Sombra Finally Unveiled As The New 'Overwatch' Hero: Check Out Her Reveal Trailer And Skills


Sombra has finally been unveiled as the newest playable character for the massively popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch, as the hero "hacked" her way into a video that Blizzard showed during the opening ceremonies of BlizzCon 2016.

The official announcement for Sombra's arrival marked the end of a complex alternate reality game that frustrated gamers for about four months. Many Overwatch players expected the chase to come to an end at this year's BlizzCon though, especially after official art for Sombra was leaked earlier this week.

In the animated short that introduced Sombra, the Mexican spy was shown infiltrating Volskaya Industries along with Reaper and Widowmaker in an apparent assassination attempt. The video gave a glimpse of Sombra's skills, which were further detailed by Blizzard in Sombra's page on the official Overwatch website.

Sombra's Skills

Machine Pistol — The primary weapon of Sombra. A fully automatic gun that fires in a short-range spread.

Hack — With this ability, Sombra is able to stop enemy heroes from using their abilities for a short period of time. She can also use it on first-aid kits to render them useless for opponents.

Thermoptic Camo — Sombra is able to become invisible for a short period of time, along with receiving a significant speed boost. The camouflage is disabled if Sombra attacks, uses an offensive bility or receives damage.

Translocator — Sombra throws a beacon that she can teleport to instantly as long as it is active. Sombra can teleport to the beacon even while it is in mid-flight.

EMP — Sombra's ultimate ability is a more powerful Hack that affects all enemies within a wide radius. In addition, all barriers, shields and turrets of the enemy within the area are also disabled.

Testing Sombra

Players on the Windows PC will be able to try out Sombra once the Public Test Region receives an update next week. Attendees of BlizzCon will be the first ones to try their hand on the hacker hero though, as she is playable on the floor at the event.

Other Overwatch Additions

Along with Sombra, other new things coming to Overwatch that will be introduced in the upcoming PTR update are a new map named Oasis and a new gameplay mode named Arcade. In Arcade mode, players will be able to battle it out in 1v1 and 3v3 matches.

The final release of the new additions to Overwatch will come in the near future, though no specific date has yet been announced. The Oasis map, meanwhile, is said to be coming in December.

Overwatch at BlizzCon

In addition to Sombra, Overwatch's gamer girl D.Va will also be making her presence felt at this year's BlizzCon. D.Va is being added to StarCraft II as an announcer, and BlizzCon attendees and virtual ticket holders will be receiving a goodie bag at the event that includes her announcer pack.

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