Capcom's 'Street Fighter V' June Update Is An Apology To Annoyed Fans


CEO 2016 was held during the weekend, and as usual, Capcom had a major presence there with titles such as Street Fighter V, Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom. Street Fighter V was definitely the star of the lineup, not just because of the hype moments throughout the event, or the Kenny Omega vs. Xavier Woods exhibition match, but because of an announcement.

At long last, Ibuki and the highly-anticipated Story Mode will be arriving on Friday, July 1, and as an added bonus, Balrog will be coming along for the ride.

The past several weeks have been rather brutal for Street Fighter V fans, and apparently, the upgraded June Update, which, humorously enough, is coming in July, is Capcom's way of making it up to them.

Prior to the game's release, Capcom revealed that it had a schedule set up for releasing future content, which would have Street Fighter V getting a new character every month starting in April.

As promised, Capcom stuck to that schedule, releasing Alex in March and then Guile in April. Ibuki was supposed to continue the trend in May after she was revealed during the ComboBreaker tournament. However, as time slowly wound down toward the end of the month, it became increasingly clear that she wouldn't be released in time. Capcom confirmed those suspicions, revealing that Ibuki would be released at the end of June instead.

At the time, Capcom didn't announce why the delay occurred, but it did say that the delay meant Ibuki would be released alongside the Story Mode once it arrives at the end of June. One month later, it now looks like Capcom is back on track, releasing Ibuki, the Story Mode and Balrog (who was recently shown off at E3).

Even without the Balrog bonus, however, the June Update is definitely something that will placate annoyed fans. In addition to everything else, the June Update will also feature daily challenges that players can use to accrue Fight Money, which can then be used to purchase in-game content such as new characters and extra costumes, as well as extra stages. Capcom mentioned in an earlier update that Extra Battle and Versus CPU single-player modes were in the works, though it's unclear if either of those two modes will be included.

In the meantime, Balrog is no doubt a welcome extra, and his inclusion in the update means that Urien and Juri will not be too far behind. Speaking of which, both of those characters were teased in Balrog's trailer below.

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