinematic story mode, dubbed A Shadow Falls.

"A Shadow Falls is free content available to all players and it marks the first time in franchise history that consumers will be able to play through this type of cinematic experience in a Street Fighter game," the company describes.

New Characters

Two new characters will be added to the game's roster, instead of only Ibuki, to seemingly make up for her delayed release, which was scheduled earlier back in May. The other character included is Balrog, which does make up for the fact that the company did promise to deliver new playable characters every month.

In addition, two upcoming characters have been added to the cinematic story mode, Juri and Urien, both of which can be selected to play their individual narrative arcs. Juri and Urien are not released officially, though, and can only be accessed in this mode.

Additional Content

Other additional in-game content include: two new stages, specifically, the Las Vegas scene and Kanzuki Private Beach alongside three added alternate stage options; 20 new costume options that feature unique premium battle wear for each character; an updated in-game shop, which now allows real currency purchases and, of course, stability fixes for matchmaking gameplay.

To activate all of these upgraded features, players will have to patch Street Fight V to the current 1.04 version first - an 8 GB update to the base game - and then download the new downloadable content (DLC) (read: it's free, in case you missed that) on the Steam or PS Store. All in all, 16 GB will be needed to access all of the new content.

Meanwhile, further information regarding pricing options is available on the Street Fighter V Steam announcement page, while the new trailer can be viewed below, featuring A Shadow Falls:

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