Gamer girl turned mech pilot D.Va of Overwatch, one of the most popular characters of Blizzard's highly successful multiplayer shooter, is bringing her charm to StarCraft II as an announcer.

Blizzard is now rolling out the new StarCraft II feature that will see announcers lend their voices to multiplayer games. The initial batch of announcers is made up of six prominent characters in StarCraft lore, namely Abathur, Alarak, Artanis, Kerrigan, Raynor and Swann.

The announcers, which are being added to the game as stand-alone purchases in patch 3.7, will be available for players whether they play as Terran, Zerg or Protoss. It seems that the list of announcers will grow to seven in a short while with the arrival of D.Va, who will be the first announcer not coming from within the StarCraft universe.

According to a blog post on and a tweet by the official StarCraft account, it was revealed that D.Va's announcer pack will be a part of the goodie bag that will be given to gamers who will either attend or purchase a virtual ticket to the upcoming BlizzCon, which will be held on Nov. 4 to Nov. 5.

Patch 3.7 for StarCraft II will also start allowing portraits to be shown in the game in place of the clan logo at the player's town hall. For D.Va fans, the BlizzCon goodie bag will also include her portrait to be used in the real-time strategy game.

The connection between D.Va, whose real name is Hana Song, and StarCraft is actually explained within her backstory in Overwatch. Due to the raging omnic horde that were able to disrupt the South Korean military's mechs, there became a need to place pilots within the machines. The government tapped the professional gamers of the country to become mech pilots, as they had the necessary instincts and reflexes to properly operate the robots.

D.Va was one of the gamers recruited to become a mech pilot. Before she stepped into the robot and joined Overwatch, she was a top-ranked professional player for — you guessed it — StarCraft.

Blizzard has provided a preview of D.Va's voice as an announcer in StarCraft II. Among the things she will say are "You're engaging the opponent. Time to raise your APM!", "Your SCV's been interrupted, stupid Terran!", "Zerg can't do that without creep. They're not that OP!" and "Warp in complete. Boom!"

The D.Va announcer pack will be made available for purchase over the coming weeks. Her portrait, however, is exclusive to Blizzcon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders.

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