For months fans in the Overwatch community have been hot on the trail of Sombra, a mysterious hacker that is set to be the next character added to Blizzard's popular shooter. An ongoing augmented reality game has seen players scratching their heads for months in an attempt to unlock the many hidden codes and puzzles put in place by Blizzard, with many believing finishing the ARG would lead to the release of Sombra for all.

It's looking increasingly unlikely that will be the case, though fans probably won't have to wait for too long for the chance to see Sombra in action. What appears to be an official piece of Sombra art has been found (and since removed) from Blizzard's website, seeming to imply a reveal is imminent. The character's appearance matches that of leaked Sombra images from earlier in the month that coincided with leaked (and true) information about Overwatch's limited time Halloween event. There's also the fact that the image bears the signature of John Polidora, a character designer and concept artist at Blizzard, making it all but official that this is the real Sombra fans have been pateintly waiting to learn more about.

What little is known about the character is that she is a powerful hacker who is part of the group known as Los Muertos. A recent lore post on the official Overwatch site reveals Sombra to be responsible for recently hacking and releasing confidential information about the company LumeriCo, revelations that show plenty of corruption and wrongdoing on the part of LumeriCo CEO Guillermo Portero. Los Muertos is set to stage a protest on the matter November 1, a protest that will coincide with the unveiling of LumeriCo's new nuclear power plant. That means more information about Sombra, or what she's capable of, could be coming later today.

Even if it doesn't, it seems Sombra's full reveal will come no later than this weekend, when Blizzard's annual BlizzCon convention begins. The event runs through Friday and Saturday, and fans can expect plenty of reveals for all of Blizzard's various game properties, including StarCraft, Diablo, Warcraft and Overwatch. You can check out what might be the first official art of Sombra below, in which Sombra appears to be "hacking" a giant robot. 

Rumor has it Blizzard may be set to reveal what's next for the Diablo franchise (possibly Diablo 4?) at BlizzCon this year as well. You can read more about that here.

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